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Jills Clicks Corner is pretty similar to Donkey Mails and No Minimum in look and feel.  Though unlike No Minimum and Donkey Mails, this site does not have paid to read ads or a traffic exchange feature.  You could almost think of this site as a "lite" version of Donkey Mails.  The primary ways to earn are by viewing ptc ads, doing paid to sign up offers, as well as contests.  

Jill's Clicks Corner at a glance

The Good

- Lots of ads to view

- Several ways to earn

- Paid to Sign up offers

- Low minimum payout ($1.00 for paypal members, $1.06 for Payza members).  Liberty reserve and Ok pay members can request payout at $.10

- Tutorial guides (like the Jill's Clicks corner earn money guide page).  Can be useful if you are new and unsure about Jill's Clicks corner

- Can be either a slow or fast earner site depending on how active you are and how many active referrals you have

- Can play games for cash

- Plenty of contests you can join for a chance to win extra
(more will be added later)

The Bad
- not exactly donkeymails or no minimum (smaller site)

- Can be time consuming (especially if you also use Donkey Mails and/or No Minimum like I do).

(more will be added over time) 

Site Features:

1. Paid to Click ads (usually worth at least $.001 per click)

2. Paid to sign up offers

3. $1.00 minimum cash out for paypal, $1.06 minimum cashout for payza members (variable cashouts for other payment processors).

4. Contests (such as the slot machine, spin the wheel, daily/weekly jackpot, etc).

5.  Free resources, such as "how to" guides.

Benefits for upgrading:

1. Multiple membership levels (besides free membership)

2. Random referrals

3. Discounts on purchases

4. Some ads are worth more than others

General Review of Jill's Clicks corner

Jill's Clicks corner has a similar look and feel to Donkeymails and No Minimum, though is somewhat smaller than the too.  Like the other 2 sites, this site has lots of paid to click ads you can check out (though no ptr ads).  They also offer paid to sign up offers (usually worth up to $.50 or more), games like "spin the wheel", slot machines, contests, etc.  The site also offers resources like "how to make money" guides (which can be useful for people who are new to paid to click sites and need help getting started), paid to shop offers (earn rebates for shopping at partner sites), as well as a downline system too.  On the downside, this site can be a bit time consuming (especially if you use other ptc sites as well, especially if you are also using either Donkeymails, No Minimum or both), though the 3 sites can also mean 3x the earnings potiential too (why earn from 1 site, when you can earn from 3 of them?).  Also, if you are looking for sites with traffic exchanges or paid to read ads, you won't find them ad Jill's Clicks corner.  Some of the upgrade features can be impressive too, like the random referrals feature, where unreferred members can be placed in your downline (though alternatively you can also buy referrals for relatively low prices too).  I can't really think of any real negative aspects about Jill's Clicks Corner and is definitely a promising paid to click site to be a part of. 

 Tips for getting the most out of this site:

1.  Be sure to view ads regularly (daily would be ideal)

2. Build up your referral base.  The more active referrals you have, the faster you will earn.

3. Consider doing paid to read offers from time to time.  These will help you earn faster with this site (just think, if you did at least 4 ptsu offers worth at least $.50 each, you would be making at least $2 per day, even without referrals).

4. Need help getting referrals?  Consider upgrading and get random referrals or buy referrals.  By the way, you can also use the ptc business builder to promote Jill's Clicks corner (along with Donkeymails and No Minimum too).

5. You can also try your luck with contests too for a chance to earn extra.


Want more info about Jill's Click's Corner?  Click here to visit the website.  Sign up is free by the way

Have a different take on Jill's Click's Corner?  Be sure to leave a comment below.  Your contributions are welcome of course. 

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