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Overview of Neobux

Neobux is one of the most popular bux ptc sites on the net.  It is a somewhat small paid to click site in comparison to many others, though they are slowly starting to catch on to some of the competitor sites (like Clixsense) as they too are starting to add extra ways to earn, such as watching videos and completing offers.  Other than that, Neobux is pretty basic.  Sign up is free and there are usually a variable number of ads that you can click on each day and are usually worth $.001 per click),  along with several fixed ads you are supposed to click on each day for referral credit.  Like other ptc sites, you can refer people and earn money from their clicks and activities, though Neobux is unique in that you only earn money from your referrals' clicks on days you are active as well.  For example, lets say you have one referral: Sue and you are both usually active (doing your rounds almost every day).  Now let's say you decide to take Saturdays off, but Sue does her rounds on Saturdays.  Sue gets paid, but you don't.  Also,  like Clixsense, the timer does seem to pause if you open up another tab or window while viewing ads.  

Site Features and Benefits

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Free members

- Plenty of ads to click on (usually not too many) each day

- Earnings per click: ads range from $.001 per click and $.015 on average.  The orange fixed ads are usually worth $.001 per click

- Rental referral click rates: $0.0050 per click (fixed ads and standard exposure), $.01 per click for extended ads

- Direct referral click rates: $.0005 per fixed ads and $.005 on all other ads

Referral limits:

- Direct: 651

- rental: 300

- Min. Cashout: $5 (pays instantly to Paypal or Payza)

- Adprize links: Neobux's response to the Clixgrid game on Clixsense game.  Each ad you view earns you 3 chances on ad prize and each time you click on the ad prize link, you view ads for a chance to win prizes, including points, cash (sometimes up to $50 or more) and rarely, free gold memberships

- Neopoints and coins offer walls.  Points can be used to extend rental referrals and 30,000 points can be used to buy a gold membership (can be an alternative to paying the $90).  Coins can be converted into cash at 5000 coin intervals

Benefits for upgrading (at $90 per year)

- More ads to click on

- Earnings per click goes up to $.01 for most ads ($.02 for extended ads)

- Rental referral earnings per click goes up to $.01 per click ($.02 on extended ads)

- Direct referral earnings go up to $.005 per click on fixed ads and $.001 on other ads

- Referral limits go up (not sure by how much though since I haven't upgraded yet)

- They also offer several more higher level memberships with extra benefits with the highest level being Ultimate, but they cost more and are not available to free members.

- Gold membership can be useful one your referral base gets high enough (over 300) and your are earning enough from them as a free member.

Notes about upgrading:

- the $90 fee is steep in my opinion, so upgrade with care.  I might recommend saving up your earnings as a free member and using your account balance to pay for the upgrade over paying it out of pocket

- You have to rent referrals at least twice to be eligible to upgrade to gold

Other notes and policies about neobux (for the full TOS, visit

- Inactivity policy: you must login to your account at least once within 30 days, otherwise your account will be temporarily suspended.  After 60 days, your account is permanently suspended (basically you would have to set up a new account at that point if you decide to return to Neobux).  For new members: You must do at least one round of clicks within 72 hours (3 days) after joining otherwise your account be suspended permenantly

- Referral clicks: like many similar paid to click sites, in order to earn from referral clicks, you have to be clicking at least 4 ads each day.  Unique to Neobux: only certain ads count towards the 4 ads requirement: the orange fixed ads that appear once per day and there are usually 4 ads to click on (they reset every 24 hours) and extended exposure ads (the ones worth $.005 or more).  Others do not count.  Also, there seems to be a time limit each day to click on the required 4 ads to ensure you get credit for the referral clicks, usually between when the ads reset and when the server time resets (midnight server time).   Can be challenging to do for people with busy schedules

- Must click on at least 100 ads to be able to promote neobux.  This site is unique in that you have to view at least 100 ads before you can start advertising your referral links.  This is probably there to weed out the inactive members (ones that almost never click) from the active ones.  Shouldn't take too long to hit that number if you are clicking ads almost every day.

(more will be added over time)

Pros and Cons about Neobux

The good:

+ Nice and simple ptc site

+ The number of ads that are available are generally the same number each day (most of the time)

+ Short timers (usually 10 seconds or less)

+ More pressure for referrals to be active

+ The addition of paid videos, cash offers, etc are nice additions and helps speed up the process of earning with Neobux even without referrals.

