Insider tip: Getting the most out of paid to Click sites 101 

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General tips on getting the most out of paid to click sites

After choosing a site or 2 to join (I recomend starting with 2 or 3, especially if you have a tabbed browser like internet explorer or google chrome).  Next, make sure you set up your payment info (such as setting up your paypal email address info).  This will needed for 2 things: 1) if you decide to purchase advertising or upgrades, you will need a way to pay for them, and 2) when it is time to "cash out" this will be needed in order to get paid (otherwise, how are they supposed to pay you).  When you have set up your account and payment preferances, you are ready to begin.

To upgrade or not to upgrade: 

While the vast majority of legitimate paid to click sites are FREE to join, they do offer upgraded memberships for extra features (such as earning more per click, free advertising credits, random referrals, etc).  You can upgrade if you want, but I recommend starting out as a free member (by the way, on the site reviews I will go over the upgrade benefits of each site for reference).  Initially, I recommend starting off as a free member.  There are some exceptions to this, but at least way, you don't have to worry about recurring expenses and plus while some sites offer upgrades relatively cheaply (such as $5/month at Clicksia), others can cost extra money (such as $80 for a gold membership at Probux).  Eventually you will probably want to upgrade your membership(s) for maximum profit, but you should probably focus more on building your business and referral base before attempting it.  At sites like Neobux and Probux, where you have referral limits, you should probably focus more on getting the maximum allowed referrals (both direct and rental) before considering upgrading.  Some sites even let you use your account balance to buy upgrades too.  Eventually you might want to upgrade at least some of the sites as your earnings grow ad your referral base grows.  If there are paid to click or gpt site that you really like and want to get more out if it, you might want to consider upgrading sooner or later, especially if you can afford the upgraded membership.  Forces you to  be more committed to the site and they do come with benefits (such as additional ads to click on, additonal earnings from referral clicks, higher limits on referrals, shorter time for payouts, etc).  Some come with downline systems too, such as Clixsense (bigger downlines mean more potiential earnings, especially for updated members).  Now I don't recommend overdoing it on upgrades.  If you are using 5 ptc sites for example, you might consider upgrading at one or 2 of them and be a free member at the others.  Eventually you might consider upgrading at all of them as your income grows, but don't invest more than you can afford (higher the investments means more risk).

Clicking ads:

The meat of your earnings at paid to click sites is viewing advertisements.  Think of it this way, most sites pay anywhere between $.001 and $.02 per click on average, which means that at $.01 per click, you earn $1 for every 100 ads you view, $10 for every 1000 ads you view.  At $.001 per click, you have to be viewing at least 1000 ads to earn at least $1.  I have seen many people join paid to click sites and for some reason they either never click or are active at first but turn inactive after a while.  Ideally, you should be doing at least one round of clicks on each paid to click site you use per day (if not every other day).  It may seem redundant to click every day, but earnings do accumulate and if you don't know where to start, clicking ads can be a good way to start.  Sadly, I see to many people joining paid to click sites (such as Clixsense) who either never click or are active at first and turn inactive after a while.  If they are not even clicking ads you will not make any money and it is not the uplines' responsibility to click ads for them.  There are ways to go about making clicking ads easy:

1. I recommend using a laptop computer or table over desktop pcs.  There are some benefits this way: lets you multitask, great when watching tv (I usually do my rounds in the evening while watching TV with my family).  This way I can watch tv with  them and still do my rounds.  Makes it less of a chore that way.  You can also use a tablet such as an Ipad, Dell Tablet, Microsoft Surface, or even an Android tablet on most sites as well (check terms before using a tablet or smart phone though since some sites may not allow that). 

2. Use tabbed browsers (some good ones includes: Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox).  Many paid to click sites (though not all of them) let you keep multiple tabs or windows open while viewing ads.  This makes it easier to surf multiple sites at a time (much like how it is on traffic exchanges and safelists).  Though some sites may freeze the timer when changing tabs, as is the case at Twickerz, Traffic Monsoon and Clixsense for example where the timer(s) will pause when you change tabs or windows.  This lets you get through all of the ads on multiple ptc sites in less time (though some sites will have more ads than others).

