Inbox Dollars Payment Proofs Page

At Inbox Dollars, once you have accumulated at least $30 or more (note: they charge a $2.67 processing fee for paychecks, though it can be waived cashing out at $40 instead, you can request a payout (note: the first time you do this, you will also automatically upgrade to "gold" status for more features).  Currently, Inbox Dollars is one of the few paid to click / ptr sites that pays exclusively by check (you will get a check in the mail within 30 days of requesting payout).

Paycheck 1 -recieved Monday 2/18/2013


Tips on earning with Inbox Dollars

1. Join Inbox Dollars if you have not done so already, you will earn an easy $5 just for joining.

2. Complete the initial 3 surveys (interests, general profile, and household surveys).  Each of them are worth $.50 each. ($1.50 in all).

3. Download the Inbox Dollars toolbar (worth $1 just for doing so).

4. Read emails daily, you get $.02 each time you view ads from inbox dollars.

5. Choose offers to complete.  This is pretty much the "meat" of the earnings at Inbox Dollars.  Some offers are free, other do cost some money to do (but are usually worth more).  You don't have to do this, but it will take alot longer to earn with Inbox Dollars otherwise.

6. Consider doing at least 1 or 2 surveys a day.  They take some time to complete and you do have to qualify for the ones you want to do, but they are usually worth up to $.50 each, and you can do up to 3 surveys via Inbox Dollars and more with peanut lab surveys.  3 successfully completed surveys will net you an extra $1.50 each time.

7.  Searches: not worth alot of money, but if you like to research stuff, or browse the web, you can earn up to $.15 a day by doing this.

8.  Coupons: print out coupons before you shop and redeem them for $.10 each (works at participating stores).

9. Feel like gaming, consider trying some of the games too (note: this feature does cost money to use).

10. Watch videos, videos are usually worth anywhere between $.02 and $.04 to watch.

11. Miscellaneous tasks.

12. Referrals: know people that might like what inbox dollars have to offer?  Refer them to inbox dollars either via email invites or advertising your referral link, and you get paid a percentage of their earnings from their activities.

13. These will take some time, but once you hit $30 or more, you will be ready to request your first paycheck.

Earnings disclaimer: paychecks I post here are based on what I earn and may or may not be the same that everyone else is earning.  You may ear alot of money or very little depending on your activity level, your referrals' activity levels as well as other factors.