Ryan's Official Review of Inbox Dollars - A Very well known Paid To Read and GPT site on the net


Inbox is an interesting site paid to read and get paid to site.  If you are like most people, you probably get a good amount of junk mail (aka spam) in your email box almost every day.  Although spam can be annoying to the average user, one way businesses and other internet marketers advertise their business is via email (such as newsletters, solo ads, and follow up advertisements).  Inbox Dollars aims to bring users and advertisers together via a paid to read and get paid to business model.  Each time you read an email advertisement on inbox dollars, you get paid $.02, and that is not all.  Users are also paid each time they complete out surveys (usually worth $.50 or more), shop online, watch videos, play games for cash, and even referring new members that likewise take advantage of what Inbox Dollars has to offer.  It also functions as a rewards site that rewards users for activities too. 

Site Features:

- Paid to Read ads: each worth $.02 per click and ads are generally delivered to your email box (you can either use your usual email account or set up a special one (such as via Gmail) for reading emails and they usually send you at least 2 per day.  They also have a special inbox at the site where you can read the emails as well.

-Paid survey offers: Inbox is a legitimate surveys site and they often offer surveys you can fill out and earn extra cash (no purchase required by the way).  Surveys are usually worth anywhere between $.30 and $2 on average and you do have to qualify for the surveys offered to be able to fill them out and make money.

- Paid to sign up offers - if you like signing up for stuff online, or shop online, inbox dollars is for you as they offer tons of offers you can take advantage of and earn extra cash.  They offer all kinds of special offers you can take advantage and earn.  Do you like coupons, you could sign up for coupon websites (like Groupon) and earn $.40 for signing up.  Do you like to game? You could sign up for a free trial membership at Gamefly and earn $7 cashback.  Obviously, some offers are free while others do have a catch to them (such as paying shipping and handling if the company has to ship a product to you or free trial memberships converting to paid memberships unless if you cancel within the free trial period) so you do have to be selective on which offers you want to complete.  By the way, offers is the "meat" of the earnings at Inbox Dollars, so completing several offers a day can net you a good ammount of extra money in your pocket.  

- Paid to search: do you like searching for things online?  Inbox Dollars offers this feature where you can do legitimate searches and earn at least $.01 or $.02 a shot.

- Videos: people post videos that you can usually watch and earn at least $.02

- Premium feature: cash games, like Shockwave and Game Duell, Inbox Dollars does offer cash games where you can compete in games like Big Cash, Solitare, etc and compete with other members for cash.  Note: it does cost money to take advantage of this feature.

- $5 sign up bonus: all new members get a $5 sign up bonus just for joining Inbox Dollars

- Minimum payout threshold: $30 and they currently payout via check (usually takes about a month to recieve it).  Note: cashing out for the first time will automatically upgrade your membership to "gold"

- Referral system - like almost all paid to click, gpt, and paid to read sites, you can refer people (friends, family, vistors to your website, etc) and earn money from their activities and purchases.  By the way, the $5 sign up bonus can be a good incentive for people to join.  Note: you only earn from referrals' activities whenever they complete surveys (besides the profile survey), complete offers, shop online, complete tasks, play games, and redeem coupons.

Benefits for upgrading to gold (costs $30 to use and you can use your earnings towards the upgrade):

- Weekly payments instead of monthly payments: can be useful if you are hitting the minimum payout thresh hold often (can take a while to do though, especially if you are only reading the emails and nothing else).

- Random referrals: whenever unreferred members join Inbox Dollars (active or not), there is a chance they can be placed under your network (not available to free members).  Obviously, referrals can either be active or inactive, so this is a wildcard, note: not all ptc/ptr sites have this feature).

- Sweepstakes: you can enter random drawings (such as when doing surveys) and earn extra rewards if you win.  No guarantees of winnings of course, but is worth mentioning

- Premium cash offers: it appears some offers are only available to "gold members"

- Earn more with searches

Inbox Dollars review at a Glance:

Overall grade: B

The good:

- You usually get at least 2 emails to read a day

- They are pretty generous about the cash offers, usually worth anywhere between $.15 and $30 on average (varies on the types of offers you complete).  Free trial offers and cashback offers are usually worth more than the 100% free ones.

