Why advertise one paid to click site separately when you can advertise a bunch of them under one link - check out my PTC Downline Builder

I don't know what paid to click sites you are a member and affiliate at, but let's face it: we all need active referrals and preferably lots of them.  The more active referrals you have, the higher your paid to click earnings will be.  That being said, considering that many of us have multiple paid to click sites to promote, why promote them separately when you can advertise them all on one link.  I found a new paid to click downline builder worth sharing: My PTC Downline builder - a free to join marketing system geared exclusively for paid to click affiliates.

Site Features and benefits:

- Free to join marketing system

- Sites promoted through My PTC Downline builder includes:

  • Legacy Clix
  • Clixsense
  • PPC Ad Source
  • Clicky Clix
  • Lexiads
  • Exclusive to my network: Scarlet Clicks and Buxvertise
  • You can also add 2 additional paid to click sites of your choice (as a free member).  Premium members can offer up to 20 additional sites
  • Other features includes: recommended sites to advertise on, rotators, spotlight ads, personalized splash pages, emails you can send to your subscribers and even training videos to help you to get started
  • Up to 7 streams of ptc income for free members, plus up to 27 streams of ptc income for premium members.
  • Minimum payout threshold: $10 (payable via Paypal)

My PTC Downline Builder Training Videos

Getting started tips at My PTC Business Builder

1. You can join My PTC Business Builder under me at ´╗┐http://myptcdownlinebuilder.com/splash/personal/splash2.php?rid=969

2.  Join sites and enter your referral ids

3. Promote

Cons and Risks:

(to be added later)

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