3. I recommend clicking all of the available ads.  Sites like NEOBUX, Twickerz, Buxvertise and Scarlet clicks are great this way, usually they don't have too many ads to click on and they usually reset once a day (besides some of the fixed ads and extra ads people post).  The only exceptions are: sites have too many ads to click on (such as Clixsense), anti-cheat ads (such as the bot trap ad that resets the balance to $0 at Buxp, definitely don't recommend clicking on those) and suspicious links (ones likely to contain viruses and malware, by the way, I recommend caution when clicking links for paid to promote sites, non english sites, wares sites, rotators, adult websites, and the like and if a link looks suspicious, don't feel like you have to click it).  Some sites (such as buxp) may even have adult ads (they have an adult ad and warez section) and don't feel like you have to click those if you are likely to get offended or use a computer in a shared environment like a family, school, work or a library.

4.  Bear in mind some ads are worth more than others.  I might recommend starting with those ones before clicking on ads that are worth less.  For example on Clixsense, I might recommend starting with ads worth $.005, $,01 or $.02 before moving on to the ones worth $.001.

Other benefits about clicking almost every day:

- keeps your uplines happy. You would not like it if someone joined under you and did nothing or are active at first but turns inactive after a while.  Sadly this happens all the time, people join and either never click or turn inactive.  I usually recycle rental referrals that are inactive more than a week myself without explanation.

- Keeps your account active.  Many sites do have inactivity policies.  At NEOBUX for example, if you go more than 30 days without logging in or clicking, your account there might get suspended (happened to me once) and if you go more than 60 days without clicking, your account might get deleted (which means you would have to start over if you want to rejoin).  Logging in regularly will prevent your account(s) from deactivated or suspended

- Earnings do accumulate.  While it can seem redundant to click almost every day, earnings do add up over time and you can cash out as soon as you hit the minimum payout thresholds.

-  You will not earn money if you are not even clicking.  The easiest way to start earning with paid to click sites is to click on ads.  It is like just about any kind of business or income opportunity.  You do have to work it for it to work for you.  The more active you are at paid to click sites, the more you will get paid.  Of course if you choose not to click, you will not make any money.  Sure we can all be busy sometimes, but if you can't get around to clicking regularly, then paid to click sites are probably not for you.  I recommend spending at least an hour per day doing rounds at each of the ptc sites you are a member at. 

Tips for getting the most out of Clicks:

- You will need to be clicking ads regularly for maximum profit.  Ideally, you will want to do at least one round of clicks almost every day (or at least every other day).  I know it can seem to be repetative or redundant, but remember earnings do accumulate at paid to click sites and by clicking almost every day, your earnings should add up over time, especially at sites like Neobux and Clixsense, where you can easily earn $1 or more per month at minimum just by clicking ads almost every day.  There is one exception to that: ptr sites like hits4pay, inbox dollars, and donkeymails, where you can wait a few days before viewing ads since the ads usually don't expire for a few days.  You almost have to think of paid to click sites like a part time job (except that you are an independent contractor and your own boss, which means that you can set your own schedule and hours).  If you are doing your job, you get paid, if you don't, you don't.  By the way, having a laptop computer can be useful here as you can view ads while doing other things as well, such as watching TV, hanging out by the pool, etc.

- Try to view ALL of the available ads.  Even if you see ads you are not interested, you still get paid just for viewing the site(s).  By the way, if you have a tabbed browser (many modern browers have them), you can actually browse ads on multiple sites at a time (unless if they have forced view ads where the timer freezes when changing tabs or windows, as is the case at Clixsense, Twickerz and on some of the ads at Cashnhits)  There are 4 exceptions to this: 1) sites with seemingly endless ads (like Donkeymails) as you will probably want to stop eventually, and 2) potiential malware/virus sites (sadly there are some shady advertisers on ptc sites and some do try to get people to visit virus or malware infected sites).  If you have any hesitations about clicking, don't feel like you have to click.  3) Inappropriate or Illegal sites.  For example, at Buxp, there is an adult ads section (which may include porn) and if you want to avoid those kinds of sites (especially if you are at work, school, or have a shared computer ine your family), don't feel like you have to click.  Also, some advertisers advertise casino sites too.  4) Anti-cheat links.  I have seen these on sites like Buxp and Get Bux Today, where there is a link mixed in with the ads (aimed at deterring people from using autoclicking software) where if you click on it, it can cause your account to be suspended or even reset your balance to zero.  Usually the anti-cheat links will be labeled, but if you are not paying attention to the links you are clicking on, you might find yourself clicking them and paying the price.  On the site reviews pages, I will try to let you know about anti-cheat links and other links to watch out for. 

