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Need more advanced information and training on paid to click sites?  Let me share with you some links and resources you can use (both free and paid).  Below are a list of ebooks and strategy guides you might consider checking out. 

1. Paid to Click 4 Newbies - If you are looking for a good tutorial site on ptc sites, paid to click 4 newbies is the place to visit.  Free guide and marketing system.  Note: if you want to promote the author's products and earn commissions, you will have to upgrade your account.

2. PTC Code -  The author teaches readers how he gets referrals at Neobux and similar sites.

3. Neobux Strategy guide - Free strategy guide and marketing system you can check out about neobux.  Comes with rebranding rights (must join Neobux Referrals (sign up is free) to get full rebranding rights (including inserting your own referral links in the strategy guide). Note: this strategy guide assumes you have a Neobux account.  Don't have an account there?  Click here if you want to join (sign up is free of course).  Afterwards, view at least 100 ads (will take a few days to do) and you will be set to start referring new members.

4. Probux Strategy guide - Similar to the Neobux Strategy guide, except this one is geared towards probux members.  Like the Neobux Strategy guide, you can get rebranding rights to the Probux strategy guide simply by joining the Probux Referrals website and entering your probux referral link.  Note: this guide assumes you have a Probux account.  If you don't have one, you can sign up here (sign up is free by the way).

5. PTC Crash Course - Make $20 to $30 a day
Using the strategies in this PTC Course
Your profits are waiting for you

6. PTC Profit Boost ebook - The ultimate guider to earning income from ptc sites

7. Rich PTC Kid ebook - The author (dubbed as the Rich PTC Kid) share his secrets and strategies on making money with paid to click sites.

8. PTC Business Builder - offers a detailed plan that you can follow for getting the most out of ptc sites.  Obviously it will take time and dedication, but it can pay off in the long run. 2 downsides though: 1) some referrals are not responsive and 2) joining all of the sites there can get overwhelming (so don't feel like you have to join every last site there).


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