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1. Cashnhits, submitted by Patrick Yabut (referral link: http://www.cashnhits.com/index.php?ref=Pplaya123 note: this Cashnhits seems to be down at the time of this posting, though hopefully the site will be up and running again soon).  Comment from Patrick: one of his favorite sites.  webmaster note: I actually joined Cashnhits too.  Definitely like the site too. 

2. Probux - submitted by paul montgomery

"this site looks promising.  Here some people make $1000 a month i am currently trying it"

Get paid to / paid to sign up sites:

1. Pay a Lead - submitted by Jennifer Codilan

I think this GPT site is new and I see good potential on this. I signed up and earned $1 as a sign-up bonus. Moreover when you sign-up to this site, you become a lead as well. Not sure if that's a good idea. But would like to know if this site is good enough to refer to people, especially those who want to earn from GPT sites. Thanks!

2. Anonymous - 


Toxads is a new PTC with high rented referral averages. You get paid to click on advertisement, you can refer others, rent referrals.

3. Kenny Black


(no review posted)


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