- Once you hit your minimum payout threshold at least the first time, i recommend cashing out at least once.  This way you get what you earn, and it is also a good way to watch out for scam ptc sites since all legitamite ones will pay you usually either instantly or within a week or so after "cashing out".  Non legit may not pay out and if you are finding yourself using a suspect ptc (especially newer ptc sites like Valuedbux or Talebux, which went offline not too long ago) cashing out early will help validate whether it is legit or not.  If it is not legit, then at least by cashing out yearly you have less money to lose.  

On standard paid to click sites, that is basically how it works.  View ads, get paid.  You won't earn alot of money with ptc sites, but they can help suppliment your income.  Now, many larger sites (like Clixsense and Cashnhits for example), have extra ways to earn.  In the next section, I will go over extra ways  to earn.

Getting the most out of Sites like Clixsense, Cashnhits, Neobux, Inbox Dollars, Buxp, and Donkeymails.

In addion to paid to click ads, many large paid to click sites have extra ways to earn (even without referrals) and are worth talking about.  Here are some extra ways to earn and tips:

1. Videos and video ads - 

Do you like watching youtube videos (or similar viral videos)?  How would you like to actually get paid to watch videos (btw, normally you don't get paid to watch youtube videos, commercials, etc)  Clixsense, Cashnhits, Neobux, Probux, and Buxp are all examples of sites where you can actually earn extra cash by watching videos.  At Neobux and Probux, they have systems known as pro-coins / neo-coins where you can earn coins by watching videos and doing extra tasks and as coins accumulate, you can convert them into cash (usually $5 for every 5000 coins you earn).  At Buxp and Cashnhits, you can usually earn $.002 or more for each video you watch (or $1 for every 500 videos you watch).  Clixsense even pays up to $.01 per video you watch in the offers section.  The best site for getting paid to watch videos in my is Cashnhits since they seem to have the most that you can watch and not only do they have youtube videos you can watch in the main ads section (see youtube video advertisements), they also have another tab where you can watch videos as well and earn up to $.0025 or more per video you watch.  Note: earnings from watching videos is in addition to ads and is probably one of the easiest ways to earn on GPT sites in addition to viewing ads since you get credited just for watching and (sometimes) sharing videos.  No strings attached.  I recommend viewing all of the available videos for maximum earnings here.

2. Surveys:

Inbox Dollars, Clixsense and Donkeymails are all examples of sites where you earn earn money by filling out surveys.  Sure I am sure you have heard about scam survey opportunity sites (ones where you have to pay money just to fill out surveys).  However, sites like Inbox Dollars, Donkeymails, and Clixsense all have legitamite survey opportunities that you can take advantage of and earn extra cash.  My favorite is probably the ones at Inbox Dollars.  Average surveys are worth $.50 per survey and even if you don't qualify for a particular survey they have a "spin and win" game that you can take advantage of where you can spin a wheel and earn prizes or cash (such as $.25) just for trying your luck on a survey.  Clixsense has probably the highest paying survey opportunities (usually paying anywhere between $.75 and $2 per completed surveys and varies by survey), though you do have to qualify for the surveys you want to complete (which can be easier said than done sometimes) and can take some time to complete too.  Just think, if you did 3 surveys at Inbox Dollars, for example, you can earn up to $1.50 per day.  At Clixsense, even 1 or 2 completed surveys can net you at least $.75 or more per day in addition to viewing ads and watching videos.  Note: you do have to qualify for the surveys you want to complete and it does take time to view surveys so patience and persistance is needed when it comes to surveys.  If you are new at surveys, I recommend doing the ones at Inbox Dollars and then doing Clixsense later.  Important note: make sure you are honest when doing surveys.  If they find that you are being dishonest, they can deny you credit and you can risk getting your account(s) supended, so don't take that risk.  

