Paid to Click Refback offers page - get rewarded for surfing ptc sites

To encourage you to try out some of the paid to click sites and paid to read sites presented at this website, I will be offering refback offers, where if you join a site under me and do your rounds, I will pay you 50% of what I earn from your clicks and activities, with your share of the commissions paid at the end of each month (I can pay out either via Payza or Paypal).  If I earn $1 from your clicks, you get $.50 back.  Here is how it works:

1. Choose a site below to join (must use my referral link to join).  Note: failure to notify me about your sign up will result in you not getting paid.

2. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page with your name, your username, which sites you joined, the screen name (where you are from) you signed up as on the ptc site (for verification), preferred payment method (currently I am offering either Payza or Paypal.  As well as your paypal/payza email address. 

3.  I will track your activity and pay you 50% of what I make from your

clicks and other payable activities and pay you the difference at the end of 

each month.  

- Also if a site turns scam or goes offline indefinitely, I will pay you your share of the earnings for the month when it goes offline or stops payiing, but I will have to terminate the deal thereafter.  In otherwords, for example, if you join say Get Bux Today under me (it is pretty stable so far), and if for some reason, they stop paying or go offline indefinitely, I would pay you the difference this month, but it will no longer be availailable afterwards.  Hopefully this never happens for the sites I offer, but it can happen, so I will put some safeguards in place.

Featured Offers available (this list will be appended over time), click the banner ads for the sites you want to join and they will redirect you to the sites you want to join.

Offer 1: Get Bux Today - join, view ads and get 0.00125 per click from me,  payable at the end of each month, upgrade and get 50% of the commission(s) I earn from your upgrade, payable at the end of the month

Offer 2: Scarlet clicks

Join, view ads, get paid 50% of what I earn from your clicks as well as any ptsu offers you complete. .

Offer 3: Clixsense

- join Clixsense

- Get paid for your activities (note: this site can either be a slow earner or fast earniner site depending on how you use it).  It is also a very good site to upgrade at if you are looking for sites to upgrade at since 1) after upgrading, you get significantly more ads to click on, 2) 1000 "welcome ads" that appear (usually worth either $.01 or $.02 per click), which means you could earn at least $10 from all of those clicks.  

- Clixsense also comes with a downline system (only available for paid members).  If you upgrade your Clixsense account and manage to refer new downline members, the following refback system applies: earn $.50 per upgraded referrals, 5% commissions on referral purchases, 

- Earn 50% of what I earn from your clicks, tasks you do, as well as offers you complete

- Bonus: earn $.50 bonuses for every upgraded member you refer (same goes if they buy advertising).

Offers 4 and 5: Clicksia and Incentria (I will list them together since they are almost identical).  You can either join one of them or both (I don't care).  Click ads, do sign up offers and get paid. 

Offer 6: Join Jobego at

- Click on ads, get paid.

- I will also pay you 50% of what I earn for each job you complete successfully (this can be a slow or fast earner site depending on how you use it).

Bux Matrix - Join Bux matrix, view ads and get paid 50% of what I earn from your clicks

- Bonus 1: upgrade your membership and enroll in the forced matrix system and I will pay 50% of the commission(s) I earn from your sign up as a rebate.

- Bonus 2: Earn $.50 for each member you help enroll in the matrix system.  So if you got 100 sign ups, you get $50 frome me.

Note: Bux Matrix uses Payza as their exclusive payment processor, so you will need a Payza account in order to complete this offer.  Don't have payza?  Click here to join (sign up is free and it is rather quick and easy to set up).

(more offers to come)

Rules of completing offers (read before filling out the form below):

1. these offers are void if you already have accounts with any of these sites (remember most sites only allow 1 account per person and usually ip address).

2.Must use my referral link to join (also, to ensure that the link tracks properly, be sure to delete cookies and set your browser to accept cookies).  This will help ensure that I get credit for your sign up.

3. Rates are subject to change as needed.

4. You must be active to get paid.  On days you do not do your rounds, I will not track your activities for those 2 days.  If you anticipate not doing your rounds for an extended period of time (such as going on vacation), please let me know.  Also, if you stop clicking for more than 30 days (1 month) without explanation, I will assume you have given up on the site you have joined and are no longer recieving refback for that offer.  Remember at paid to click sites, you have to at least be viewing ads each day to get paid (both from me and at the ptc site you are a part of).

5.  After completing a sign up offer, please fill out the form below, so that I can verify your sign up.  If you don't do this step, I have no way of verifying your sign up and can't pay your for your activities.  Also, I must verify your sign up for credit too (if you are not in my network, you don't get paid).

6. Must have a valid paypal or payza account.  Otherwise it will complicate the process of getting paid.

7.  Limit 1 account per person and per ip addresss (for your own good too as you can put your account at risk if you have more than 1 account or if multiple people from your ip address join).  Also, proxy servers aren't allowed (per ptc site policies).

8. If you choose to terminate your account(s), this offer will also expire (though I will be nice and still credit you your share of the earnings at the end of the month).

9. Taxes: make sure you follow your country's tax laws.  In the US, if you earn more than $600 in a given year you are required to report it and pay the appropriate tax rate.

10. Qualified earnings: I can only credit you your share of the earnings for qualified earnings (varies by site).  For example, at Inbox Dollars, they only pay referral fees for :Completing offers, Taking surveys other than Profile Surveys, Playing games, Shopping online, Completing TasksR, Redeeming Coupon.  However they don't pay referral fees for merely joining Inbox Dollars,Reading Paid EmailĀ® messages, Profile Surveys, Toolbar Installation, or Toolbar Searches (in other words, I will only pay you for activities I get credit for).

11.  Suspensions/terminations: if for some reason you get terminated at the paid to click site(s) you use (usually happens if you are breaking the site's TOS policies, such as "cheating", creating multiple accounts, being inactive for too long, etc), this offer will be void.  I might still credit your share of the earnings (at least if it is over something minor), but for more severe infractions (such as using cheat devices, creating multiple accounts, knowlingly completing ptsu offers with false information, or similar circumstances), I reserve the right not to pay you (this will be determined on case by case basis).  

12.  International: 1) submissions should be made in English (makes it easier for me to understand what your are saying).  Also 2) is you opt to get paid via Paypal and are not from America, Canada or Mexico (overseas), especially if you are from India, I will have to pay you via mass pay, which means it could take a few days for credidation as I have to move over funds for it to work (normally you can automatically subtract paypal payments directly from your bank account, but for mass pay you have to actually transfer the money (which can take a few business days) for it to work.

13. Minimum payment Quota: must earn at least $1 or more for payout, otherwise your earnings will roll over till the following month(s) until you have earned at least $1 or more.