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Overview of the Neobux Strategy Guide and Referrals system

when I first started using the guide I was just a learner when it comes to renting referrals.  Now, I think it is time I offer a more detailed and unbiased review about it.  In case if you are not familiar with neobux, it is a very well known paid to click site on the net and is perhaps the most stable of its kind (especially considering similar sites such as Probux, Onbux, and similar clones have become unstable and even turned scam over the years).  Neobux so far has stood the test of time.  The primary way to earn with paid to click sites in general, is to click all of the available ads each day (by the way, they do offer toolbar app that you can download that alerts you whenever new ads are available).  In addition to clicking ads, you can also by earning Neocoins on the neobux wall, doing Minijob (crowdflower tasks) as well as referring new members and earning from their activities as well as comissions whenever they buy ads, upgrade or do neocoins, minijob or neopoints tasks.  

Of course like any paid click site, the best way to greatly increase your earnings significantly is to refer active new members and preferably lots of them (100 active referrals would be a start, though at least 1000 more is ideal).  Unless if you are good with affiliate programs, getting an army of referrals can be easier said than done for some people and even if you do get referrals, there is no guarantee they will be active.  One strategy the Neobux strategy guide offers is to take advantage of the rental referrals they offer.  In this page, I will share with you my experiences when it comes to rental referrals.  

The good and bad about the Neobux Rental referrals strategy:

The good:

- $.20 referrals: You will find that rental referrals sell for rather cheap at Neobux.  Note that in order to start getting referrals, you will need to have clicked at least 100 advertisments (Neobux is unique in that they require all new members to click at least 100 ads before they can start renting new members).  By the way, if you do not want to pay for them out of pocket, you can let your earnings accumulate till at least $1 or more (I might recommend at least $2 or more before renting) and use some of your earnings to rent and maintain referrals

- The more active referrals the better.  The idea with rental referrals is that ideally most if not all should be clicking almost every day and the more active referrals you have, the higher your earnings should be.  For example, if you had 10 active referrals in your network both you and them are clicking every day, not only would you earn money from your clicks, but you would also earn money from their clicks as well.  

Here is an illustration.  Let's assume you at least click the gold fixed ads (they are required to count towards rental referral earnings) almost every day and your referrals are clicking at least 4 ads per day.  As a free member, referral clicks are worth up to $.005 per click ($.01 per click as a "gold" member).  

Gold ads are worth $.001 per click and rented referral clicks on those 4 ads are generally worth $.005 per click ($.01 per click as a gold member).  

You click 4 ads per day (though I recommed clicking all of the available ads for maximum earnings per day):

Your earnings: at least $.004 per day (more if you clicked all of the other available ads).

Now let's look at the earnings potiential from referral clicks (assuming they all do their rounds):

10 referrals x $.005 x 4 ads per day = you earn $.20 per day in referral clicks.

100 referrals x $.005 x 4 ads per day = $2 per day (not bad).  

300 referrals (maximum allowed for free members) x $.005 x 4 ads per day: $6 per day (equates to $180 per month assuming everyone clicks for 30 days).  As a gold member, that figure doubles.  The actual number will vary based on how active everyone is and how many ads they actually click (by the way, if you compare membership levels, you will find some ads are worth more than others.

3. Rental referrals can supplement direct referrals if used properly.  They can definitely go hand and hand with direct referrals.

4. Inactive referrals are recyclable.  If you don't want to pay to recycle for inactive referrals, they can be replaced for free after 14 days of inactivity.  I usually give my referrals a week to click and then recycle them if they go for more than a week without clicking (why keep them if you are paying for them and they are doing nothing)?

5. Rental referrals can be worth more as a paid member. Gold members earn up to $.01 per referral click ($.02 on extended exposure ads).  And if you had at least 300 active referrals clicking every day, that would equate to up to $12 per day.   

6. Rental referrals work best if you are clicking every day.  At Neobux, they do have a policy that requires members to click daily in order to earn from referral clicks.  If you take a day off but your referrals do  their rounds, they get paid but you earn nothing from their clicks.  

