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This site has been quite stable for the most part and can be a profitable paid to click site even by taking advantage of their rental referrals.

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Site Features and benefits by membership level 

Other notes about Scarlet Clicks:

-Max Cash out: $60 per day (takes about 7 days to get paid, 5 days for higher membership levels).

- Rental referral costs: starts at $.15 per month per referral (cost goes up about $.01 every 250 referrals starting at 750 referrals and maxes out at $.21 at 1750 referrals).

- Another note about referrals (rented and direct): you do not have to click ads every day to earn from rental referrals.  Some ptc sites require members to click every day to earn from referral clicks, but Scarlet Clicks does not seem to have that requirement, so if you take a day off but your referrals clicks, you still earn from  their clicks.  That being said: 

- Inactivity policy: you must log in at least once within every 30 days.  Otherwise, your account may be suspended and you have to contact support to get it reactivated, though your balance gets reset (which can be bad if you had a really high balance).  After 60 days, your account may get deleted).

- Minimum Cash out threshold: $2

Advertiser features and benefits:
Packages includes:
- Paid to click ads: starts at $.75 for 500 credits and maxes out at 50,000 credits for $75
- Small Package (thought I would share it - $5.00 gets you 5000 Paid To Click Credits
•10 Rented Referrals (can be a good deal if you want to build your rental referral base and advertise at the same time).  Other packages are available too
•50000 Banner Ad Credits (get some exposure to banner ads you might have)
- Fixed ads: packages start at $8 for 10 second ads ($14 for 20 second ads, which is cheaper than the sticky ads at Clixsense.  Basically, you get almost unlimited clicks to your links as long as your fixed ads are running.  The maximum you can get is 30 days with prices ranging from $90 for 5 second ads to $330 for 20 second ads. 

They also offer banner ads, log in ads, paid to sign up offers (bribing members to sign up for something, can be useful when promoting other paid to click sites), featured links, and featured text ads.
For more info about advertising, visit

Overall Grade:


Pros at Scarlet Clicks

  • Lots of ads to click on each day
  • Some ads are worth more than others
  • You do earn from referral clicks even on days you do not click.  Some sites require you to click to earn from referral clicks
  • Responsive rental referrals.  I can't promise every rental referral is going to be responsive, but in my experience, the vast majority of rental referrals I have are clicking almost every day.  Also, they are worth more as an upgraded member (especially at yearly gold or higher).  You will definitely want to upgrade once your referral base grows significantly for bigger earnings from referral clicks.  As of today, I have 1451 rental referrals and average over 8000 referral clicks per day (equates to $8 per day, which is pretty good in my opinion) and I am a yearly gold member.  I have seen paid to click sites where rental referrals can be crappy (for example referrals that never click), but Scarlet Click referrals are pretty responsive in my opinion.  Can be good way to start growing your business at Scarlet Clicks, though you will probably want direct referrals too to help offset the costs of renting and renewing rental referrals (which can add up as your rental referral base grows).
  • They do have a forum where you can interact with other members
  • They offer additional ways to earn including the scarlet grid game (you can win up to $1), ptc wall (extra ads to click on), and paid to sign up offers (get paid to sign up for an offer).
  • Members can by referrals if they choose when they are available (at $2 per referral)

Cons at Scarlet Clicks:

  • Rental referrals can get expensive as your rental referral base grows, especially after 750 referrals.   I might recommend renting referrals in chunks of 5 or 10 (no more than 20) at a time.  Makes renewing them more manageable.  Also, direct referrals can be a must to help balance the costs and profits.
  • Site has been known to go into "maintanence mode" occasionally (happened today). 
  • Beware when clicking paid to promote or rotator ads.  Sometimes shady advertisers can post frame breaker sites, malware sites and other kinds of funky sites in them (can see why some advertising sites frown on those kinds of sites).
  • Maxing out your referral base will likely take months or years.  You can usually rent referrals once a week or twice a week (depending on your membership level), but you definitely get a "snowball effect" as your referral base grows.
  • The points you earn from ads are very low and it takes 10000.00 points to earn $1 from them.  Some sites like buxvertise have better points to dollars exchange rates

To upgrade or not to upgrade:

Initially I would recommend starting off as a free member.  However, as your referral base grows, I do recommend upgrading.  I use the Yearly Gold membership myself, but I would probably start as a free member and work your way up the membership ladder as your referrals base grows and your earnings grow.  If you hit the 200 rental referral limit and want to get it up to 500 or more, then you might want the monthly or yearly gold if you can afford it.  You can probably use referral earnings to both rent more referrals and buy upgrades.  I don't recommend the Gold Plus membership or diamond membership to new members at least till after you have maxed out your referral base on the yearly gold level, then you can use referral earnings to help pay for the gold plus or diamond membership (less risk  that way). 

