New Refback Offers Page - join a paid to click site am an affiliate at and earn 50% refback

Have you considered joining any of the paid to click sites presented on this site?  How about I tempt you with some refback offers.

Here is how it works:

1. Join a paid to click site below under my referral links

2. Send me an email at: with subject line: joined under you at.. (with the name of the sites you joined under me) along with your paypal email address (so I know how to pay you) and the screen name you signed up as (for verfication).  Note: we will all be using paypal for this offer.  Though I can offer payza if requested too.

3. Be active.  For every ad you click I will credit you 50% of what I earn, with your share of the earnings, payable at the end of each month.  I will also credit 50% of commissions I earn from our purchases too.

4. For multilevel downline systems (like Clixsense, Donkeymails, and No Minimum) for 1st level referrals you refer: I will pay you 25% of commissions I earn from people you refer (1st level referrals only).  Feel free to let me know when you refer someone so I can know who referred who and so I can track earnings.

List of Refback sites (choose a site to join below) :

- Buxbery

- Bearbux

- Clixsense (8 level downline system). 

- Neobux

- Twickerz

- Scarlet Clicks

- Clix2015

- Paidverts - note: you need to click on the "activation ads" to start earning paid ad (this site is best for really active clickers, or people who click every day)

- Traffic Monsoon (functions both as a paid to click site and a traffic exchange).  Click ptc ads to earn (when they are available).

(more sites will be added over time)

Ground rules and terms of the refback system

1. You must join under my referral links (preferably on the ones on this page).  Sign ups do not count if you join under someone else.  Please be sure to send me your username for verification (so that I know who you signed up as).  False sign ups will not be paid.    

2. You are welcome to join ptc sites on other pages on my site and request refback though you will need to let me know if you want to participate, otherwise, I would not know if you are participating or not.  

3. One person per household.  Per terms of use on most paid to click site, I only allow one person per ip address (household).  If you have family members who want to join, they have to get their own ip addresses and computers.

4. You must be active to get paid.  I will only offer refback based on how much you earn.  If you take a month off from clicking without explanation, for example, I reserve the right not to pay you.

5. I will need to earn $.10 or more from your clicks.  No point in paying you if it is say $.001 or less.

6. This offer is good as long as the sites are "in business" and we are both members.  Should a site go "out of business" or should either of us quit (or if someone gets their account suspended), the offer will be voided (though I could pay you for the final month of the offer).  For example, if you joined Clixsense, earned $.20 and you quit Clixsene, I can till pay you $.10 for that month, but  the offer will no longer be valid afterwards.

7. I reserve the right to add or delete sites from the list. 

8. For get paid to sites, special terms will apply since not every activity counts towards my earnings.  I will I will post special requirements for those ones (for example, Inbox Dollars does not pay for referral clicks, toolbar downloads profile surveys, or searches).

9. Offer walls: I only pay you refback for paid to click sites with offer walls that offer commissions on referral activities on those.  For ptc sites that don't offer commissions on offer wall activities, I will mainly offer refback on ptc ads, ad purchases and upgrades.

10.  You will need to email me at so that I know you are interested.  If you don't email me, I will assume you are not participating in the refback system.

11. Must send me a valid paypal email address to get paid.  Failure to do so will result in you not geting time.

12. I reserve the right to discontinue the refback ofers at any time if I choose, such as lack of interest.  

13. Spam and unrelated emails will be disregarded.

Have questions or comments?  Feel free to post below and I will respond as soon as I can (will try to do it witin 48 hours at the latest).

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