Are Rental Referrals worth it?  Let me share with you my opinions on RR's

Quick overview

On paid to click sites, one good way to increase your earnings potiential considerably, in addition to earning cash by clicking ads and engaging in other activities (grid games, surveys, videos, cash offers, etc), is to advertise the referral link(s) you are given and get active referrals.  Of course, getting referrals (let alone good quality referrals) can be easier said than done for some people.  Obviously, people with more online marketing skills (preferably with affiliate programs and/or downline systems) will have a better time at referring new members than others.  Sometimes advertising online can be tricky.  Paid advertising costs money and plus some ad networks do not serve ptc affiliates (such as Google Adwords and Bing ads) so finding good ad networks to advertise on with good results can be challenging (one site many ptc sites use is Adhitz, which is kind of similar to Bing Ads and Adwords but is generally friendlier for ptc affiliates).  Advertising on other paid to click sites does cost money and can be hit or miss and you can usually only advertise one site at a time and on one paid to click site at a time unless if you have lots of money to invest in advertising.  Even free methods can have their challenges too (for example Youtube has been known to take down websites relating to paid to click sites like the one I did on Clixsense). 

Now, some paid to click sites offer "rental referrals", where for a small fee (usually about $.20 per rental referral, per month, though it varies by paid to click sites), members can rent referrals and earn from their clicks.  I have tried this strategy myself on various sites, including Twickerz, Neobux, Probux (long before it went under), CTP Gem (back when it was still up), Scarlet Clicks, and now, Payadoo.  Rental referrals in my opinion, can both be a blessing and a curse for affiliates and some sites have better quality rental referrals than others.  By the way, I touched on rental referrals on my blog post (see and I might as well share this on this site too.  Note that not every paid to click site has rental referrals (for example, Clixsense does not offer rental referrals) and it can still be good to try and get direct referrals too.

Known sites that offer rental referrals (this list will be appended over time):

- Neobux

- Buxbery

- Payadoo

- Bearbux (similar to Buxbery)

- Clix2015

- Twickerz

- Scarlet Clix

- Bux Matrix

- Rombux

- Get Bux Today (note they do not always have rental referrals available)

- Ojooo 

Sites where you can buy referrals:

- Scarlet Clicks (in addition to rental referrals)

- Hits4pay (they have an "autopilot" program where unreferred members are automatically placed under participating affliate's downlines at random).

- Twickerz (in addition to rental referrals)

- Donkeymails (upgraded members can get random referrals as long as they remain upgraded and the higher your membership level is, the more exposure your referral links get).

- Cashnhits

- Get Bux Today (ad shares program)

- Bux Matrix - upgraded members are automatically placed into the 3x12 forced matrix system they have.  If you have a good upline that has upgraded at least once, upgraded members they refer can spill over into their downline member's downlines.  BTW, I upgraded about a year ago and so if I referred more than 3 upgraded referrals, any additional ones would spill over into their downlines.  Note that you have to upgrade ad least once in order to take advantage of the lifetime matrix system they offer.  The matrix system does not seem to be available to free members.  

- Traffic Wave (they have a $38/month ad coop where unreferred downline members can be placed into participating affiliates' downlines and you do get email alerts whenever you get new sign ups)

- No minimum - you can "buy" 10 downline members (for $7.50) and can be done monthly (usually doesn't happen right away, but usually they are delivered by the end of the month).  For $22.50 per month, you can buy up to 50 referrals.  Can be useful if you want to grow your downline relatively fast if you are willing to invest the extra money 

- Global Domains International - premium upgrade members can get random downline members via a lotto system, where unreferred sign ups can be placed under participating affiliates' downlines.

Former paid to click sites with rental referrals:

Ctp gem, Probux, Bux Levels, and others

will do a more detailed comparison of the sites on a later post or page (probably on my blog).

Benefits and drawbacks of rental referrals


1. Can be a good way to start building your referral base

2. Suppliments direct referrals

3. Referrals can be rented using your earnings.  You do not have to pay for them out of pocket if you want to.  For example, for every $2 you earn, $1 can be used to rent referrals.

4. Assuming the referrals are active, earnings should start going up fast. One site i find pretty good results is Scarlet clicks, where I average at least $2 per day from referral earnings (both rental and direct).

5. Rental referrals can be especially useful as an "upgraded" members, since you can earn more from referral clicks than you would as a free member.  For example, at Neobux, here is a comparison chart between free members and "gold members" (selling at $90 per year). See below for example

6. At sites where rental referrals are sold cheaply, you can rent more and more referrals each week and grow your referral list.  Can be especially useful if you have lots of active referrals (ones that are clicking)

(more will be added over time)

Free member vs gold member:

Earnings from your clicks:

- Between $.001 and $.015 per click (varies by ad type)

- As a gold member: Between $.01 and $.02 per click (varies by ad)

Earnings per click from Direct referrals:

- Up to $.005 per click ($.0005 for fixed ads)

- As a gold member: up to $.01 per click ($.005 for fixed ads)

Earnings per click from rental referrals:

- As a free member: between $.005 and $.01 per click (with extended exposure ads worth $.01 and other ads worth $.005 per click)

- As a gold member: you can earn $.01 for fixed and standard ads, while extended ads are worth $.02 per referral click.