3. Crowdflower tasks

Do any of you use sites like Amazon's Mturk program or Microworkers?  If you do, this might seem somewhat similar where people post various jobs and you get paid for each job you complete successfully.  Some common tasks includes: looking up search terms on google/bing and answering questions about your findings, categorizing products on ebay, looking up company details and contact info of managers (such as looking up business cards and sharing information from them), providing feedback on websites, pictures, and videos, etc.  There are plenty of ways you can earn.  There are a few drawbacks to these: 1) some tasks can be confusing at times, so make sure you focus more on the ones you are comfortable doing, 2) the system can be glitchy sometimes when it comes to accuaracy since sometimes you can think you have done a task correctly and still get it rejected or marked incorrect.  It can be frustating but it does happen sometimes.  So you will need to pick and choose which ones you want to complete.

4. Paid to Sign up offers

Sometimes you can earn extra money by taking advantage of paid to sign up offers (such as signing up for someone's mailing list, joining other ptc sites, etc).  Make sure you check the terms of completing an offer before doing them.  Warning: don't join more ptc sites than you can handle.  Otherwise you might find yourself with a "full plate" and it becomes much more difficult remaining active at all of them and viewing ads can take much longer than normal and become more of a chore.  

5. Shopping at partner sites (GPT sites)  Inbox Dollars, Cash Crate, the offers section of Clixsense, the Project Payday system and Inbox Pays are all classic examples of this.  Some paid to click and GPT sites have partner sites they are affiliates of (usually paying on a cost per lead and/or cost per sale basis) and will pay you for completing offers that their affiliates offer.  There are 6 types of offers typically offered:

1) Survey sites - these are probably one of the few 100% complete offers you can complete.  If you like filling out surveys, you can join extra panel sites and survey sites and earn extra money just by joining (one example of this is Panda Surveys).  

2) Membership sites - examples of this includes Winster, Amateur Match (a dating social networking site),, and even job boards.  You usually get paid for joining them (though somtimes you do have to meet certain requirements such as being active, buying paid memberships, etc).  There are also incentivized freebie sites (like ones that clam you can get a "free Xbox" or somthing like that, where you can earn money by joining them and completing the offers they have too.  Project Payday is full of Incentivized freebie site offers by the way where people might pay you j$20 to join an incentivized freebie site (such as Prize Oasis) and complete the offer requirements (usually free trial and cashback offers).  You can also complete the referral requirements and acquire the rewards offered too. 

3) Free trial offers- Have you ever seen sites and services you want to try out.  Maybe you want to try out Netflix or Gamefly, for example.  Some sites offer cash rewards by signing up for free trial memberships.  Music downloading sites like emusic for example, offers free trial memberships.  Some companies also offer free trial offers where you pay for shipping and either keep and buy the products or return them. Tips for doing free trial offers:

- only do offers you are interested (a no brainer).  Sometimes you can lose credit if you sign up for a free trial offer and cancel it early.

- Make sure you read the "fine print" when choosing offers to complete. Many of them do have "catches" you will want to be aware of.  Otherwise you might find yourself with unexpected charges to your credit card or bank accounts.  For example, if you have a free trial membership at emusic, it will convert to a "paid" membership after the free trial period ends.  I remember one time, I did an offer where I got the "video professor" dvd series (where they send you a course of your choosing) and if you don't return it within the free trial period, they charge you about $100 to keep it and they send you more of them until you call them and say "stop".  A lesson learned there, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.

4) Cashback offers -

These are similar to free trial offers, but you buy something and get rebates.  Can be useful if you like shopping online.  The only downside to these is that obviously you are spending money to make money, so you will probably want to do these sparingly and only do ones you are interested in and can afford.  For example, these can be useful for Christmas shopping or shopping for other occasions too (like birthdays, Valentines Day, Easter, etc).

5) Sweepstakes and coupon sites - these are generally free to enter and regardless if you win or lose the sweepstakes, you still get paid for signing up.  I remember last year for example, you could earn money by entering the Publishers Clearing house survey (I think it was like $2 or something to sign up even if you don't win).  Sometimetimes you can also earn money for joining coupon sites too (like groupon, target, etc).

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