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General review of ptc sites

On this page I will give a general review of paid to click sites in general.  Is paid to click for you?  How much are you going to get paid with paid to click sites?  Is paid to click a scam?  This list can go on.  But on this page I will share with you everything I know about paid to click sites as well as my take on them.  It is worth mentioning that I do not personally have any paid to click sites of my own.  Just a fellow user at affiliate in the industry (maybe someday I will create my own ptc site, but for now I wouldn't know how to do something like that).  Here is the general lowdown o paid to click sites.  Note this review will be my own unbiased opinion on the industry and is based on my own experiences with them.  You can agree or disagree with me though if you have another take, feel free to leave a comment at the end of the page.

Things I like about paid to click sites:

  1. Most if not all paid to click sites are free to join (especially popular ones like Clixsense, Neobux, Donkeymails, and others).  I am not aware of any ptc sites where you actually have to pay to join (feel free to correct me if I am wrong of course). 
  2. Paid to Click sites are easy to use and can definitely be somewhat easier to earn at in comparison to many other income opportunities on the web.  At Clicksia for example, you can just join, click ads and do paid to sign up offers (if you see any you like), and earn extra money just by doing that.  Compare that with the average affiliate program where you have to sell something (can be easier said than done if you don't have the right marketing skillls), get people to join your downline, or host cost per click ads in hopes that some visitors will click on your sponsored ads.  You probably won't earn alot of money with paid to click sites (especially if you have little or no active referrals), but it is better than not earning at all of course.  By the way, some sites do pay more than others depending on how you use them (especially sites like Clixsense where it is possible to earn $1 or more per day even without referrals depending on how you use it).  
  3. Cheap to advertise on (if you want to advertise on them) and can be good alternatives to traditional ppc sites like Google (especially when it comes to advertising affiliate websites or downline systems as Google has gotten alot more strict when it comes to advertising affiliate sites lately).  By the way, if if you don't want to use the ptc ads, you can always post a banner ad or text ad at sites (like Clicksia) and it will run for as long as you want it to for a flat weekly or monthly rate.
  4. Some sites have extra ways to earn.  Big sites like Clixsense, Inbox Dollars, Buxp, Cash n Hits, No minimum and Donkeymails, for example are great this way, because if you are willing to take the time to fill out surveys, complete offers, do special tasks, as well as other extra featurs, you could almost easily make at least $1 or $2 per day minimum (which is pretty good for a paid to click site even if you have little or no referrals in your network), even without referrals.  I know at Inbox Dollars and Clixsense it is possible to earn at least $1 or $2 per day if you are highly active at them and do more than just view ptc ads.  For example, at Clixsense, surveys are worth at least $.75 on average, and if you did 2 surveys per day, you would make $1.50 from those surveys in addition to what you would earn from viewing advertisements.  Also, Inbox Dollars has lots of offers you can take advantage of (some are free, while others may require to spend some of your money) and earn some extra cash by doing so.  Inbox Dollars has other creative ways for you to earn as well, such as getting paid for using their search enging widget they have (paying $.01 for every 2 valid searches you do), playing games for cash (via world winner), watching video ads, downloading the Inbox Dollars tool bar, shopping online/offline (using the coupons they give you), as well as doing the crowdflower tasks.  These can be time consuming, but are worth pointing out.
  5. Fairly easy to promote - you might find it easier to get referrals at paid to click sites than you would at the average affiliate programs or downline systems.  The only catch to this is that your referrals have to be active for you to earn from their activities.  Inactive referrals are generally worthless at ptc sites.
  6. Great if you like browsing the web and have extra time on your hands.
  7. Can be a good way to help suppliment your income.  Just think if you made $2 a day, 6 days a week at Clixsense and/oror Inbox Dollars, you would earn an extra $12 a week and about $54 per month from each of those sites alone ($108 per month if did the same on both sites).  Obviously, every site is different and some will allow you to earn faster than others.  Also, some sites, like Bux Matrix and Clixsense do offer downline systems or matrix systems you can take advantage of and earn extra money by sponsoring new members (especially paid members).
  8. Multiple streams of income - you can either join 1 ptc site, 2 ptc site, or 100 ptc sites for multiple streams of income.  Think of it this way, let's say you join Clicksia, and hypothetically, earn $20 per month there.  You could just leave it at that or join other paid to click sites and earn more.  For example, you could also join sister site Incentria and make another $20 per month, netting you an $40 per month.  Now, you could join 10 more sites and earn another $20 perm onth at each of them (say Buxp, Matrix Mails, Clixsense, Inbox Dollars, Donkeymails, No Minimum, Jills Clicks Corner, Neobux, Get Bux Today, and Cash and Hits), and then all of the sudden, you would be making an extra $240 per month between the 12 of them (not bad is it?).  Of course, that assumes that you are active at all of them and are making at least $20 from each of them each of them, and do have some active referrals in your network at each of them.
  9. Traffic Exchanges - some sites, like Clicksia, Incentria, Buxp, and Cash n hits have built in traffic exchanges, where you can advertise your sites for free in exchange for viewing other members' sites.  Not all ptc sites have these, but some do and can be useful for building up your referral base at other ptc sites you are using.  By the way, little secret: advertise PTC Business Builder using the traffic exchange feature (also some allow you to advertise ptp links as well), since then you can advertise all of the participating ptc sites and similar sites under 1 link instead of advertising 1 site at a time.
  10. Great if you have extra free time on your hands and don't require you to have your own website/blog or marketing skills (unless if you want to build up your referral bas of course).  By the way, you can always advertise one ptc site on another ptc site and get referrals that way too (such as advertising Donkeymails on Clixsense).

