Ryan Jones' Review of Grand PTC.  Is it a Scam or Legit?  Read the review here

Picture of Grand Ptc.  Notice the old west feel to the site

Note to reader: grandptc.info is not to be confused for grandptc.com.  They are basically 2 different paid to click sites (even though they both have the same names, with 2 different extensions).  I am only a member at grandptc.info, but not the other one (for reviews of grandptc.com, I recommend checking out the review of it on ptc investigation or other sites, alternatively you are welcome to submit a review of that site here if you want).


Here is another paid to click site I have joined via ptcbusiness builder.  GrandPTC.info is essentially a western themed paid to click site that has a similar look and feel to how Clicksia and Incentria used to be.  Like Clicksia/Incentria, Grandptc is pretty straight forward and easy to use.  Lots of ads to view, paid to read ads to click on, traffic exchange feature (useful if you have links you want to advertise but don't feel like paying for advertising), multilevel downline system (similar to donkeymails where you can have multiple levels worth of downline members), along with ptsu ads, paid to promote links (similar to that on Clicksia/Incentria), along with other features.  Plenty of advertising features and packages too.  

Pros and cons of Grandptc.info:

The good:

+ Lots of ads to view

+ Low minimum payout threshold ($1 for paypal members and $1.50 for payza members)

+ Easy to use

+ Variable earnings rate per click (some ads are worth more than others)

+ Straight forward anti-cheat feature (clicking on a certain number)

+ Part of the ptcbusiness builder system.

The bad:

- Will likely be a slow earner ptc site (unless if you manage to have lots of active referrals).  By the way, ads are generally worth $.0005 or $.0004 per click on average (at least as free members, though some can be worth up to $.005 though those are a minority).

- Several anticheat mechanisms in place - this is similar to those on traffic exchanges where you have a simple test question (for example, what is 2+2 = your answer being 4) you have to answer.  Each time you fail the anti-cheat test you get a warning and 10 warnings can get your account suspended, so it does help to pay attention to detail at grandptc when viewing ads and encountering the anti-cheat system features.

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