My stats so far:

Balance: $17.271300

Payments Received: $55.4200

Points: 7697.00 pts (Convert points)

Referral Stats

Direct Referrals: 441

Rented Referrals: 1451

Earned so far: $2525.163650 (not counting payments received)

Times paid: 3 times via paypal


1. 40.75

2. 12.45

3. 2.22


1. Jul 23 2015

2. Apr 15 2015

3. Aug 29 2014


All paypal

Overall review

I definitely recommend Scarlet Clicks as a paid to click site to join.  Site offers 7 membership levels, responsive rental referrals and you do not have to click every day to earn from referral clicks.  Rental referrals start out relatively cheap at $.15 per month (per rental referral) but cost does go up as the referral base grows significantly, so it helps to have a way to offset the rising cost of rental referrals and  rent them in small chunks in say 5 or 10 at a time to keep renewal costs manageable (by the way, they do offer autopay to make it easier to keep referrals longer).  Another drawback is that the maximum withdrawal limit is at $60 (at least as a yearly gold member) which could encourage members to level out their referral base at about 2000 referrals (not sure if it goes up on the Diamond or yearly plus membership levels).  This site can also be a good site to upgrade at (at least to monthly gold or silver) once your referral base gets high enough).    The site is an evolution script site and some evolution script sites have been known to turn scam or otherwise go offline indefinitely (happened at ctp gem, bearbux, my6clix, action bux, Payadoo and others), though scarlet clicks seems to be pretty stable so far.   

Tips on getting the most out of Scarlet Clicks:

- I recommend clicking ads daily for maximum profit from clicks.  Sure it can be redundant, but earnings do accumulate and you can cash out for the first time as soon as you have earned at least $2.  To speed up your earnings (at least prior to getting referrals), I might also recommend doing the scarlet grid game (you won't win every time, but you might win something if you do the game almost every day), do the ptc wall if you want extra ads to click on, as well as occasional paid to sign up offers.

- Referrals are a must at this site for bigger profits.  I recommend both direct and rental referrals at this site.  The more active referrals you have, the higher you will earn.  If you don't know how to get direct referrals, as soon as you earn at least $2 or more, I might recommend using some of those earnings to rent referrals.   Otherwise, I find Clixsense to be a good place to advertise Scarlet Clicks (a sticky ad or clixgrid ad should give you at least some direct referrals).  I find the clixgrid game to be useful for advertising the scarlet clicks link as I usually do get at least some direct referrals each month from that.  Another good place to advertise is on the Online Ad network (I have gotten several referrals from there already), though delivery of referrals can be slow there.  Note: rental referrals can get expensive as your rental referral base grows (especially over the 750 mark), so either keep it within that number or have a plan in place for managing the higher costs (for example, good quality direct referrals can help offset the costs of renting them).  Renting referrals in chunks of 5 or 10 can be good too.  The referral base grows slower that way, but at least they are more manageable that way when it comes time to renew  them.

- Consider upgrading once you have hit these rental referral milestones (direct too if they are or profitable enough):

At 200 RR's:  I recommend upgrading to monthly gold (or yearly silver if you can afford $50 per year)

At 500 RR's: I recommend upgrading to yearly gold if you want to take your referral base to 2000 (will take a long while to get to that mark).

At 2000 RR's: if you want 2000  more rental referrals (bringing the total to 4000), then you might want to consider upgrading to Gold plus (by then you should be able to afford the $300 a year membership)

At 4000 referrals: if you want to take your referral base up to 8000, I might recommend upgrading to diamond.  After hitting 4000 referrals, you will want to save up for the diamond membership. 

Generally referrals are worth more as a paid member so that is why I recommend the upgrades after you hit those milestones.

That is all for now.  Have any questions comments or concerns about Scarlet Clicks, feel free to leave a comment below.

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