The Bad:

  1. Can be time consuming (especially have you have multiple paid to click, paid to read, or gptc sites you are using).  I recommend setting a reasonable number of ptc sites you start with (say 3-5 at the most).  You can always join more later, but by only doing a few at a time, it is less of a chore each day and it can be easier to build up your referral base that way too.
  2. Slow earners (especially if you have little or no active referrals).  At $.001-$.01 per click, you will have to view LOTS of ads each month if you are going make any real money with these systems, especially if you have little or no active referrals in your network.  And there are usually a limited number of ads you can view each day (especially at sites like Clicksia, Neobux and Get Bux Today), where there is a finite number of ads you can view each day.  Don't expect to get rich with paid to click sites.  Of course, if you are clicking on ads almost every day, taking advantage of extra ways to earn (such as filling out suerveys or completing special offers), and manage to get at least 100 - 1000 or more active referrals in your network at each site you use, you can earn a good amount of money there (maybe at least $1000 or more per month).
  3. Can get redundant after a while.  It can get boring viewing the same ads every day as well as filling out survey after survey, completing offer after offer, watching video after video, etc.  Though if you want to earn a good amount of money each month with ptc sites, ptr sites or gptc sites, you will will have to treat them as a job.  If you can I recommend setting aside up to 2 hours a day minimum (preferably at least 4 hours a day) doing your rounds at the sites you use, especially bigger ones like Clixsense, Inbox Dollars, Cash n Hits, and Bux p as it can definitely be time consuming taking advantage of the extra ways to earn, but then when you are making at least $2 per day even without referrals, that can get rewarding.
  4. Some sites have higher minimum payout thresholds than others.  It varies by site.  Some sites, like Clicksia only requires you to earn at least $1 before you can request payout, while others, like Hits4pay might require you to earn at least $25 before you can request payout.
  5. Viruses, Malware and Spam - I won't lie to you.  While PTC sites are pretty good about screening out undesirable sites and advertisements, and most advertisers are reputable, you will likely encounter a few shady sites that contain malware or viruses every once in a while.  I guess some people think it is funny to upload a bad website with viruses or malware and infect as many unsuspecting users as they can.  Of course, these can be bad for ptc sites as it can be tricky to tell if a site has viruses or not on them and can easily tarnish a ptc site's reputation.  A good virus scanner and high security on your web browser will be a MUST when surfing ptc sites.  By the way, Google Chrome seems to be better than Internet Explorer when it comes to filtering out sites with viruses or malware on them as Chrome usually warns you if you are about to visit a bad site, where as with Internet Explorer, you might not know if a site is infected until your virus scanner picks up on it.  I've also noticed, sometimes you might not know if you have a virus until you do a virus scan, though your computer might run slower or act funny.  Also, you can open yourself up to spam, especially with gpt sites where you get paid to sign up for stuff, such as opting in newsletters.  I recommend checking out advertisers' privacy policies when visiting their sites, as well as terms for giving out your information.  In otherwords, be mindful when responding to lead capture forms or similar opt in devices on websites.
  6. If you are advertising, expect a low conversion rate on your ads.  You would think that for every 1000 hits you get promoting say Stiforp, you would get at least 1 or 2 paid sign ups, but that is not always the case.  You might get 1 sign up, 100 sign ups, or 0 sign ups.  Also, bear in mind that most people will likely view your ad(s) for the money, so I do recommend experimenting with your ads.  Also, you might want to consider using splash pages or lead capture pages for building your business.  By the way, one resource I would recommend that could give you an advantage when it comes to advertising on ptc sites is Stiforp or My Lead Company.  Both systems do cost money to join and use, but they pretty much function as business builder systems.  With Stiforp, for example, you could create personalized lead capture pages that you can use to generate leads for your business, create customized emails or phone messages that you can send to your prospects and ultimately convert some of your leads into buyers.  They also allow you to set up webinars and web conferences as well, along with advertising templates you can use if you need help fining the right sales copy. My Lead Compay is very similar to Stiforp, except that you can actually buy your leads for as low as $12 for 50 leads and they teach you how you can follow up with those leads (can save you some extra time and hassle trying to generate your own leads by the way).  Both systems come with downline systems too and offer generous commissions by building up your downlines at both (Stiforp even pays $25 for every sponsored member that joins under you and $.25/monthly commissions as well, with up to $8,000 per month earnings potiential if you max out your matrix there). My Lead Company has a similar matrix system as well.
  7. Referrals - it helps to have lots of active referrals in your network at ptc sites.  You don't have to get referrals, but you will earn faster with ptc sites if you have lots of active referrals at them.  Also, even when you do refer new members, some can turn inactive (they might join and never do their rounds or are active at first, but then go inactive for some reason), at which point they become worthless.  Why people join and and turn inactive is beyond me, and it is not like you can do their rounds for them, but it is worth pointing out.  You will need lots of quality referrals to earn quickly with ptc site. 
  8. Scam ptc sites - while most ptc sites are legit, some do turn scam after a while.  Some might be online at one moment and the next moment, it goes offline indefinitely (happened at Bux Levels recently for example).  Sometimes, you can get a site that is not paying, even when you hit the cashout limit.  It helps to "do your homework" when choosing sites to join.  By the way, the Takptc forum has an ever growing list of sites suspected of turning scam or are are already officially labled a scam site.  By the way, whenever I encounter a ptc site that turns scam, I will try to warn you.  By the way, I am planning to create a "wall of shame" page that lists all of the sites to stay away from or watch out for. 

