Ryan's Official Review of Ojooo - a unique paid to click site that pays you to watch advertisements

Offial site banner ad for Ojooo (you can visit their site by clicking the banner below if you want)


If you have been browsing paid to click sites to join or even browse ads at various paid to click sites, you have probably come across Ojooo. I actually joined it via Earn Money Space (doing a refback offer there) and I have been an affiliate thare for at least a month now and here is my take on the site.  

Site features and benefits:

- Earnings rate: between $.001 and $.01 per click on average (varies by timer lengh

- Referral earnings rate (as a free member): between $.0005 and $.005 per click

- Timer length: 5 second ads, 30 second ads and 60 second ads

- Captcha system (2 forms too).  The first one appears when you log in (where you have to enter a bunch of letters to log in).  The second one us unique to Ojooo.  Each time you view an advertisement, you bascially have to draw pictures using your mouse or touchpad (if using a laptop) to get credit for viewing ads.

- Referral limit (free member): 150 direct and 100 rental

- Minimum cashout threshold (free member): $2 (first time), $6 thereafter.  There seems to be a delay on how soon you get paid (I haven't cashed out yet, but it can take a few weeks to get paid based on what I have read about Ojooo).

- Video ads (though it appears most of them are available to paid members)

- Matomy and Super Rewards offer walls.  You earn points each time you successfully fill out surveys, complete sign up offers, watch videos, etc (similar to typical gpt sites) and each point is worth $.005 (so $.01 for every 2 points) and you get paid the difference instantly after successfully completing an offer.  Ojooo can be a fast earner site if you are taking advantage of the offer walls.  Offers are usually worth anywhere between 1 point and 200 points on average (varies by offer)

Other features and benefits:

- Ojooo also offers an email marketing services and a web hosting service as well, so if you are looking for web hosting or email marketing services, does offer those services.

Noteworthy benefits for upgrading (you can get more info at 

Positive aspects about Ojooo

1. Lots of ads to view