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I joined No Minimum via ptc business builder and it is very similar (if not identical) to Donkey Mails in many ways.  Like Donkeymails, No Minimum comes with a downline system (up to 6 levels), paid to read ads, paid to click ads, paid to sign up offers, paid to promote links that you can advertise and earn money simply by advertising the link(s), as well as a traffic exchange feature that you can use as well (can be useful for promoting other ptp links too like the ones you can get at Donkeymails).  Also, despite the name of the site, there is a minimum payout threshold: $1 for paypal members, $1.06 for payza members, and variable minimum payouts for other participating payment processors (Liberty Reserve and Ok pay members can cash out when their balance is at least $.01 or more).      

No Minimum at a glance

The good
- multiple ways to earn

-  Email ads do accumulate (which means that you can wait a few days and view all of the ads at your convenient).

- Low minimum cashout threshold

- Traffic exchange feature (can be useful for advertising other ptc sites you have as well as ptp links you have as well).

- Lots of paid to click ads

- Paid to sign up offers

- Buyable referrals.  Can be useful if you need help getting referrals.  You can get 10 "free" referrals a month by subscribing to the 10 referrals a month plan (where 10 unreferred members can be placed into your downline)

- Can be a fast earner site depending on how you use it as well as how many active referrals you have in your downline.

(more will be added over time)

The bad

- Can be time consuming

- Almost a clone of Donkeymails. Definitely one of those sites that seems to borrow from similar paid to click sites.

- They are picky about where you advertise the ptp link

(more will be added over time) 


Site Features and benefits:

- Paid to Click ads

- Paid to Read ads

- Paid to sign up offers

- Variable minimum cashout thresholds. Liberty Reserve Members and Ok Pay members can cash out as soon as they have earned at least $.01. while Paypal members can cash out as soon as their account hits $1.00 and Payza Members can cash out at $1.06.  They usually payout within 30 days of the request, so you might consider letting your earnings accumulate before cashing out. 

- Earn at least $.001 per click (sometimes more) on ptc ads, earnings varies by email ads.

- Paid to Sign up offers are worth up to $.72

- Paid to promote links

- Traffic exchange feature

- 6 level downline system (even for free members)

- Multiple advertising packages for advertisers.

plenty of other features.

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General review of No Minimum

Although being almost identical to Donkeymails, No minimum is also a huge paid to click site that you probably don't want to miss.  On the positive note, they offer a ton of ads to view (usually worth at least $.001 per click, sometimes more), paid to read ads (which accumulate each day saving you from having to view them all every time), a 6 level downline system, as well as plenty other features and resources to use.  Obviously, being a big ptc site, doing your rounds on No Minimum will likely be time consuming and as with Donkeymails, the paid to click ads seem to be almost endless (so you could be clicking each of the ads for a while).  Luckily, the timer does not pause when opening up other tabs or windows, and so you can use other sites in addition to no minimum at the same time.  It is also worth mention that No Minimum has a feature that lets you buy referrals (where you can get at least 10 new unreferred members in your downline for as low as $7.95 per month) and can be a useful way to get new referrals in your downline.  Obviously for best results, you will still need to advertise your referral link for No Minimum, but if you buy referrals, they can give you a quick boost (at least assuming that at least most of them are active), plus if any of them happen to be the "heavy hitter" type, they can really help you out big time too.  Also, like Donkeymails, No minimum too has a ptp (paying at $.30 per 1000 unique hits) link you can advertise on other sites and get paid doing so (by the way, Donkeymails can be a good site to start on if you are looking for a good place to advertise your ptp link, so I recommend setting up an account there too and advertise your ptp link on their traffic exchange).  No minimum also has a traffic exchange feature as well, but it is a bit smaller than that at Donkeymails but can still be a useful resource to have.  In my opinion, No minimum is a fast growing paid to click site that seems to have lots of promise and though it can be time consuming to use and is almost a clone of Donkeymails, this is definitely a site you do not want to pass up. 

Want to check out No Minimum?  Click here to visit the site.  Sign up is free by the way, so what do you have to lose? 

Tips for getting the most out of No Minimum:

1. Be sure to view ads regularly (at least 1 round of clicks per day would be ideal).  If you don't view ads, you don't get paid. 

2. Although paid to read ads are the primary way to earn, there are also regular paid to click ads that you can view as well.

3. Be sure to build up your referral base.  One good way to start would be to advertise your referral link at other paid to click sites.

4. Consider using the traffic exchange feature on other ptc sites (like Donkey Mails, Clicksia, Incentria, and Cashnhits) to advertise your ptp link).  Each time you get unique hits, you get paid, and you can get at least 1000 hits or more per day, then you would be making and extra $.30 per day just for advertising your No Minimum paid to promote link (by the way, if you have Donkeymails or Cashnhits, you can promote those ptp links as well for up to 3x the earnings potential).