What is Probux?  It is a relatively new paid to click site that is quite similar to Neobux in many ways.  official Review.
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Update as of 12/19/2014-

I think it is fair to say that Probux is officially a site to avoid (added it to my Wall of Same list).  Also, both emoneyspace and talkptc have probux on their scam lists now too.  At onetime, Probux was a legitimate and fast growing paid to click site and was almost identical to Neobux.  However this last year, the site has shown signs of turning scam, including:

- Rental referrals being bots and not clicking (especially if you upgrade or request payout)

- Not paying and being selective about payments.  I remember it got to the point where you had to wait certain times to request payment and often times the server would be having issues around those times (the "500 error message").

- Site going down for a while and coming back on

- More ads than normal

- Automatically being logged out while viewing ads (especially the green ads)

- Random users getting suspended for no reason (or vague reasons).  Didn't happen to me, but apparently it has happened to others, especially after requesting payout.  Not sure how that came about, but that was a rumor going around on both earn money space and talkptc

- Last month, accounts seem to have been randomly deleted from their system, including mine (officially an ex probux member/affiliate now), apparently it has happened to others too. 

Checking the site today, the site seems to be down once again.  

By the way, here is an article at howtogetref that talks more about the situation at Probux: 

Probux Scam: Gustavo did it again,

sorry for your loss!

In the mean time, similar paid to click sites you might like includes:

- Neobux

- Twickerz

- Scarlet Clicks

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