PTC Business Builder is a powerful downline builder program for people like you and me in the paid to click business.  Learn everything you need to know about this free to join revolutionary marketing system here.

If you are looking to build your referral base at the various paid to click sites you use, ptc business bulder is a great way to start (especially if you have multiple ptc sites you are a part of).  PTC Business builder is essentially a downline builder / marketign system geared towards people in the paid to click / paid to read industry in mind.  Obviously, there are many different paid to click sites out on the web, and if you want to build your referral base at each of them and have multiple ptc sites you are a part of, you could either promote them one at a time or you could use a downline builder and market all of the participating ptc sites under one link.  It is hard to really explain what the ptc business builder is all about without showing you, so I have created a short video below explaining how this system works (by the way, please pardon my speech as I am kind of new at doing presentations online).


The PTC Business builder system is a very powerful resource that you can use at getting referrals at the various ptc sites online.  In addition, they also serve downline systems like the Goldmind 1up matrix system, safelists, and various traffic exchanges too (like what you saw in the video).  If you are not familiar with how downline builders work, there are basically programs you can join (usually they are free to join), and are designed so that you can join participating sites, enter your referral link information in them (btw, if you are already a part of the sites, you can enter your referral information without having to rejoin), and then you can promote the downline builder wherever (safelists, traffic exchanges, your website, facebook, or wherever you want), and whenever people join ptc business builder under you, they too will enter their referral links for the programs they use.  In addition, they can join your site(s) if they are interested, giving you some easy referrals and sign ups (active or not of course).  Now, as you saw in the video, there are tons of programs you can join, and ptcbusinessbuilder currently serves members and affiliates at these sites:

Goldmine 1 Up

Power One Up


List 2 Income

Clix Sense


Scarlet Clicks

Cash n Hits

Donkey Mails

No Minimum

Jills Click Corner


Neo Bux


Get Bux Today


Cash Harvest

Earn Easy Cash

Power Revenues


Clicks 4 Cents

Booming Website Traffic

Vast Hits

Smiley Traffic

Hit Tactic

Volcano Hits

Traffic Taxis

PTC 4 Newbies

Wealth 2 Xtreme

Ultimate Cash Ads

Power One Up

Global Safelists


The Lead Magnet

List Joe

State Of The Art Mailer

List Hoopla

Yes, this is a long list, but those are all of the sites and programs featured at PTC Business builder.  By the way, you are not required to join all of the sites featured here and while most sites are free to join, some of them will require you to invest some of your money (like the Goldmine 1 up matrix system and other downline systems).  Of course, as time goes by and if you are satisfied with the sites you are a part of and your income increases, eventually you will probably want to consider using all of them.  By the way, whenever you get sign ups at ptc business builder, and your referrals join programs featured there, you only get credit for the ones you use and enter your referral information for.  For all other ones, someone else in your upline will get the credit for the sign ups .  While I have an account at Clixsense, I don't have an account at Twickerz (I might sign up someday, but not right now), so whenever I get sign ups at ptcbusinessbuilder, I would get sign ups at Clixsense whenever referrals join Clixsense, but I would not get sign ups at Twickerz since I don't have an account there (but one of my upline members at Twickerz will get credit for the sign ups).

Pros and cons about PTC Business Builder:


+ Lots of programs to join and promote

+ There are not very many downline builders for ptc sites, so this site is a must have

+ Multiple streams of income

+ The site offers tons of resoruces and detailed guides that teach you how you can effectively grow your business (not only with paid to click sites, but with participating downline systems, traffic exchanges, safelists, and others as well).  By the way, if you are new to the ptc business, I might recommend you get a copy of the ptc4newbies ebook as it can help you get off to the right start and is a cheap sell to (a mere $5, which is dirt cheap and you can resell the ebook for 50% commissions too).

+ Autopilot system (optional), if you opt for the autopilot system, the site admin will promote your referral link for you (via a rotator system), so whenever unreferred members join ptcbusinessbuilder, they might be placed under your downline (active or not), though you do have to subscribe to it to take advantage of it (otherwise you are on your own).

+ They also offer detailed routines and paths you can take to achieve success.

The bad (and things to watch out for)

- can get overwhelming, especially if you join too many programs.  In otherwords, don't join more sites than you can handle (unless if you have lots of programs you are a part of).

- Obviously you do have to advertise your ptcbusinessbuilder referral link to get sign ups, and like with most downline builder systems, referrals are not obligated to join your programs, though on the positive note, they do enable you to contact you referrals, so you could try to offer referrals to join your programs that way and help them get the most out of the downline builder.

- Be mindful that while most sites are free to join at ptcbusinessbuilder, some do have sign up fees you have to pay.  By the way, the ptc4newbies system/ebook is free to join, but you have to buy the ebook (selling at a mere $5) to take advantage of the system in full.  Don't invest more money than you are willing (unless if you are getting a good size return of investment).

- There is a bit of a learning curve with systems like ptcbusinessbuilder, but if you master it, then you should be successful with it. 

Interested in joining PTC Business Builder?  You can join FREE at

To get the most out of this system, I recommend joining at least 3-5 programs and follow the steps they give you to follow.  Also, advertising your referral link will be a must for best results.  I recommend starting off by joining the traffic exchanges and promoting your link there and you do get free advertising at traffic exchanges too (you view other peoples' sites and in return they view yours).  Also, if you have extra advertising dollars to spend, advertising on other ptc sites can be very helpful too.

To yoru success

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