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1. Ira Riklis and Important Charities - do you feel like giving some of your earnings?  Check out this site.  Talks about donating to charities.  Sometimes it does feel good to be generous and give to people less fortunate than you.  I know here in America, it is so easy to take life for granted and I've never been to a 3rd world country myself (like some of the countries in Africa for example), though even our country is full of poor people too (just go to big cities like Seattle, especially in the Capitol Hill district or even the University District and you will find homeless people almost everywhere you go).  Plenty of articles and other resources on this topic.

2. Bux Enz -

BuxEnz is about reviews on Paid to Read, Paid to Click, Paid to Sign Up and other money making websites´╗┐

2. PTC Investigation - another ptc reviews website

3. PTC Listing - Bestptclisting is a list of some legit online money making programs. All reviews are updated weekly and only paying sites find its place here.  (shared by C1icker)

4. Buxrr - Buxrr is a great way to make money and advertise online! (relatively new paid to click site).  Shared by Buxrr Admin