Drawbacks about renting referrals at Neobux:

1. Mixed bag of rental referrals (some referrals turn inactive after a while).  In the ideal world, every referral you click is going to be active.  However, in my experience not every referral is going to be active.  Sadly some people join Neobux (or similar paid to click sites for that matter) as if they are interested in earning money there, but for some reason, they never click or they are active at first but stop clicking indefinitely for some reason (maybe they get bored or don't really know how paid to click sites work).  Sure some people are probably going to have better luck than others when it comes to renting referrals. and you might get alot of good quality referrals or you might get lousy referrals via rental referrals. By the way, some people think the rental referrals are actualy bots, though I can't verify the claims one way or another (even real referrals can be inactive sometimes).

2. It does cost money to maintain referrals.  Recycling and renewing referrals is not free and can get expensie as your rental referral base grows.  The average referral is only good for 30 days, after which you do have to pay to renew them.  The Neobux Strategy guide does call for using "autopay" where $.01 from referral clicks go towards renewing them, though even then you do have to renew most of them eventually and that does cost money.  For this reason, I might recommend letting your earnings accumulat significantly (say to at least $2 or more before renting referrals) and start with small batches (say 3 or 5) before moving onto bigger ones.  It may take longer for your referral base to build, but at least they would be more manageable when it comes time to renewing them.

3. Bear in mind, the process to maxing out referrals does take time, money and patience.  It will likely take months or even years before rental referrals are maxed out and earnings reach their maximum potiential.  Sure if one had deep pockets, they can rent huge quantities of referrals and even get the gold membership upgrade right off the bat, but for average members building their business from bottom up, it does take time, money and effort.

4. Time commitment.  For best results when it comes to rental referrals I recommend clicking almost every day (every day is ideal in my opinion).  I know that we can all be busy sometimes and it might not be possible to click every day but of you are not clicking regularly, you will not earn from referral clicks and renting referrals might not be the best strategy for you.  Consequently, pressure is on to click almost every day for people serious about rental referrals.  Also, I find that it is best to click ads sometime between when the ads reset and 0:00 server time (midnight sever time) otherwise they might not count towards referral clicks for the next day (they would probably be credited the following day).  The best times to click will vary for each user, but where I live, the best times to click are 3:30 pm pst and 9:00 pm pst, otherwise I might not earn from referral clicks till the following day.  Note that it is required to click at least 4 ads and only the orange fixed ads and extended (ones worth $.01 or more) ads count towards those 4 required clicks.  Neobux is unique that way as not every paid to click site requires members to click within a certain window of time to earn from referral clicks, but it is best to click ads within the server time frame for each day for best results.      

5. Direct referrals are ideal.  If you can get active direct referrals, you might not need rental referrals.  At least with direct referrals, you do not have to worry about paying to maintain them.  One good way to get direct referrals I find is to advertise on other paid to click sites (the Clixgrid on Clixsense might be a good start for advertising Neobux or similar paid to click sites as ads there often do tend to yield referrals, active or not).

(more will be added over time)

Tips and Warnings about rental referrals at Neobux:

- Not every referral is going to be active.  In the ideal world, every rental referral would be clicking almost every day (if it were that easy, everyone would get rich with Neobux and similar sites), but we do not live in an ideal world and some referrals will turn inactive over time.  By the way, they can be recycled if they go inactive for too long.  Consequently, there is some risk to renting referrals as you never know where the referrals come from or how active they will be.  I wish every referral is going to click almost every day, but I can't force them to, as it is up to them to do their rounds.

- If you want to do rounds at more than one paid to click site at a time, I might recommend Internet Explorer over Google Chrome.  I find that the ad timer tends to pause when changing tabs with chrome.  However, in Explorer, the ad timer does not freeze when changing tabs, enabling the user to browse multiple paid to click sites at a time.

