Ryan's Top 10 Most Recommended Paid to Click / Paid to Read sites 

Looking for the best ptc sites to join?  Here are my top 10 recommended ones and their banners.

Site 1: Clixsense

Clixsense is definitely one of my favorite paid to click sites.  It is definitely one of the older paid to click sites on the net and one of the most reputable ptc sites too.  Click rates for ads generally range between $.001 and $.02 per click and varies by the timer length of the ads.  Depending on how you use Clixsense, it can be one of the faster earning paid to click sites (even without referrals) given all of the extra ways to earn.  In addition to ads, you can also earn cash the following ways:

1. Winning cash on the clixgrid game.  In my experience, most of the time you probably won't win anything, but every now and then I have won something, usually $.10 cash prizes or extra chances.  Note: winning $5 is extremely rare in my opinion, so consider yourself extremely lucky if you win $5 or more.

2. Doing Crowd Flower tasks: are you savy with search engines, examining websites, checking out photos, or categorizing deals on Ebay?  Clixsense is one of several ptc sites that offers crowdflower tasks.  Note: you will definitely have to be detail oriented when doing these tasks since there are instructions you have to follow when completing them and you only get paid for tasks you complete successfully.

3. Surveys: many surveys are worth $.75 to $2 (varies by survey).  Note: you do have to be patient when trying to qualify for surveys since some are easier to qualify than others.

4. Video ads and other offers.  Be sure to check out  the offers page for extra ways to earn, including watching videos, rebate offers, free trial offers, etc.

5. Daily bonus checklist system.  Clixsense is unique in that it offers a daily bonus checklist system where you can earn cash bonuses by meeting the requirements on the list (note: you can do either offers or tasks or both to satisfy the bonus).  

Remember you can also earn extra by taking advantage of the 8 level downline system they offer too (note: free members only get a 1 level downline system while paid members get a 8 level downline system, so if you find yourself getting lots of referrals, especially level 2 referrals or higher, you will probably want to upgrade to premium).

Minimum cashout threshold: $10 for free members, $8 for paid members and they payout both by check and paypal.  


Site 2: Donkey Mails

DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout

Massive paid to click site. Plenty of ways to earn too, including paid to click ads, paid to read email ads (will likely make the bulk of your earnings at Donkeymails), paid survey offers, paid to sign up offers, ptp ads (they pay on a cost per mile basis), as well as a built in traffic exchange feature as well (they do pay out cash prizes occasionally when doing the traffic exchange feature too).  Also, like Clixsense, Donkey mails does offer a 6 level downline system (and free members can benefit for the downline system too).  I currently have 357 people in my downline at the time of this posting and has been steadily climbing.  One easy way to get sign ups: use one of the splash pages (where people can enter their email addresses) and advertize on the Clixgrid on Clixsense (and similar ad grids on other sites).  Should get at least 10 or more sign ups that way.

Minimum payout: $1 for most users.  And they usually payout within 2 weeks of requesting payout.


Site 3: Inbox Dollars

I was skeptical about Inbox Dollars myself at first, but it has proven to be an extremely useful and reputable paid to read site and gpt site on the net.  The primary way to earn is by paid to read emails from partner sites, though Inbox Dollars is also a GPT and rewards site and offers multiple ways to earn, including paid to sign up offers, rebate offers (earning rebates from shopping at participating sites), earning from redeeming coupons (can be useful if you like to shop) at participating stores, completing surveys (most surveys are worth $.50 for completion), doing searches (you earn $.01 for every 2 searches, can be useful if you like to research stuff and is almost as good as google and bing in my opinion). The minimum payout is $30 (which can either come up fast or slow depending on how you use inbox dollars).  You also get a free membership (gold membership) once you hit the $30 threshold and request payout for the first time.  Note: you get a paycheck in the mail (usually within a month) after requesting payout.  Note: you get a $5 sign up bonus just for signing up, which is pretty nice in my opinion as well as extra cash by dowloading their toolbar as well as doing the profile survey after signing up for the first time.  Inbox Dollars can also make a good first site for doing surveys because not only are surveys worth $.50 or more, but even if you don't qualify for them they offer a spin and win game where you can win sweeptakes entries and sometimes cash too (I have won $.05 and $.25 on more than one occasion doing the spin and win game).  You won't win every time, but can be nice to have.

