Are you curious about the latest new paid to Click sites on the internet?  Check out some of the latest new ones here

Here is a list of New Paid to Click sites and official banner ads for each of them.  For general information and disclaimers about new sites, scroll down towards the bottom of the page.

New Sites for 2015:

My6CLix - new site.  

They did offer free membership upgrades (good for a month and usually credited within 2 days) to new members, but that was before the 15000 members count was reached (exceeded yesterday).  

Site 2 - 3D Clix

One unique thing about this site that it does not offer rental referrals, so getting direct referrals will be a must here.  Note: be careful not to click the bot trap link (mixed in with the fixed ads) as it will subtract $.25 from your balance.

Site 3- Clix 2015

Site 4 and 5 - Buxbery and Bearbux (similar sites).  Interestingly, Buxbery has more $.01 and $.005 per click ads than normal.  Also, it appears Buxbery uses Perfect money instead of Paypal.

Cashoclick - basically a "no thrills" paid to click site that offers a 5 level downline system (free to all members).  Unique to this site is that they do not seem to offer upgradable memberships like many other sites do.  My only complaint is that this site does seem to have random redirects sometimes.  Also, timer does pause if you change tabs or windows after an ad loads.

CashOClick, earn money by visiting websites

Information about new paid to click sites (and similar sites)

On this page, I will offer you information about some noteworthy new paid to click sites, paid to read and get paid to sites I come across on the web.  Fresh new paid to click sites all have their unique pros and cons.  It is generally easier to get direct referrals at newer sites (considering that they have had less exposure than older ones such as Neobux and Clixsense) and do offer additional streams of income in the paid to click industry.  Here are some of the overall benefits and risks of newer sites:

Benefits of new paid to click sites:

- new sites to join

- can mean additional streams of income

- easier to get referrals at than older ones

- Some offer cheap rental referrals that can be surprisingly responsive (especially sites like Buxbery and Buxvertise), which can make it easier to start building your referral base while waiting for direct referrals.  Some referrals are going to be better quality than others at these sites, but it is worth pointing out. 

- Every ptc site comes with their own unique styles, design, click rates, and features.  

- Often times these sites can be somewhat generous in their clixrates.  For example, at Buxbery and Clix2015, a good number of ads are worth $.01 or $.005 per click (with a few worth $.001 or $.0005 per click on average).  Some sites will be faster earners than others as a result.

- Multiple membership levels available.  I recommend starting out as a free member and using earnings to upgrade your membership levels (saves you from having to pay out of pocket).

- Many do share similar designs to each other.  Some companies do own multiple paid to click sites which can mean double the earnings potiential.  For example, Clicksia and Incentria were owned by the same people (at least before going offline last year).  

- It also appears some do offer free upgraded memberships to the first 10,000 or so members that join (usually only temporary though).

Risks and drawbacks of new paid to click sites

- Newer sites do have a tendency to turn scam after a while.  This is an ongoing risk people take when joining newer sites.  Some sites are built to last indefinitely, while others can turn unstable or even go out of business after a while.  It is pretty much impossible to tell whether a new site will last or not, and only time will tell for sure.  Forums like Earn Money Space and Talkptc can be very useful when it comes to scouting out newer sites as people do talk about known issues people come across on those sites.  By the way, this is not to say that every new paid to click site will turn scam (some are legitimate), but you never know with newer ones and so I do recommend using caution when investing at these ones (such as buying upgrades, rental referrals, etc).   

- Some sites can be buggy.  For example, at Buxbery, Bearbux, and My6Clix, while fixed ads work perfectly, extended and standard ads tend to have bugs.

- Clone sites.  Some paid to click sites are obviously clones of other ones (for example: Probux and Neobux looked almost identical though probux ended up going out of business).  Sometimes clone sites are have been known to turn scam after a while (a classic example of this was Valuebux, which was pretty much a clone of Talebux and both sites ended up going out of business).  Bearbux, Buxberry, Action bux, My6Clix, Twickers, and Scarlet Clicks, for example look very similar to each other.

- Watch out for new sites that are owned by past scammers.  Sometimes when one site turns scam, another site pops up in its place and those can turn scam too.  I've seen it happen before too, such as Valuebux and Talebux (Valuebux came to being around the time Talebux turned scam and Valuebux was only around for a short while before going offline).  Apparently Probux was owned by the same person that owned Onbux (which was a similar site that eventually went offline) and while Probux was very stable for a long time, eventually it turned scam too (went offline back in November).  With those being said, here is a list of noteworthy new sites.  Feel free to check them out and/or join them if you want.  I will try to keep you updated (via my blog) if I notice updates or changes.