- Earning money from games can be useful if you like gaming and are competitive.  Obviously, the better you are, the more money you make from gaming.

- Not all cash offers require you to pay money.  For example, you could join the mailing list at Target or download the Weather Channel's application and earn easy cash (regardless if you buy anything or not).  Obviously, they are not worth as much as the other ones, but can be a good way to build your income level for little or no investment.

- Surveys are always good for earning extra cash and are generally worth anywhere between $.30 and $2 (varies by survey you take).  Though you do have to qualify for the survey(s) given to be able to fill them out and earn money.

- If you like researching things online, the paid to search feature is good to have (they pay up to $.15 per day for qualified searches) and offer $.05 weekly bonuses for using it almost every day.

- If you like watching viral videos, you will probably like the videos feature.

- Multiple ways to earn

- Generous rebates for shopping through their partner sites.

- The $5 sign up bonus is a good incentive to join (btw, they also offer $1 for downloading their tool bar).  Not all paid to click or paid to read sites have sign up bonuses by the way.

The bad (and things to watch out for):

- The $30 minimum payout threshold is a little high and will likely take a while to hit, especially if you are mainly just viewing the ptr ads they send you.  

- As with all cash offers, where there is a "free" offer, there is often a catch to them (for example, if you are getting free samples for a product like Avon products, you might have to pay for shipping and handling).  Also, free trial memberships usually convert to paid memberships after the free trial ends (unless if you cancel, and sometimes you do have to call the advertiser if you want to cancel).  In otherwords, be mindful of the offers you are completing and try to only do ones you are interested.  If you don't like spending money, you might want to stick with the 100% free offers at first.

- Paid to sign up offers usually don't credit right away (usually takes between an hour and a few days to credit).  By the way, if you are using Internet Explorer and click on a referral link to complete an offer, there is a specific way to do so that ensures you get credit for completing it.  Nowdays, cookies can be blocked and if your browser is not set up to accept cookies from advertisers and you click on the referral link for the offer(s) you want to complete, the link might not track properly and you would not get credited (has happened to me a few times by the way).

- Cash Surveys: they can be time consuming at times (usually at least 10 minutes or more) and it is not always possible to qualify for the surveys you want to take (there is usually a preliminary survey to take before the actual one that determines whether you qualify for that survey or not).

- Expect extra junk mail and solicitors.  Not only do you get paid emails from Inbox Dollars, but each time you complete offers, you will likely get more emails from the advertisers themselves.  Some solicitors may even call you when completing offers that require you to enter your phone number (which is more reason to be mindful of what you sign up for and to check out the advertisers' policies and privacy policies before completing the offers you want to do).

- Cash games do cost money to take advantage of, and it is possible to lose money with them (since you have to compete with others to win the money available).  

General review of Inbox Dollars:

This site can be a pretty nifty site to join and use.  Obviously, most if not all people get junk mail in our email in boxes, and so if you are the type to check your email often (at least daily), this site can be good to use as you can see what the advertisers are offering and earn at least $.02 each time you do so.  In addition, whenever you see offers you like, this site does offer generous incentives to do so (such as signing up for free trial offers you like, downloading toolbars/applications, signing up for mailing lists, shopping at participating retailers, getting credit cards, etc).  I also like the creativity of Inbox Dollars, given all of the surveys you can fill out, games you can play for cash (especially if you are good at online gaming), watching youtube videos and earning $.02 or more each time (and no Youtube does not normally pay you to watch their views), downloading coupons and getting cashback in rebates for redeeming them, as well as earning rebates shopping online.  Also the $5 sign up bonus can be nice to have and not alls ptc/ptr sites have this (though Hits4pay and Donkeymails seem to have a similar features).