Other ways to win includes: playing games for cash (much like how it is on Shockwave and Game Duell where you can win cash prizes by winning on participatign flashplayer games like bejeweled, tetris, solitare, etc) as well as crowdflower tasks.  Very nice GPT and paid to read sites in my opinion (probably one of the best ones I have seen).


Site 4: No Minimum


Very similar to Donkeymails (almost identical in many ways).  A few differences though, such as email notifications whenever you get referrals, different layout, etc.  Also like Donkeymails, you do earn from email ads, paid to click ads, ptp sites (promote a link on participating sites and get paid on a cost per mile basis), ptsu offers as well as traffic exchanges feature.  No minimum also has a 6 level downline system and can be a good site to use in addition to Donkeymails.  By the way, if you are struggling to get referrals, they do offer an autopilot feature where you can "buy" referrals starting at $7.50 for 10 refs (which can be subscription based, where you can get up to 10 "free" referrals each month).  They also have packages where you can get up to 25 or  50 referrals per month on autopilot as well.  Alternatively you can always advertise your link on Donkeymails and other ptc sites and get referrals that way too.

Low minimum payout threshold too.  Despite the name of the site, you can request payout starting at $1 via Paypal and Liberty Reserve.  You can also earn via Payza too, though it appears they no longer offer their services to Americans (and similar countries) for some reason so you will will probably need a Paypal or Liberty Reserve account for No minimum.  


Site 5: Bux P 

Very nice paid to click site.  Little high mnimum payout threshold (starting at about $7.00).  Plenty of ads to view, youtube / vimeo videos you can watch (note you can also earn by commenting and liking videos as well).  You can also earn by completing tasks (similar to Microworkers where people post jobs and you get paid by completing the requirements of the jobs and posting proofs for completing them).  They also have offer walls (similar to that on Clixsense, Donkeymails, Neobux / Profbux, and Inbox Dollars) you can take advantage of, as well.  They also offer built in traffic exchanges too (similar to how it is on Donkeymails, cashnhits, etc) where you can advertise sites for free (in exchange for viewing other peoples sites) and can be useful for advertising other ptc sites.  

2 important notes about BuxP:

1. They do offer "adult" ads in addition to regular ptc ads.  Note: you are not required to view them of you are easily offended by then, but if you are into pornography (how am I supposed to know if you are into that stuff or not) and similar types of content, those types of ads are available to those who want to view them.  

2. Anticheat link - there is a link you should watch out for while viewing ads (the bot trap link that appears near the bottom of the advertisements page).  Be careful not to click it, or else it will reset your balance to $0 (which would definitely be a problem, especially if your balance was really high and you "accidently" click the link).  And if if you click on it too often, it can cause your account to get suspended.  Just pay attention to the ads you are clicking and you won't have a problem.  It should be easy to see though as the link does warn you against clicking it.  


Site 6 and 7: Incentria and Cliicksia (no longer recommended due to the sites shutting down).  Will find a replacement for these two sites.

Sites 8 and 9: Probux and Neobux

As with Clicksia and Incentria, I think I will list Probux and Neobux together since they are very similar sites too.  Like Clicksia and Incetria,  Probux and Neobux are very straight forward to use and earn money at.  Sign up is free and there are plenty of ads to view almost every day, including fixed ads and other types of ads.  Interestingly, at Probux, some of the ads are actually worth more than at Neobux (the orange fixed ads at Neobux are generally worth $.001 per click, whereas the same types of ads at Probux are worth $.01 per click).  

Several other things I like about these sites includes:

- More incentive to be active almost every day.  These sites are both unique in that you do have to click ads each day to earn from referral clicks (I know on some sites you can earn from referrals regardless if you are clickign every day or not).  So you are definitely rewarded on how often you click (especially if you have lots of referrals).  BTW. at Neobux, you have to click it least 100 ads before you can refer new members, and that can definitely weed out people who are not likely to be active.  Also they do remove members who are active for too long (suspending accounts that are inactive for more than 30 days and deleting accounts inactive for more than 60 days, which can be useful if you have inactive referrals you want to replace).  