That is all for now.  Paid to Click sites are generally free to join and can be a good way to suppliment your income.  Also, some sites are fast earners (like Clixsense and Inbox Dollars) while others are slow earners (like Clicksia, Neobux and Get Bux Today).  Ptc sites can be pretty useful if you have at least 2 hours of free time each day and are easy and straight foward to use.  Of course, viewing ads each day can definitely get redundant after a while, same goes for filling out surveys, completing offers, etc.  Also, like many systems online, it does help to get lots of active referrals (say 100 or more) in your network(s) as you will be able to earn from paid to click sites (and similar) sites significantly faster than you would otherwise, and referrals are only good if they are doing their rounds almost every day, otherwise if they turn inactive, they become worthless (they won't make money either though as you can't do their rounds for them even if you wanted to).  It also helps to be mindful about the advertisers you visit as sometimes, they can contain frame breakers (breaks out of the frame), viruses, or malware.  You can also open yourself up to getting spam (after all, if you opt into someone's newsletter or email list, you are giving them the right to send your emails unless if you unscribe from their list).  On the flip side, multiple streams of income are possible with paid to click sites as there are lots to join on the net and can easily double, tripple, or even increase your income 10x as you join more ptc sites that you are active at.  The only downside to joining multiple sites is that they can get redundant and it is possible to join more than you can handle, so I recommend setting a reasonable limit on the number of sites you can join. 

 Also, if you are advertising on ptc sites, while they do offer cheap advertising and are popular alternatives to traditional ppc services (like Facebook or Adwords), most people will likely view your ads for the money and the conversion rate will likely be low.  Of course, the cheap advertising does allow you to experiment a bit and plus you can always set up splash pages or lead capture pages to generate tons of leads that you can follow up with via ptc sites, so having a marketing system in plase is a must have with ptc sites.  If you don't have a marketing system in place, I recommend setting up an account at Stiforp or My Lead Company, set up a good lead capture page and autroesponder system and use that to advertise your business. 

All and all, ptc sites can be good to have and are easy to use and free to join and can be a good way to earn some extra income.  You will probably not get rich with paid to click sites and they might not necesarrily be the best choice for everyone, but if you have you have free time on your hands, like to browse the net anyways, and need a good alternative way to earn besides affiliate programs, downline systems, etc, paid to click sites are for you and can even be used to offset expenses as well.   

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