Ryan's Review of Lexiads (work in progress)

Here is the home page for Lexiads

Click here to visit the site.  Sign up is FREE you know


Features and Benefits at Lexiads

- All new members start off with a 7 day Lexi Gold Free trial membership (reverts back to free membership after those 7 days are up

- Earnings per click: rates range as low as $.0005 per click and $.01 per click (some ads are worth more than others)

- Referral click rates: 50% of click value (fixed ads are worth 5% of click value)

- Max Direct and rental referrals: 200 (as a free member)

- Minimum cashout threshold: $5

(more features and benefits coming soon)

Benefits for upgrading

- Free "rental" referrals (this is unique to lexiads as most paid to click sites do not offer "free" rental referrals).

(more coming soon).  In the mean time, you can compare membership levels at:


Advertiser benefits and features

(coming soon)

In the mean time you can visit their advertiser page at: http://www.lexiadz.com/index.php?view=advertise

Noteworthy TOS policies and notes:

(coming soon)

In the mean time, you can visit their website and click on the TOS tab for policies

General review of Lexiads:

(coming soon)

First impressions:


- The 7 day gold trial membership is pretty generous.  I recommend getting the most out of your membership during those 7 days (even rent referrals if you can).  The free trial period should give you a good boost when first joining the site

- Some ads are worth than others

- Like Buxvertise they do offer additional ways to earn

- This site is unique in that they offer free rental referrals (in addition to purchasable ones).  Most ptc sites don't have  this feature.

-  You can also buy referrals both at buy referrals page and at the referral exchange page (where members sell their referrals).  Note: they will likely be a mixed bag (some will be better quality referrals than others), so it might be better to generate referrals yourself if you can.


- New site (only been around for a little over a year).   Like other new sites, I advise caution when investing in this site as it can turn scam sooner or later.  BTW, according to Earn Money Space, some members are already complaining about the site (such as people getting their accounts suspended unfairly). 

- Haven't used this site long enough so I don't know too much about Lexiads.

- Does seem to be too good to be true (free referrals, 7 day free gold level memberships, referral exchanges, higher value ads).  Sometimes sites like this one can turn scam after a while (not to say that it will turn scam, but I am sure the possibility is always there), reminds me a bit of CTP Gem (a former ptc site that went into "maintanence mode" indefinitely and turned scam) in some way.  Only time will tell how long Lexiads lasts.  

- Free rental referrals are only good for paid members (free memberships don't allow free rental referrals), so you would have to upgrade if you want them (almost a bait and switch type of policy). 

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