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I was initially reluctant to join Twickerz as I already have my hands full with a bunch of paid to click sites I use already, but I ended up joining Twickerz via PTC Business Buillder once I started getting referrals there (this way whenever people join Twickerz via ptc business builder, I will get credit for the sign up).  Anyways, Twickers is pretty similar to Neobux in many ways, though Twickerz usually has lots more ads to view (allowing you to earn faster there).  In addition, Twickerz also has its own version of the Clixsense clixgrid program (where you can view ads for a chance of winning extra cash), paid to sign up offers you can take advantage of, as well as a new paid to view videos feature.  

Twickerz at a Glance (the good and the bad)

The Good 

- Lots of ads to view 

- Low minimum payout (starting at $1)

- Similar feel to Neobux, except that there are significantly more ads to view than at neobux

- Video ads (adds some entertainment value to the site)

- Some ads are worth as much as $.04 per click (though not all of them).

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The Bad

- Can be time consuming (it will definitely take a while to view all of the ads they have to offer).

- Timer pauses when changing windows or tabs 

- Will likely be a slow earner site unless if you have active referrals

- Relatively young site (been on since 2011).  Though Twickerz seems to be pretty stable so far.

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Site Features and benefits:

- Paid to Click ads

- Paid to Sign up offers

- Twickerz Clixgrid game (similar to that at Clixsense)

- Earnings rate per clicks: varies, though some pay as much as $4 per click).

- $1.50 minimum payout threshold (not sure how soon they pay you)

- Rentable referrals.  Interestingly, they seem do weed out inactive referrals as according to the FAQs page, they only rent out referrals that have viewed at least 40 or more ads.

- Video ads (usually worth $.005 per view).

(more to be added)

General review

Twickerz is definitely a fast growing paid to click site.  On the surface, it will likely remind you of Neobux in many ways, though unlike at Neobux there are usually significantly more ads to view each day, and so it can be more time consuming in comparison to Neobux and similar sites.  Also, I also like the video ads that you can view (paying at $.005 per view) as it does add some entertainment value to the site too as opposed to just viewing ads.  Also, like Clixsense, Twickerz does have its own ad grid, so if you are feeling lucky you can always try your luck using the ad grid, though most of the time you probably won't win anything.  It is also worth mentioning that Twickerz does disable the timer on the ads if you open up other tabs or windows while viewing ads, which can be an annoyance if you are using other ptc sites too.  By the way, the minimum payout at Twickerz is at $1.50, which is not too high, though it will likely take a while to hit that number unless if you have a good number of active referrals in your network.  

For more information on Twickerz and Sign up informaiton, you can check them out by clicking on this link.

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