Paid to Click Site Watch list - if a site has a good number of negative complaints about it or is at risk of turning scam, I will post them here.

note: this list is not to say that these sites will turn scam, but there do seem to be a good number f complaints going around (or I have noticed some oddities about these sites).

Watch list index:

1. Probux - gone

2. My Browser Cash - Gone.  Seems to have merged with Clixsense

3. Talebux - gone

4. Valuedbux - gone

5. CTP Gem - gone (went in "maintanence mode" indefinitely)

6. Probux - Site is gone.

7. Get bux today - Gone

8. Payadoo - Gone

9. ClixtoClix - Gone

10. Cashnhits - getting a message saying: Hi all, we are having some hack issues again and trying to fix it. Though I am also travelling to my home Country and have limited internet access :( But I will try to get the site back soon. I have one good news. Minutestaff finally agreed to make the payment and we will release MS earnings of the members. The payment should be made in this week. Thank you again for yor patience.  Probably best to avoid this site for now

11. My6clix - website seems to be offline indefiitely

12.  Actionbux - Gone

12.  Ojooo - I have seen lots of complaints about this site not paying.  If you decide to try this site, I might recommend cashing out at least once as soon as you hit the minimum payout threshold to verify they are paying.

13. Bearbux - site has been suspended by the host

14. Bux Matrix- I have done some research on this site and some other paid to click reviewers (like scam or legit) have claimed it might be a scam ptc site and not paying.  Haven't been able to verify the claims one way or another.  I might recommend cashing out as soon as you hit the $4 mark before continuing with this site to verify they are paying. 

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