+ You can rent referrals and they usually sell them for pretty cheap too (at $.20 per referral).  By the way, it is possible to profit from Neobux if you use the rental referral properly.  Refer to the Neobux Strategy guide for more info about this strategy. 

+ Neobux is great about filtering out ads that might have viruses or malware on it.  I have yet to encounter sites like those on Neobux.  This is nice too since you have to be doing your rounds at Neobux almost every day to profit from it.

+ More motivation to click every day, especially as your referral base grows (either direct or rental) as you are required to do your rounds each day (before the server time hits midnight) in order to get credited from referral clicks.  I know at some sites you can skip a few days and still earn from referral clicks, but at Neobux the pressure is on to be active almost every day if you want to profit from this system.

The bad:

- Low earnings rate (usually $.001 per click).  It will definitely  take a while to earn $1 or more (especially with little or no referrals).

- You have to view 100 or more ads before you can advertise neobux on other sites (I guess they do this to weed out inactive users).  Many ptc sites don't have this requirement.  I guess Neobux is trying to separate the wannabes from the serious clickers at Neobux this way.

- You have to be active in order to earn from referrals' clicks.  On days you are not active, you don't get paid neither from your clicks nor your referral'(s) click(s).  Also it does appear that there is a window of time to do your rounds each day in order to ensure you get credit from your referrals' clicks, usually anytime from when the ads reset and when the server time (not your time) reaches midnight.  For me, that time is usually anywhere between 4:00pm and 9:00 pm.  I don't know about you but it is not always possible to click at the same times each day.  I wish they could sync the server time to match the local time (the time where you live) this way you have more time to do your rounds each day and still get credit from referrals clicks.  This site will likely not be for everyone because of this (especially if you have a busy schedule or you have a family as it might not always be possible to do your rounds at the same times each day because of that). 

- Neobux is known to suspend accounts that is inactive for 30 days or more, so be careful about going inactive for too long.

- There is a 30 day waiting period before you are credited when doing Neopoint and Neocoin offers. 

- Since Neobux has been around for a while, getting direct referrals will be difficult.  I recommend starting with rental referrals before getting direct referrals (btw, you can save up your ptc earnings and use some of it to rent referrals as they come available).

- There is a cap on then number of referrals that you can have (varies by membership levels).

Detailed review about Neobux

Personally I like neobux and it is definitely geared towards the most dedicated clickers.  There are usually up to 15 ads available to click on per day (though sometimes more ads appear), including 4 fixed ads available to click on each day.  As a free member, most ads are only worth $.001 per click, though some are worth up to $.015 per click (though those ones are rare).  By the way, if you are the type that struggles to get direct referrals when it comes to paid to click sites (and similar income opportunities for on the web for that matter), you will find that rental referrals are actually affordable, selling at $.20 per referral and sells in packs of 3, 10, and up to 100 at a time, and you can opt to have the system automatically renew them before they would normally expire (theoretically they can pay for themselves as long as both you and them are active).


Things I like about Neobux:

Neobux has been around for a long time and is reputable.  While most ads are only worth $.001 per click on average, there are usually a good number of ads to click on each day and earnings do add up after a while.  If you are looking for a good ptc site to start with, I definitely recommend Neobux as it is pretty straight forward to use and since you can rent referrals at low costs, you can actually profit from Neobux without referring anyone directly (as long as you are able rent referrals and maintain the ones you have) though the pressure will be on to be clicking almost every day to really benefit from them.  Like many ptc sites that have been around for a while, Neobux does offer additional ways to earn in addition to viewing ads, through their Neopoints offers, Neocoins offers, and Mini Jobs offers.  Neopoints can be used towards purchases (saves you from having to pay out of pocket) and you earn them both by viewing ads as well as doing special offers that offer Neopoints.  Neocoins pay out whenever you watch videos, complete offers (such as shopping at partner sites), signing up for mailing lists, doing surveys, or do similar special tasks (much like a GPT site) and as your Neocoins accumulate, you can convert them into real cash at $5 per every 5000 neocoins you earn.  Mini Jobs is much like that tasks you can do on Clixsense (which also uses Crowd Flower's technology) where you earn extra money doing miscellaneous tasks, such as reviewing websites, looking up search terms on Google or bing and answering questions, etc). These can help you earn faster, though they can be time consuming (which can be a challenge if you have multiple ptc sites you are a part of like I am), and not every task or offer are free either (especially ones that require you to sign up for a free trial and keep it past when the trial expires or buy something at partner sites).  The minimum payout threshold is relatively low, starting at $1 and pays out instantly, though it goes up a few dollars each time you cashout (though it flattens out once you reach $10), though you can also reinvest your earnings towards renting referrals or advertise sites you want to promote too.