- If you are stuggling to fund rental referrals or want to help boost earnings significantly while waiting for referrals, you might consider checking out the Coins or Mini Jobs offer walls.  Like many paid to click sites, Neobux does offer GPT offer walls with extra ways to earn, such as signing up for newsletters, watching videos, doing free trial offers, taking advantage of cashback offers, as well as crowdflower tasks.  There are plenty of tasks and offers to choose from too.  I recommend taking advantage of the ones that interest you.  If you don't have extra money to spend, you can also take advantage of free offers, such as watching videos or filling out surveys.  Money earned from those can really help boost your earnings when used properly (though they do require extra time and sometimes money too to use).  

- Ad prize feature: the Ad Prize is Neobux's equivalent of the Clixgrid game.  Each time you view and ad, you get 3 adprize entries, and at any time, you can click the ad prize link to view a random ad adn a chance to win prizes.  Some possible outcomes includes: free points (points can be used towards maintaining referrals, buying advertising or even saved up towards getting a free gold membership upgrade at 30000 points), extra cash can be anywhere between $.10 and $50 (though $50 prizes are rare in my opinion). or sometimes even free membership upgrades (also rare in my opinion).  Most of the time you will not win anything, but you never know and the more chances you get, the more likely you might win something.

- Inactivity policy. Neobux does have an inactiity policy.  If you fail to log in to Neobux for more than 30 days, your account can get suspended and if goes inactive for more than 60 days, that account can get deleted.  Also, for new referrals: you have to log in at least once within 72 hours (within 3 days) to activate your account, otherwise it too can get suspended.  So you do need to log in at least once within 30 days in order to keep your account alive at Neobux.  I can't help you if your account gets suspended or deleted.

- Also, be sure to read the site's Terms of Use and policies and follow them.  Failure to do so might place your neobux account at risk of suspension or deletion.

- You do need to have a valid Paypal or Payza account to get paid when you hit the minimum payout threshold (which starts at $2 and goes up $1 each time and levels out at $10).  That being said, I might suggest letting your earnings accumulate significantly before requesting payout.

- Neobux is not the only paid to click site that offers rental referrals and I find that some paid to click sites offer better quality referrals than others (for example my favorites so far are Scarlet Clicks and Buxberry a they seem to be the most responsive for me), so if you find the rental referral strategy working for you, then you might consider renting at mroe than one site.  

Important disclaimers about Neobux and Neobux Strategy guide:

- How you use the guide or Neobux is up to you.  Have no control over what you do with it.

- I can't make any guarantees about earnings.  Naturally some people will make more than others with Neobux and paid to click sites like Neobux might not necessarily be for everyone.

- I can't make any guarantees about referrals.  It is impossible for me to predict whether your referrals are going to be good quality or not (in my experience, they tend to be mixed with some referrals being good quality while others are not so much).

- If you want to get paid at Neobux, you do need to request payout and Neobux should pay you you the difference within a few days (usually instantly).  For refback offers, you will need to visit my page.

- Be sure to follow the TOS at Neobux.  I am not responsible for suspended accounts or deleted accounts for failure to follow them (same goes for being inactive for more than 30 days or 72 hours if you are a new member).

- Bear in mind that renting referrals does cost money, so expect to invest some of your money if you plan to use rental referrals (namely for renting, recycling and maintaining referrals).  Consequently, there is some risk involved when it coes to renting referrals at Neobux (the same can be said for other paid to click sites too).  Obviously, whether you get rental or direct referrals is up to you.  

- I recommend being mindful when choosing offers to complete on the Coins or Points offer wall.  Most offers are legitimate, but sometimes shady advertisers can post offers on the walls too.  For example, I recommend using caution if you plan to download stuff as sometimes they can contain spyware or malware.  Also, be sure to read the terms when doing free trial offers or filling out optin forms online (for example free trials usually convert to paid memberships if you don't cancel in time).  Also, responding to lead capture forms (such as signing up for newsletters or requesting more information about something) can open you up to solicitors, spammers or even telemarketers too.  Only do offers that interest you for that reason.

Information about the Neobux Referrals system (note that they have guides for other sites as well)

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