Need office supplies for your business?  Here is a full directory of office suppliers (and similar companies) I am an affiliate of. 

Office suppliers and retailers I use:

Check Out TigerDirect: The Best Pricing On All Of Your Technology Needs & More!

Walmart - Save up to 40% on Office Supplies at walmart.

 Laptops, Desktops, Tablets and more... Great deals every day at Toshiba Direct!

$6 OFF any order at Use Promo code 6OFF

Personalized labels, stationery, checks & more at - SHOP NOW!

Affiliate Networks 

Linkshare - want to host ads for your favorite retailers and earn commissions promoting their products and services?  Linkshare offers all kinds of different promotions that you can promote.  Companies like Walmart, Target, Tiger Direct, Hallmark, and many others use Linkshare to hire affiliates to promote their links and offer commissions on each sale.

Clickbank (by the way, want to host multiple clickbank ads at once or have your own clickbank storefront?  You can do so with CBproads, as they give you all kinds of widgets and resources you can use to promote clickbank products).


Ad Click Media, Kontera and Adhitz - these sites are similar to Google adsense, where you can host ads on your website/blog and earn money whenever people click on them

Other services and resources: 

Ad Kreator - lets you create custom ads that you can advertise on websites, traffic exchanges, etc.

Traffic Wave - this email marketing service is very useful for creating custom lead capture pages, email marketing as well as other follow up services.  Also, all members automatically enroll in their MLM style affiliate program where you earn $17 for every paid customer you refer as well as residual monthly commissions too (max out your matrix and you can earn up to $50,000 or more per month).

PTC Business Builder-  this is a free to join marketing system that you can use to promote multiple paid to click sites under one link

Easy Downlines and Traffic Exchange Profits - these are 2 free to join marketing systems that you can use to build your downlines at traffic exchanges, safelists as well as participating MLM companies, such as Global Domains International (a web hosting company) as well as Traffic Wave (btw, Traffic Wave is pretty useful for traffic exchanges as you can create lead capture pages and use Traffic Wave to generate the leads and send follow up messages to them).  By the way TE Profits actually teaches you how you can set up campaigns on Traffic Wave and follow up with your leads.