Of course, Inbox Dollars is not without its flaws.  You usually only get 2 or 3 emails per day on average (more or less), and at $.02 per email, that equates to about $.04-.06 from reading emails alone.  Also, while you do get a $5 sign up bonus and all, the $30 minimum cashout threshold is a bit steep and can take a while to reach (though you could reach the threshold faster by completing offers, playing games, filling out surveys, as well as shopping a participating advertisers and retailers).  It is also worth mentioning that like most paid to sign up sites (inbox dollars, cash crate, project payday, Clixsense etc), that you should be mindful about offers you complete.  Obviously, the word "FREE" should not always be taken literally when choosing offers to complete (in otherwords one thing that should be on your mind when completing offers is "what is the catch?" as offers usually come with a catch).  Also, you can get more junk mail and telemarketers calling you as you complete more offers (for example, if you request a "free" quote from say Allstate insurance, a representative might call you a day or so later trying to sell you insurance).  I remember doing a sign up offer for online colleges (via jobs.com) and not long afterwards, I got calls from Everest University, Devry University, and University of Phoenix with recruiters trying to get me to go to their college (though obviously they probably thought that I was actually planning to back to college in the near future). Cash surveys can be a good addition too (giving the generous earnings tags for completing them), but they can be time consuming to fill out (some surveys are longer than others), and you only get paid for ones you qualify for, which can be tricky to do sometimes (unless you are the liar type of course).  Also, the cash games can be fun to do (you can even do practice runs without paying for anything), but they do cost money to take advantage of (similar to how it is at Game Duell, King.com and Shockwave) and it is possible to lose money (especially if you tend to lose in online games).

All and all, Inbox Dollars is a promising paid to read and get paid to site, and while it might not be for everyone (especially those of you who hate junk mail and phone solicitations), if you like viewing emails from advertisers, shopping online, taking advantage of special offers companies are offering and like doing surveys, watching videos, searching for things online, etc, then Inbox Dollars is for you and can be a good way to suppliment your income as well as getting rewarded for your activities online.  

Tips for getting the most out of Inbox Dollars:

- First and foremost: make sure your email account is set up to recieve emails from Inbox Dollars. Some email providers (especially hotmail/outlook) are notorious for filtering out junkmail and emails can bounce (or wind up in your spam filter) unless if you add Inbox Dollars to your "safe senders" list or contacts.  Alternatively you can always set up a special email account to use for Inbox Dollars and similar paid to read sites and safelists you intend to use.  By the way, gmail is a popular alternative to hotmail/yahoo.

- Try to read your emails daily (you should get at least 1 or 2 emails a day from Inbox Dollars, sometimes more).

- To hit the minimum payout threshold ($30) quickly, you will probably want to take advantage of the cash offers (especially ones worth more money like free trial offers) as well as the survey offers almost every day in addition to reading emails, doing searches, etc.  By the way, if you download IBD's official toolbar, you get an extra $1.  

-  The paid to search feature can be good if you are the type that likes to search for stuff.  In fact, if you happen to be a high school or college student doing research for your research papers (yes, you are bound to get lots of papers to right in both high school and college) you can actually get rewarded from your researching efforts using IBD's paid to search features and it functions much like Bing and Google.  Note: make sure your searches are legitimate otherwise you might not get credited.

- Like most ptc/ptr sites, it helps to have active referrals in your network as you can earn from their activities.  Obviously you don't earn from the paid to read ads they view, filling out their profile survey, download the IBD toolbar or do searches, but whenever they complete offers, surveys, etc, you get 10% of what they earn.  By the way, the $5 sign up bonus can be very enticing when it comes to getting people to join (who would want to turn down $5 just for joining with no investment required).

- When completing offers, always be sure to clean your "cookie cache", set your browser to "accept all cookies", and temporarily turn off pop up blockers (you can change those settings back to how they were after doing the offers).  This ensures that the referral links you click on works properly and ensure that you get credited in a timely fashion.  I know that might seem like a weird tip, but failure to do so can result in the referral links not tracking your sign up properly and you not getting credit for completing an offer.

Want more information about Inbox Dollars or join?  You can do so by clicking on the banner ad below.  Sign up is FREE and you do get a $5 sign up bonus by joining.  After you join, you should start viewing ads, completing offers, doing "research", watch videos, and doing surveys almost right away and don't be afraid to share this opportunity with others and you will earn your first $30 before you know it.

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