Traffic Wave Payment proofs page - featuring the latest paychecks I get from this site.

While not exactly a paid to click site, Traffic Wave is one of the many network marketing companies on the net and is pretty much an email marketing service.  Useful for lead generation and lead follow up and is popular with ppc campaigns, traffic exchanges, paid to click site campaigns, as well as other advertising mediums.  Traffic Wave allows to set up lead capture pages, generate leads from your advertising (whenever people visit your lead capture page, they can enter their name and email address/phone number of course if they want), as well as do email marketing campaigns.  Great for network marketing, affiliate marketing, as well as almost any other kind of business.  Affordable to join too.  All new members get a 30 day FREE trial, and then it is a mere $17.95/month to keep afterwards.  If you need email marketing software, I definitely recommend traffic wave (personally I like it more than Aweber and Constant Contact and Constant Contact is somewhat picky about who uses their services as network mareters are not really welcome there as I found out).  Another nice perk of traffic wave is their mlm style downline system (3x10 forced matrix plan), paying $16.95 per paid sign up, $6/month residual commissions on 1st level downline members, $.50-$1/month on all subsequent levels, with up to $88,587.00/month potiential (assumes you max out your matrix).  Traffic Wave pays out solely by paycheck.  Whenever you sponsor new members (that buy into Traffic Waves' services), you will earn $16.95 which pays out within a week or so.  Other commissions pays you after you have accumulated $25 or more and pays out monthly (btw, if you have enough sign ups in your downline, you can opt to have the $17.95/month fee taken out of your commissions each month (saves extra charges on your credit card).

Anyway, here are the paychecks i have earned so far. 

Payment 1: earned on Monday February 18, 2013


Tips for earning with Traffic Wave:

- ultimately, you will have to advertise your Traffic Wave sign up links and they pay out on a commission basis (the more paid members you have in your downline, the more you earn).  Obviously, having no sign ups results in you not getting paid each month (hey, if systems like traffic wave were that easy, we would all get rich with traffic wave)..

- Marketing systems can be useful for advertising Traffic Wave.  2 Free Systems I recommend using are My Team Builder Pro and TE Profits.  Both are free to join and use Traffic Wave as their primary email marketing services and they do encourage new members to use traffic wave to help promote the marketing systems (they also offer prebuilt email marketing campaigns for all Traffic Wave members by the way).


to make at least $16.95 per day (that equates to about $508 per month not counting the residual commissions) if you manage to get at least 1 paid sign up a day.

- You will need to work with your downline and try to encourage them to use the traffic wave system as well as build their downlines too (otherwise they can quit at any time, especially during the free trial period).