Do you have paid to click related reviews you want to share?  Please feel free to post them here.

To be honest, there so many different paid to click sites (both legit and non-legit) out there, along with similar kinds of sites: paid to read, downline systems, traffic exchanges, social networks (like People String), get paid to sites (such as Inbox Dollars, Project Payday, and Cash Crate), affiliate programs and similar kinds of sites and income opportunities out there.  And to be realistically, it would be nearly impossible for me to post reviews and ifnromation about every last site out there (I wish I could, but then this site is relatively new, and plus I do sites like this on a part time basis as I also work part time), however, if you want, I would be happy to open up this site to all of you to share your own opinions and site reviews.

Here is how it works:

1) You list a site, information and a review about it

2) I review your information and post it.

3) I will also open up this page to any of you own paid to click and related websites.

When writing reviews, please tell me your name (so I know who the review is coming from), what site you want to share, a link to your review/site, and write a detailed review about it (can be long or short).  What do you like about and what don't you like about the site?  Also, do you have any tips or pointers you want to share with our readers?  Also, feel free to rate the site with a letter grade (with an A being the best site out there and an F meaning that the site is pretty much a scam and waste of time).  You can use the form below to submit the review.  Don't have an external article, website or blog post?  I would be happy to host it here and you can even share your referral link too (giving you some free advertising for your website), though I do ask you to help share your reviews (helps you to get more traffic to your article, which means more potiential sign ups for you.  By the way, do you need a blog to share your thoughs on?  You can get your own ad enabled blog for free via Instant Blog Subscribers at and post your reviews there.  Instant Blog Subsribers is free to join and is somewhat similar to Google Blogspot (except that the blogs have more professional looks to them, and plus Blogspot is somewhat restrictive when it comes to talking about money making opportunities like paid to click sites unlike Instant Blog Subscribers).  Sign up is free (with upgrade options of course), comes with a built-in safelist feature, and allows you to host our own ads on them (such as Google Adsense, Clickbank, Linkshare, etc) and you can earn ad revenue from your own blog(s) that you have (as your traffic levels build of course.


Rules for posting - failure to abide by this will result in your submission(s) being rejected

- Reviews must be relevant to this site. Per the theme of this site, I accept reviews of the following sites:

* Paid to Click sites (for sites that I am a part of and already posted reviews for, I would appreciate it if you join under me before posting a review or at least help spread the word about this site).

* Paid to Read Sites (such as inbox dollars and hits4pay)

* Paid to Sign up sites or GPT sites (such as Project Payday, Cash Crate and others).

* Matrix systems

* Traffic Exchanges (like Downlinerefs, Volcano Hits, etc).

* Social networking sites with revenue sharing programs (excluding traditional ones lke Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin).

* Paid to Shop sites like My Power Mall and Big Crumbs.

* Downline builders that are relevant to this site.

* Relvant ebooks

Sites I don't accept:

* Known scam sites (they will appear in the "wall of shame" page that I post later)

* Known Pyramid schemes

* Downline systems that are not relevant to this site.

* Illegals stuff (such as casinos)

* Adult websites (let's try to keep things G rated for now).

* Non-english sites unless if they are translatable into English

* Completely unrelated websites (for example, I won't share reviews for sporting goods as this site is not even remotely related to sporting goods).

* Broken links

* Sites with viruses or malware (for obvious reasons of course) 

I will review your submissions and post the withing 24-48 hours.

Use the form below to share your review.