Detailed Review about My Browser Cash - an innovative paid to Click site that allows you to download an application on your computer that displays ads (that you get paid for) periodically as you browse the net. 

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I recently joined My Browser Cash myself about a week ago and it would be fair to give an honest review about the system.  On the surface, My Browser Cash functions as a traditional paid to click site (similar to Clixsense, Donkeymails, and NoMinimum).  They offer ads that you can click on and earn extra cash, surveys that you can fill out for money, special tasks people post (such as joining other paid to click sites and getting paid for signing up), as well as completing sign up offers.  In addition, My Browser Cash (or MBC) also offers an application that you can download on your computer.  Technically, it would be considered an an Adware program because after you install it, ads will appear periodically as you go about your business on the net (unless if you disable the software of course).  However, unlike traditional Adware programs, each time ads open up, you can view the ads for usually 5 seconds or so (depending on timer length) and you get paid each time.  The ads don't appear too often, but they will appear at random as you go about your business on the net.  By the way, no are not required to download the application to use My Browser Cash as you can also view ads frm their website as well, but it can be a little more convenient than other ptc sites.  

The good about By Browser Cash:

+ Multiple ways to earn (like Clixsense, Inbox Dollars, and Donkeymails), not only does MBC offer traditional paid to click ads, they also offer plenty of surveys you can fill out, cash offers to complete, paid to sign up offers (such as Cashnhits), referrals, etc

+ Although the application can seem like adware, it does not seem to slow down your browser or computer like some might.  By the way, you do have some control on how often you see ads (via a special settings menu they have)

+ Can be a fast earner site depending on what you do (apparently you can make up to $10 or more per day from My Browser Cash alone, though I haven't confirmed it yet).

+ Can be useful if you like to surf the web, check email, do Facebook, etc as ads will pop up periodically and you earn money each time.

+ You are not required to download the My Browser Cash application to use it, but it can be useful to have if you want to get the most out of this system.


The bad:

- When registering for My Browser Cash, the confirmation email can bounce if you use Hotmail or Yahoo (and you can't activate your account without confirming your email).  By the way, Gmail seems to be less restricive on "junk mail" and emails from MBC and similar sites are far less likely to bounce.

- Ads can pop up at awkward moments if you have the application

- Might not go too well for shared computers (for example, if you are at work an want to download the My Browser Cash application, you might want to check the company policies before doing so, same goes for school and library computers).

- There do seeem to be mixed reviews about My Browser Cash on the web as some people like it while other think has some scam like elements (currently I am assuming MBC is a legitmate site, but if I find out otherwise, I will let you know).

 (more pros and cons will be added as I get more familiarized with MBC as I am relatively new to this system myself). 


General review about My Browser Cash:

Although I am relatively new to My Browser Cash, I do have to admit that the system is rather impressive in many ways.  Obviously you probably won't get rich overnight with MBC and is probably best suited for people who like to browse the web or are generally active online.  For example, if you are an affiliate marketer (like I am), My Browser Cash can be nice to have as you can earn money viewing random ads that pop up while you are building your site/blog and working on building your traffic levels and ulimately affiliate commistions.  I know that if I had know about MBC when I started in the affiliate marketing business, I would have done MBC a long time ago.  Also, it is also worth mentioning that you can also visit My Browser Cash's website and get paid there as well simply by viewing ads along with doing survey offers, ptsu offers, completing various tasks (like downloading games), as well as using the referral link they give you to generate active referrals that likewise do their rounds at My Broser Cash.

Of course, My Browser Cash is not for everyone.  Obviously, if you tend to be offline most of the time or simply don't like adware or viewing ads online, My Browser Cash is probably not for you (you might be better off with traditional ptc sites like Clicksia instead).  Also, it is hard to predict when ads are going to pop up as they do seem to appear at random, and so it is possible for ads to show up at awkard times (such as when you are chatting with someone on Facebook, watching youtube videos, or using the net for work). Also, if you are using a public or shared computer, I recommend that you get permission before downloading the my browser cash applcation as it is technically adware and I am sure you will not want to have ads popping up for example, when your boss walks into your office (unless of course you are working from home like I am, in which case you can be my guest).  Also, there do seem to be mixed reviews of my browser cash as some people have posted positive reviews about my browser cash, while others have claimed that the site is scammy. However, the site seems legit so far, but I will let you know if I notice anything fishy about the site as I haven't noticed anything fishy yet).

 Want to try out My Browser Cash?  You can visit the site here (will redirect you to My Browser Cash)