So if you had 10 rental referrals and they are all clicking at least 4 ads, you would earn $.20 from those clicks.  If you were a gold member and they were all clicking, that would translate into  $.40 from those clicks (more if some of the ads are extended ads).  That figure can go up significantly as your referral list grows.

Drawbacks of rental referrals:

- Know that it does cost money to rent them.  Also, rental referrals are usually good for so long befoe you have to pay to renew them (even with autopay on).  For that reason, don't rent more referrals than you can afford to maintain.  For example, it can be tempting to rent say 100 referrals for $20 at neobux, but remember it will cost $20 to renew them all at the end of the month, regardless if they are active or not.  Can be more useful to let your earnings accumulate (say at least $2 or more) and rent referrals in smaller batches (say 5 or 10).

- Rental referrals are generally "as is".  Some referrals are good quality, while others aren't so much. It is possible to rent lousy referrals on paid to click sites and some sites do have better quality referrals than others. In the ideal world, every single referral wold be active almost every single day, clicking all of the available ads and all.  However, in my experience, some people can be lazy.  They either join and never click (why they join in the first place, I have no idea) or they join and are active at first, but for whatever reason, they stop clicking after a while.  Sadly, when it comes to RR's, you are paying for referrals regardless if you are active or not and if most of them are not active, then you can be wasting your money.  Consequently, there is some risk involved when it comes to renting referrals as you never know who is going to be active and who is not.  By the way, even direct referrals can turn inactive after a while too.

- Rental referrals work best if you too are clicking ads almost every day. Referral earnings are usually in addition to what you earn from clicking ads, plus by logging in regularly, it is easier to keep tabs on referrals as well as renewing them when needed.  By the way, some sites do have policies in place where you actually have to be clicking ads each day in order to earn from referrals' clicks.  Twickerz, Neobux, Get Bux Today, and Buxbery (and many others) are examples of this, where in order to earn from referral clicks, you actually have to be clicking ads daily.  At Twickerz for example, whenever you take a day off but your referrals click, they get paid for viewing ads, but you do not earn from their clicks since you did not click that day (Twickerz does alert you when you log in if you skipped a day clicking).  I know that clicking every day can get redundant and boring after a while, but if clicking ads regularly is not your thing, thing then rental referrals will not work (especially at sites like Neobux, Twickerz, etc).  

- Direct referrals can be better to get if you know how to market the ref links.  Rental referrals are better when paired up with direct referrals.

- They also require you to keep track on who is clicking and who is not clicking.  

- Rental referrals can expire, which means you would have to rent more to replace them.  Some sites, such as Neobux, also charges a fee to your balance whenever they expire too and it is possible to have a negative balance from rental referrals.  This is definitely a risk to take when it comes to rental referrals.

- Some ptc sites seem to use bots as referrals (they were never real people to begin with).  Probux is an example of this.  According to Talkptc, some people think that Neobux uses bots for referrals too though I can't verify it for myself, though they do seem to be hit and miss there (see for the post)

  CTP gem was probably like that too considering that rentals were all seemed to be more active than usual compared to other sites.

That is all for now.  Direct referrals are ideal when it comes to paid to click sites, though if you know how use rental ones properly, they can also prove useful, though they can also be hit or miss too and some sites are definitely better than others when it comes to rental referrals.  

General tips when it comes to renting referrals

1. Ideally, you should try not to pay for them out of pocket.  It is easier to earn from clicking ads and then when you have more than enough money to rent, (say $1, preferably $2 minimum), you can start using some of your earnings to rent referrals.

2. Resist the temptation to rent too many referrals at a time.  I usually try to do them in batches of 5 or 10.  It can be tempting to rent alot at a time (say 50 or more), but remember that you will have to renew them eventually and  that does cost money.  

3. Consider coming up with a strategy to fund rental referrals.  One way is to save up your earnings and use some of them to rent and renew referrals.  Another good way is to join Microworkers and do jobs there.  Some of the earnings there can be used to fund referrals.

4. Know that renting referrals does not make you "rich overnight".  It does take time and patience for the referral levels to build.  Will likely take months or even years before you max out your referrals

5. Most ptc sites with rental referrals have limits on how many referrals you can rent and varies by site and usually by membership too.  Be sure to check the sites' policies so you know how many referrals you can have.  The sites will usually not let you rent more referrals if you hit the limit. 

6. Consider upgrading if you plan to rent referrals since their clicks are generally worth more than they would be as a free member.  This strategy lets you get the most out of them.  

7. You should still try to get direct referrals when possible too.  By the way, I am using that strategy with Scarlet Clicks, where in addition to renting referrals, I also have a Clixgrid advertising campaign running on Clixsense (good for 2 months) with the aim of getting direct referrals too and as of this posting (1/23/15), I have 222 direct and 357 rental referrals.

8. If rental referrals is your strategy, consider clicking almost every day when possible, especially on sites where it is required, such as Neobux, Twickerz, Get Bux Today, etc.

9. I always rent referrals at sites where they sell cheaply (say $.15-$.20 per referral).  If they sell at $1 or more, use caution.

10. Consider recycling referrals that go inactive for too long (say a week or more, or 3 days for new referrals).  

(more will be added over time)

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