Things I don't like about Neobux:

Obviously, while Neobux is a legitimite site and the business is fairly easy to grow, it is not for everyone.  Obviously to get the most out of Neobux, you will have to be viewing ads almost every single day (every day is ideal).  This is moreso the case once you start getting referrals as the pressure will be on for you to stay active in order to ensure that you earn from your referrals' clicks and activities each day.  Neobux has a unique policy that requires you to click each day in order to earn from referral clicks.  Obviously whenever you take a day off but your referrals click, they get paid, but you don't.  I know we can all be busy at times and it might not always be possible to do your rounds each day (myself included, especially when working 3 part time jobs in addition to doing paid to click sites) but if you can't get on regulary, Neobux might not be for you.  By the way, the server time is usually different from local time (your time zone), though you are still expected to click before server time hits midnight in order to get paid from referrals' clicks and I know it can be tricky to view ads at the same times each day (for me I usually have till 9pm to do my rounds in order to ensure that I earn from referral clicks which is not always possible to do every day).  This will likely be a burden for some of you, though there are way to deal with it (for example if you have a laptop computer, you could watch tv or something while also view ads at the same time). This fact will definitely weed out the amateurs while rewarding the truly dedicated clickers (I recommend setting aside regular times each day to do your rounds for best results), though the ads usually go by pretty fast, within 10-15 minutes a day.

Also, while you can profit from rental referrals bear in mind that they do cost money to rent and maintain and that not every referral will likely be active (many are, but not all of them in my experience), though theoretically the more active referrals you have the more you should earn each month.  Neocoins is a nice addition though it usually takes about a month for them to credit so you do have to be patient (though I suppose if you do Neocoins offers every day they should add up over time).  It is also worth mentioning that Neobux does suspend accounts that go for too long without activity (usually within 30 days), so you will have to log in at least once every 30 days to ensure your account doesn't get suspended. 

Final thoughts about Neobux

Neobux is a remarkable site and definitely rewards members who are active and are dedicated to building their business with Neobux.  Obviously this site might not be for everyone I don't recommend Neobux if you are too busy or can't get online almost every day, but if you do have time and are willing to put in the time and effort on a daily basis can be a good site to have.  Neobux will also likely be a slow earner site (especially early on while you are building your referral base), but as your referrals grow and your activity grows it is possible to earn a good amount of money each day (some people are able to earn up to $80/day at neobux once they max out their referral base). 

 To upgrade or not upgrade:

I recommend holding off upgrading until you have hit the referral limits as a free member and accumulate at least $90 or more in earnings.  At that point, you can upgrade and reap the benefits of being an upgraded member (such as earning more from clicks and referral clicks as well as having higher referral limits with more income potential).


Further reading:

Neobux Strategy guide.  Need help getting started with Neobux?  This is a free strategy guide that you can get a copy of (comes with rebranding rights of course by joining their site) and they tell you everything you need to know from renting referrals to getting direct referrals.  If the guide is followed correctly, it is possible to earn up to $40 per day (it will likely take time for the earnings to build, but it can be worth it).    

Similar Sites:

Probux, Scarlet Clicks, and Twickerz

Disclosure policy: this review is based on my own opinion and experiences with Neobux.  Earnings is based on various factors, including how many ads you click on each day, how often you view ads (whether it is every day, once a week, etc), how many active referrals you have, along with other factores.  You probably won't get rich with Neobux (so don't quit your day job just yet) and naturally some people will likely earn more than others with Neobux.  As an affiliate at Neobux, I might get paid if you join Neobux using my referral link and view ads or buy something there (like advertising, rental referrals or upgrades).  Also, you are welcome to agree or disagree with me.  If you have a different opinion about Neobux or if there is something I did not cover that you want discussed, feel free to leave a comment below and make your voice heard.   


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