Paid to Click Directory 1 - list of sites I currently use (ptc sites, ptr sites, traffic exchanges, downline builders, GPT sites, and matrix systems)

Here is the full list of paid to click, paid to read, gpt sites I am currently using.  As an affiliate of these sites, I will post these sites in banner ad form (in no particular order) as well as short descriptions and payment information about them.  Note: some sites I have reviews for and some I haven't posted reviews for yet

Get Bux Today - one of the more popular and legit bux host sites.  

Basic site stats:

Average number of ads per day (Free member): 8 (10 ads for Silver and Platinum members, 11 ads gold members).  Earnings rate per click: $.04 (between $.054 and $.081 for upgraded members, varying by membership level).  Types of memberships available: Free, Gold, Platinum, and Silver. Referral clicks: 25% of what they earn (more on the paid membership levels).  Minimum payout: 2 (first time, $4 for subsequent payouts) and they pay out via Payza or Paypal Every 10 days (sooner for upgraded members).

Important warning: there is an anti-cheat link in the Advertisements section that will suspend your account for up to 7 days if you "accidently" click on it, so attention to detail at this site is a must. 

Infinity bux -

somewhat smaller than Get Bux today.  

Basic stats:

Average ads to click on: at least 1 for free members, 6 for paid members

Earnings per click: $.01 (free and paid membership), Referral clicks: $.001 (free members), $.01 (paid members).

Minimum cashout: $10 (pays out within 30 days via Payza)

Clicksia - good basic ptc site and excellent for first time users in the ptc business.  Usually at least 10 ads per day to click on, siginificantly more for paid members.  Minimum payout: $1.  Earnings rate per click: Between $.001 and $.005 per click on average


Incentria - Almost identical to Clicksia (owned by the same owner of Clicksia).


Clixsense - hybrid paid to click, survey, and GPT site.

Inbox Dollars - Hybrid Paid to Read, Survey and Get Paid to... site

minimum payout: $30, pays out via check on a monthly basis (weekly for "gold" members).

Hits 4 Pay - basic paid to read site, offers a $5 sign up bonus

Cash N Hits

Scarlet Clicks (similar feel to Clicksia and Incentria)

Neobux - tip: once you start getting active referrals, the pressure is on to be viewing ads almost every day.  Reason: you only earn from referral clicks on days you also view ads.  So if you take a day off (for example, Sunday), but your referral(s) click that day, your referral(s) get paid, but you don't get paid from their activities.

Bux Matrix - Insider tip: in order to get the most out of bux matrix, I highly recommend upgrading your account.

2 major benefits: 

1) Significantly more ads to view (free members may only get 4 ads to click on a day, while paid members might get up to 9 or more ads to click on per day).

2. Required to take advantage of the 3x12 forced matrix system they have.  This feature is NOT available to free members (for free members, it will feel more like a traditional ptc site like neobux).  

Another note: the primary payment processor for Bux Matrix is Payza.  You will need a valid payza account in order to use Bux Matrix (you don't have to have a payza account of course, but then how are you going to get paid?  Payza is a must have for Bux Matrix members).  Don't have a Payza account?  No problem, click here to get an account (sign up is free by the way and it functions much like Paypal).

Goldmine 1up - Cheap to join forced matrix system (low $4/month start up cost), partner site of ptc business builder.

PTC Business Builder- FREE to join Marketing System / Downline builder for paid to clickers.  

Insider tips: join, choose programs to join and promote (enter your referral link information), and advertise your reflink wherever you can (you could probably start by using either traffic exchanges or advertising on other ptc sites).  By the way, if you are feeling lazy or have difficulty getting referrals, you can also subscribe to the "autopilot" feature they have and get free traffic to your referral link (some of which can become free sign ups for you).  This can be a very useful site to have if you have multiple ptc sites and traffic exchanges to promote.  They also have matrix systems that you can join and promote too (like the Goldmine 1up system I posted above) for extra streams of income.

PTC 4 Newbies - Partner site to PTC Business builder.  Note: to earn commissions from referral purchases, you do have to upgrade your account.

Downline Refs - popular traffic exchange for advertising paid to click sites.  