- Rental referrals are extremely cheap too, usually selling at $.30 per rental referral), and so you can rent them in masses for relatively low costs too.  Note: I can't promise rental referrals will be active, though you can always replace inactive referrals by recycling them and they are better than rentals at other sites in my opinion (especailly sites like Talebux and Get Bux today where it costs more to rent referrals and they are not as active as they are at Neobux and probux for example).

 - Relatively low payout thresholds (starting at about $5) and they pay out instantly when you request payout.  Note that you can also use your earnings to rent referrals, buy upgraded memberships (note upgrades are expensive at about $85 per year, so you might want to consider saving up for upgrades so that you don't have to pay for them out of pocket), buy advertising or renew/recycle rental referrals.

- In addition to adds, you can also earn by watching videos, taking advantage of the offer wall (you earn pro/neocoins that you can cash in for money at 5000 intervals), as well as doing Crowdflower tasks.  

- Note that there are limits on how many referrals you can have and it increases by membership levels.  Once you hit the maximum you will probably want to consider upgrading if you want to get more referrals.

I was skeptical about Probux at first, but it seems to be pretty reputable for now.  Right now, Probux is probably my highest earning paid to click site out of all of the ones I have.


Site 10: Cashnhits

I joined Cashnhits after doing a PTSU offer at My Browser Cash and although I was skeptical about the site at first, it is definitely a very reputable and useful ptc site.  It is also one of the more entertaining ones too since in addition to PTC ads, you can also earn money by watching Youtube videos too (such as music videos people post).  They also have a "paid to like" feature where you can like facebook pages for cash (though lately they have been rare), a clixechange feature (much like a traffic exchange), autosurf feature (where you can watch videos on autopilot while earning extra cash that way.  They also have a PTP link (similar to how it is at Donkeymails and Cashnhits), though on a limited basis since the site owner tends to disable the link sometimes.  My only complaint about this site is that the owners seem to be struggling a bit and doesn't always pay out on time.  It will be interesting to see how this site goes.


Final notes and tips:

Those are all of the sites that are the best in my opinon.  you are free to agree or disagree with me.  Obviously everyone is going to have their opionion and experiences with these sites and some will likely earn more than others.  All of the sites on the list are my most recommended sites and can make good starting points if you are thinkin about joining a paid to click site but don't know which ones to join.  

Other tips about these sites:

1. Be sure to view ads almost every day for best results.  Also for sites like Neobux, Probux, Clixsense, Probux, Clicksia, etc I recommend viewing all of the available ads (except for bot trap links) for maximum earnings from viewing ads.

2. Upgrading: you are not required to upgrade, but I recommend chosing at least one or 2 sites to be your "primary" ptc site and you can upgrade there.  Some sites you will probably want to wait though (such as Neobux and Probux where upgrades can be expensive and you will want to use your earnings to pay for the upgrades).  

3. Be sure to take advantage of the extra features and ways to earn.  For example, at Clixsense, I am almost convinced that you can earn at least $1 or more per day even without referrals by not only viewing ads, but also by doing the clixgrid, doing crowdflower  tasks, doing at least 1 or 2 surveys per day, taking advantage of the offer wall, as well as completing the requirements of the daily bonus surveys.

4. Referrals - you will need to advertise your ptc referral links to get referrals.  One useful resource I find for advertising referral links is to take advantage of clixsense's clixgrid feature or probux' ad grid feature as you can get almost unlimited hits to your link each month and get referrals that way (not every link will get you referrals, but some will likely convert better than others).  

5. Be patient when trying to qualify for surveys.  Some can be easier to qualify for than others.

6.  At Cashnhits in addition to viewing ads, I also recommend doing the autosurf feature, watch youtube videos and take advantage of the click exchange feature too.

7.  Be sure to take advantage of some of the resources these sites have to offer.  The Earn Money Space forum that is offered to Incentria and Clicksia members can be an extremely valuable resource to use.  Also, traffic exchanges can be a good way to get some referrals to the paid to click sites you use as you can get free advertising that way.  As you earn more, you can also pay for advertising too for more exposures for your links.

That is all for now.  

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