Curious about Leafit?  Get the scoop on this hot business opportunity that lets you snap pictures with your phone and earn money from affiliates (work in progress)

I don't have an Iphone or Ipad (have a Windows phone instead) so I don't quite know how the app works, but I found a video on youtube showing how the app works, here it is:

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Overview of Leafit:

Do you like to take photos of things?  Photography has evolved quite a bit over the years.  I still remember the day when after taking pictures, you had to take the camera film to a store and get the film developed.  Of course, now days, with the rise of digital cameras, flip cameras and even smart phones, it has gotten alot easier to take pictures an share them  I have a Windows smart phone and it is very easy to take videos and/or pictures and share them on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or even save it to my Microsoft One Drive account.  Of course, with the rise of smart phones (especially the iphones) comes with an interesting new income opportunity that basically combines photography and affiliate marketing.  In case if you don't know, affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to earn money from home where promote other peoples' products and services (usually on a website or blog) and earn commissions whenever people buy those products and services under you.  By the way, did you know that both and Walmart have affiliate programs you can join?  At Amazon, for example, sign up is usually free and you can choose a huge variety of products to promote, and whenever you refer customers to Amazon that buy those products, you get a commission (usually about 4% commissions there, though it does seem to go up as your conversion rate builds).  By the way, some companies offer bigger commissions than others (for example, on Clickbank, some of the merchants you can work with can offer up to 50% or more in commissions, and commission rates vary by advertiser and products/services they are promoting).  Obviously, if you are good at marketing the products you are given to promote, you can make pretty good money (hence the huge income potiential many affiliate programs have).   Think of it this way, if you were selling laptop computers computers and each were selling at say $500 (not sure how much the average laptop is selling for) and the comission rate is 10%, each time you sell a computer, you get $50.  Sell 10 computers, and you earn $500. This figure goes on, but basically the more you sell, the higher your commissions will be.  

How Leafit works:

Pre-requisites and Requirements: 

1) Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. (Quote from the Apple Store).  

In otherwords, to get the most out of Leafit, ideally, you will need n iPhone 5, iPad, or iPodwith iOS 7.0 or later.  Sadly they don't currently have a version for the Windows Phone or Android phone.  Plus this way you can download the app for yourself and familiarize yourself with it before marketing the app.

2) Must be familiar with taking photos with a phone as well as sharing them (should be easy to learn).

3) Photo sharing site experience helps (such as Flickr, Pinterest or Instagram).  Based on the demo above, the app functions much like Pinterest with some obvious differences.

4) It helps to have some experience with affiliate programs or network marketing systems.  Basically you are working with both affiliate programs as well as the downline systems 

Leafit Features and Benefits:

App version:

- Snap and tag photos

- You can run ads from participating affiliate programs (for example, if you are taking pictures of cameras, you can host ads from affiliates that sell cameras).  Like affiliate programs on blogs and websites, people who view your pics can click on the ads and if they buy, you get a commission on the sale (which probably varies by affiliate program)

- Can be useful if you like taking pictures.  can probably be very useful if you are taking pictures of restaurants, scenery attractions, etc since you can tag relevant content in the photos and earn affiliate revenue from them (for example if you are on vacation and take pictures at the resort you are at, you might tag content from tourism companies (or even the resort itself if it has a relevant affiliate program) and get commissions if people click on those ads and buy.

Disclaimer: I don't have the app myself nor do I have an iphone, so I don't quite know how the app works besides what I saw in the demo.  Might try buying an iphone someday if I had the extra money.

Income opportunity version.

2 Membership levels: free and paid.  As a free member you earn 10% from sales you generate, while paid membership (sells at One Time $149 then $49/mo) enrolls you into the full 3x9 forced matrix system they offer.  You can join as a free member and as you earn extra commissions and your level 1 downline grows, you can upgrade to paid member when you have enought to invest in the paid membership (especially if you want to take advantage of the matrix system they offer).  

- They have an app for the iphone they are making that is supposed to let you earn money by taking picture.  I don't quite know how the app works yet but I will post more info as I learn more.

Compensation plan info highlights: (for more info, visit  

Free members (recommended for newbies):

10% commissions per sale you make.

Paid members (recommended for more experienced network marketers or free members who are generating at least 10 or more sales per month on average):

- Earn $50 per sale

- $10 commissions on level 2 sales

- $5 on level 3 sales

- $3 commssions on levels 4-9 sales

(note you have to recruit at least 5 members in your downline to get the full matrix)

Obviously the more sales you make and the bigger your downline is, the more you can earn.  Note: new members can opt to join as free members and they do have to upgrade to earn from their purchases.  

Not sure what the compensation plan looks like for the app yet (the system is in pre-launch phase right now).

First impressions review of Leafit:

Pros (both membership types):

- Growing company

- They seem to have partnerships with various retailers worldwide investing into the business, such as Amazon, Lowes, Canon, and others.  You can check the full list of partners in the retailers page

- Obviously, if you are good at promoting network marketing systems earning can grow exponentially.  For example, as a paid member, if you got 10 sales making $50 per sale, you earn $500 from those sales.  Huge commissions are possible as your downline grows exponentially.

- One perk about forced matrix systems is that if you have a good sponsor (especially heavy hitter types), you can expect spill overs in your matrix.

- You are basically promoting an app they are developing.

- Free sign up.  Not every network marketing company offers free sign ups and plus I do recommend the free membership for new members at least till you are familiar and comfortable with the system.  Also, upgrades can pay for themselves if you earn enough as a free member.

Cons about Leafit

- New company.  Also, it is not quite clear how the app works yet.  Newer compainies can be riskier to join

- Most benefits are available to paid members.  Not everyone is going to be interested in upgrading right away (unless if they know what they are doing)

- It appears that the app is only available for the iphone.  Perhaps someday, Leafit / Igrow network will offer similar apps for other devices (such as Windows Phone and Android phones, but currently it is only for compatible iphones, ipods, and ipads).  Even a web version would be nice too.  Consequently, the audience the company is marketing to is narrow as not everyone has an iphone.

- Earning affiliate revenue is not as easy as it looks.  As with affiliate programs for websites and blogs, pictures will need traffic and tons of traffic (say at least 1000 hits per day or more minimum) for maximum profit.  Low traffic usually means little or no conversions and without   

- Like most downline systems, making huge sums of money will take time, effort, and even money (such as advertising expenses).  I recommend getting some training in the network marketing business before investing (alternatively you can join as a free member, visit the training series they offer and build your first level downline and then upgrade later).  


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