Tips: view ads to accumulate credits and then use them to advertise your site(s).  Want to earn credits faster?  You can always purchase credits or complete sign up offers for significantly more credits.

Matrix Mails - hybrid ptc, gpt, ptr site. 

Warning: this site seems to be struggling as there are not very many ads to view.  Also like Bux matrix, Matrix Mails also comes with a forced matrix system available to paid members only (free members get a unilevel downline system though

MatrixMails - Get paid

Stiforp - 2x14 forced matrix system.  Costs $40 to join (followed by $9.95/month).  Useful for creating custom lead capture pages, autoresponders, hosting webinars, as well as web conferencing.  Pays up to $25 per direcct sign up (not counting spill overs from your upline), plus $.25/month residual commissions.  A maxed out Matrix can net you up to $8,000+/month in commissions.

Traffic wave - popular email marketing service for network marketers and affiliate marketers.

 Campaigns are easy to set up, and you can either create lead capture pages with Traffic Wave or embed opt in forms on your website/blog.  Comes with a massive 3x12 forced matrix system, paying up to $16.95 per sign up, $6/month residual commissions for your first 3 downline members, then up to $1/month on all subsequent levels).  A maxed out matrix can net you up to $86,000/month in commissions.  Comes with a 30 day FREE trial too.  Great for use with traffic exchanges, safelists, and ptc sites as you can generate leads this way, which you can market to later.  One popular way to do this is to set up a splash page or lead capture page and "bribe" your prospects to join your list with something useful (like an ebook, free presentation, etc).

Twickerz - similar to Neobux, with significantly more ads to click on each time.  Comes with an ad grid program too (similar to the Clixgrid at Clixsense).

Tips: view all ads available (will take a while to view them all, but it can be worth it).  To earn faster, consider taking advantage of ptsu offers.  You can also try your luck with the ad grid, though most of the time you probably won't win any thing.  By the way, this is one of the sites available to join and promote from the ptc business builder system.

Donkeymails -  Massive site.  Paid to Click, Paid to Read and GPT site.  Multiple ways to earn.  5 level downline system, even for free members (earn 10% of referral activities, plus extra commissionso n upgraded members).  


- View ptr ads

- view ptc ads (note: there doesn't seem to be an end to the ads available there, so don't feel like you have to click on every last advertisements)

- Traffic exchange feature, great for advertising ptp links

- You can also earn by completing offers, filling out surveys, as well as reviewing sites. No Minimum Payout

No Minimum - very similar to Donkey Mails, just somewhat smaller.

Jill's Clicks Corner - pretty similar to Donkeymails and No Minimum.  No ptr ads

More sites will be added over time

Tips for getting the most out of paid to click sites:

1. View ads regularly (one round of clicks per day would be ideal).  Failure to view ads results in you not getting paid.  Also, if you go inactive for too long, some sites may even suspend or delete your account with them (Neobux is an example of this as they will suspend your account if you don't click for more than 30 days without explanation).

2. Advertise your referral link(s) - you could probably start by advertising on other paid to click sites.  Whenever you refer new members, you earn extra from their activities, along with bonus commissions whenever they purchase ads or upgrades).

3. Don't overlook extra features - for example, at Cash n Hits, in addition to earning from viewing ads, you also earn extra by watching youtube videos, taking advantage of paid to sign up offers, "liking" facebook pages, as well as advertising your ptp link on other sites.

4. Watch out for anti-cheat features (for example, at Get Bux today), clicking on the anti-cheat link can get your account suspended for a while.  Also, some sites (like Clixsesne) have you clicking on certain images for credit (such as clicking on a picture of a cat at clixsense when viewing ads).

5. Consider upgrading - most sites offer more features for upgraded members than free members.  At Bux matrix for example, paid members can view up to 9 or more ads per day (instead of 4) as well as enroll in the 3x12 forced matrix system they have.

6. Don't join more sites than you can handle.  It is very possible to join "too many" ptc sites.  Joining too many can make viewing ads more of a chore and is definitely more time consuming too (unless if you are willing to view ads on a full time basis of course).  I recommend setting a reasonable number to start with (say 5 at the most).  You can always join more later as your earnings build and you get more confident.

(more tips will be posted over time).

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