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***Review update***

I just found out yesterday that Clicksia and Incentria are no more (going out of business).  Consequently, I can no longer recommend Clicksia or Incentria.  Will be deleting this page at the end of the week to reflect the change.  For more information about the site closure, visit http://www.emoneyspace.com/forum/index.php/topic,336432.0.html.  I posted the same message on the page for Clicksia as well.  I do admit that I never expected to see Clicksia or Incentria go out of business and the change caught me by suprise.  Though sites shutting down is one of the risks involved with paid to click sites as they can seem stable for a while but then go out of business (not to say that this happens with every site, but it can happen).  

You can check out other ptc sites.  By the way, in place of Clicksia and Incentria, I decided to join CTP Gem instead (might join Ojooo as well, but I haven't decided if I will join or not yet as I do have my hands full with other sites as well).  You can visit CTP Gem at http://www.ctpgem.com/?ref=ryansjones

If you are familiar with Clicksia, I am sure you have heard about Incentria, which is basically a clone of Clicksia.  Like Clicsia, this site is pretty basica and easy to use.  

Site Features:

- Paid to click ads. 

- Ptsu offers

- Traffic exchange feature

- paid to promote (advertise the advertisements page and earn).

Earnings rates: most ads are worth either $.002 or $.001 per click (varies by time).  Some ads can be worth as high as $.005, though those kinds are rare.

PTSU rates: $.10-$.50 on average (varies by offer)

Paid to promote rates: $0.0001 per valid hit.  So every 1000 hits would net you $.10 

earnings per referral click: 10% (so at $.002 per click, that would equate to $.0002 per ref click).  

Traffic exchange rate: .80 credits per click

Minimum payout threshold: $1.00 (note completing ptsu offers can get you to that point faster than ptc sites can).

- Affiliated with the Earn Money Space forum community.

Noteworthy benefits for upgrading:

  • Access to Elite Only PTC Ads, Upgraded members generally get more ads to click on than free members do on average.  Note some ads are only viewable to "elite members" 
  • Access to Elite Only Signup Offers.
  • 100% of your Referral's PTC earnings.  Compare that with 10% of your referrals' earnings as a free member.  This benefit can be HUGE if you have lots of active referrals in your network (say 100 or more active referrals).  
  • 20% of your Referral's Signup Offer earnings (so 20% of $.10 would equate to $.02 per sign up).  
  • $0.20 per thousand valid hit for your PTP efforts (basically double of what you would earn from ptp hits as a free member).  Can be useful if you are getting lots of traffic to the links.  BTW, you can advertise your links on other ptc sites,
  • 5% bonus of your Referral's Purchases,  Note that free members do not earn commissions from your referral purchases.  By the way from my experience, you will usually get notifications from Incentria whenever your referrals upgrade or buy something.  This benefit is best if you have active referrals that are buying advertising or similar stuff at Incentria.  Note that most referrals probably won't buy anything (at least not in my experience), so you might want to wait till you have referrals that make purchases before upgrading.  
  • Free 1000 Paid To Click Credits.  Can be useful if you want to advertise something, though obviously you will need more than 1000 hits for best results.
  • Free 1000 Traffic Exchange Credits,  Get 1000 free hits to your sites you are promoting in the traffic exchange.
  • Free 1 Banner Rental Days,
  • Free 1 Text ads Rental Days.
  • Membership fee is only $5.95 per month (which is relatively cheap) or $49.95 for a whole year (cheaper than it is at Probux and Neobux).

General reveiw of Incentria - since Incentria is almost identical to Clicksia, the review for Clicksia pretty much applies here too.  


- Pairs well with Clicksia.  Why earn from one site when you can double your earnings with 2 sites?

- One of the most reputable ptc sites on the net.  Clicksia and Incentria is owned by Northowl (the admin of Earn Money Space) and is very well known and trusted.  Least likely to turn scam.

- Ptsu offers can greatly suppliment your earnings if used.  Just think at $.10 per offer, every 10 offers can earn you $1.00.  At $.50 per offer, 2 offers can earn you $1.

- Like other sites that offers traffic exchanges, Incentria and Clicksia can be useful for getting free advertising to your links.  Can be useful for advertising other ptc sites or even downline builders like ptc business builder or ptc 4 newbies.

- The low minimum payout threshold can be useful and you don't have to wait too long before requesting payout.  Though personally I like to let the earnings accumulate before requesting payout.

- The ptp links can be useful as you can earn money promoting your referral links regardless if people join or not.  

- You can earn from referral clicks and sign ups even when you are not clicking.


- Like Clicksia, Incentria ads can get redundant after a while.

- Can be a slow earner site given the low earnings rate per click.

(more will be added over time)

Want more information about Incentria?  Check it out here

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