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Let's face it, if you really want to profit from paid to click sites (getting to the point your are earning $100's or more day), you will need an army of active referrals in your business (say at least 100 active referrals minimum to make a decent ammount of money each day).  Of course, to get referrals, you need tons of traffic as well as people to talk to (or leads).  Perhaps the same could be said for almost any other type of business model you are in online.  Without people to talk to (let alone traffic to your sites), you have no chance of building your referral base.  There are 2 ways you can generate leads: creating a good lead capture page and generate leads yourself or you can turn to a "leads broker" and buy leads that you can market your business to.  My Lead Company aims to cater to internet marketers as well as people trying to build their downlines by selling biz opp leads and it is definitely a revolutionary system worth sharing.

What is My Lead Company?

My Lead Company is essentially a network marketing company that sells leads.  In this system, sign up is free, though it does cost money to purchase leads, and leads come in several packages, starting with 100 leads selling for $12.63 or up to 5000 leads selling at $214.94 (obviously first timers will want to start with the cheaper package).  You purchase the leads and it shows their email address and contact information (including address and phone number).  Obviously how you contact the leads is up to you.  Furthermore, MLC does have a built in Lead Capture and email marketing system that you can set up and use to broadcast messages to your leads.  So if you were promoting paid to click sites, you can send leads emails and other information about your business.  Alternatively, if you don't mind doing some telemarketing, you can also call your leads.  

Benefits of My Lead Company:

+ You can get leads in bulk at affordable prices

+ Note that uplines can give you 100 free leads after joining.  Not every upline offers free leads (of course), but if you send them an email they might be willing to buy and send you leads (note it cost money to buy leads, so not every upline will be doing the free leads program).

+ If you are willing to invest extra money to set up the lead capture system, you can import the leads into the system and start marketing to them right away.  Note that you will probably have to warm up the leads.  It does cost money to set up the system (about $100 for a year), it does make it easier to start marketing to the leads right way.  By the way, if you have another autoresponder service (such as Aweber or Traffic Wave), you will need to check the terms of service before trying to import the leads.

+ Can be useful if you are a people person and the assertive type.

+ Does come with a compensation plan and downline system (they pay you to promote their services).

Drawbacks of MLC: 

- Note that the system charges you each week to get more leads (which happens automatically unless if you cancel your subsciption).  Also you do get email solicitations from MLC Reps (like Tina) trying to get you to reactivate your subscriptions.  So you will want to have a plan on how often you want to get more leads.  Also, as your straightline grows, it does appear that you can lose your place in the straighline system if you go for too long without resubscribing.

- Bear in mind that that the leads do not know you.  They probably subscribed to someone's list (maybe from doing a survey offer or subscribing to a mailing list for various companies) and their contact information was probably sold to leads brokers like My Lead Company.  So, contacting the leads can be daunting and you will need to be the type that is comfortable about talking to people you do not know and you will need a strategy to warm up the leads before you can sell to them.  You could email the leads, but techinally that can be considered spam since the people don't know you, so you would need to email them in a way that it breaks the ice with them and look professional.  You can also call the leads, but you do have to be comfortable with talking to total strangers via phone and I know from experience, some people can be rude over the phone even if they are legitimate leads.  Also having a script would be helpful too.  You can also try mailing postcards to them as well.  How you contact the leads is up to you.  By the way, there are resources both online and offline where you can learn how to use purchased email lists.

- The fees associated with the system can seem steep (especially when setting up the MLC capture system and email system).  BTW, just think, at Traffic Wave for example, you can take advantage of the email marketing system they offer for mere $17 per month, though you do have to generate your own leads when using Traffic Wave.

- The straightline system is a bit over rated.  For maximum earnings with MLC, you will need to build up your direct downline base.  I wish you could earn more from the straightline system though as it would give marketers a base stream of income while building their business there.  

Tips on getting the most out of Lead Company:

- Before getting started with MLC, I recommend getting information on how to work with purchased leads.  Here is one site that talks about working with purchased leads:

- Be sure to come up with a strategy for contacting your leads.  If you are not comfortable with talking to people you do not know, then MLC is probably not for you.  You might consider starting by creating post cards that you can sent to your prospects marketing your business.  Could be the easiest way to connect with them and weed out people who are not interested in your business.  You can also email your leads, though you will need to warm them up otherwise they might think you are spamming them.  

- You will need to market your MLC sign up link if you want to build up your downline.  Whenever you get downline members, you earn commissions whenever they buy leads or purchase the Lead Capture system.  Note for more information about the compensation plan, visit

Want to try out MLC, you can get started today.  Click here to join (sign up is free by the way).

 Note that when you are ready to start buying leads, I recommend starting with the cheapest package they have.  This way you can get some experience working with some leads and as you get more confident you can opt for the bigger packages.

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