Need help getting started with paid to click sites? Get everything you need to know here.

Getting started with paid to click sites is pretty easy and straight forward, but I would be happy to help you out and share some tips and advice on starting.  In this page, I will share with you on how you can get started with paid to click sites.

clixsense is a popular paid to click site and is definitely newbie friendly

****Important update as of 4/18/2018********

I no longer recommend Paypal or Payza as payment processors to go with Paid to Click sites. 

Situation with Paypal:

At one time Paypal was a great resource for sending and receiving payments at paid to click sites and I definitely preferred it over Payza as well as other payment processors.  However it seems like Paypal has become more stringent in their policies and are either limiting or discontinuing their services to many paid to click sites.  At one time, troubles with paypal was a sign that sites were starting to turn scam.  However Paypal seems to become more indiscriminate on which sites to limit or remove from their services.  Even more reputable ptc sites like Clixsense, NEOBUX, Scarlet Clicks, Grandbux, and Buxvertise (to name a few) seem to be in the same boat and it looks like more ptc sites (legitimate or not) will wind up in the same boat sooner or later.  Consequently, I no longer recommend using Paypal when doing paid to click sites as there is more risk there due to Paypal issues with those sites.

Situation at Payza:

Payza used to be a good alternative to Paypal and was more friendly to ptc sites and gpt sites.  However, it looks like the owners of Payza are facing legal troubles now and the US version of the site has been shut down by the government with the owner facing money laundering charges.  As a result I no longer recommend Payza either as a payment processor (unless if the legal issues are resolved).

There are some other payment processors out there (like Net teller, perfect money, etc), but I am not too familiar with them (trying out Netteller right now).  Will get back to you all on new payment processors I recommend.  BTW, some sites (like Clixsense) offers users to cash out via check (which can be a good choice to use in the mean time).  How the Paypal / Payza issues affect the ptc industry in the long run remains to be seen (though I am sure it will be problematic and could hurt the industry in the near term), but I do advise caution in investing in ptc sites for now.  

Paid to click sites, while generally open to anyone wanting to join, are definitely not for everyone.  Here are some general requirements for joining

1.  Obviously, if you don't have one, you will need a computer with high speed internet access.  Can either be a laptop computer or desktop.  If you don't have one, you can probably buy one at your local electronics store or shop for one online, such as at Amazon, Walmart, Tiger Direct, Compusa, and Toshiba.  Can either be a PC or Mac too (I personally prefer pcs over macs, but I am sure that either will do).   

2. Antivirus software - I won't lie to you. While the vast majority of the ads you view at paid to sites are from honest businessmen and women, and ptc sites are usually able to filter out sites that have viruses, malware or other unwanted content on them, every once in a while you may encounter sites with viruses or malware on them.  They are pretty annoying too when it happens, as you can click on an ad and all the sudden your antivirus software tells you that you got hit with a virus or malware (such as Trojans).  It is kind of like how it is with traffic exchanges that way as you never know which kinds of sites you will view when surfing ads.  Obviously, if you are paranoid about getting viruses, or malware, you may want to reconsider joining ptc sites.  However, if you are willing to take the risk, you will probably need a way to protect yourself.  I use Microsoft Endpoint protection, but you can use other ones too.   I  Another software I would recommend is Norton Antivirus (which you can purchase for a mere $14 on

3. Download Google Chrome or Torch - while you can view ads using Microsoft Internet Explorer, I actually recommend getting yourself a copy of either Google Chrome or the Torch Browser.  Both are free to download and easy to set up.  A few nice things about Chrome/Torch is that 1) ads load faster, 2) they are more stable and less susceptible to crashes, and 3) offer better protection against virus/malware inspected sites (such as warning you when you are about to come across a bad website, with internet explorer you won't know if you have come across a virus or malware infected site until after the fact when you virus scanner picks up on it later)

4. Setting up payment processors - in order to get paid at most paid to click sites (and similar sites), you will need a valid payment processor. Paypal and Payza used to be good payment processors for ptc sites, but I no longer recommend them due to unforeseen issues with them (Paypal no longer working with ptc sites and Payza facing legal troubles).  Some other payment processors includes: Perfect Money, Netteller, Skrill, and several others.  There are also some bit coin processors too some sites are turning to as well.  Will get back to you later on which ones I recommend (i might recommend going with 2 of them when using multiple ptc sites).

4. Recommended time to set aside each day: at least 15-30 minutes (or more depending on how many ptc sites you join and how many ads there are able to view).  You can use multiple tabs when surfing ptc sites, though some sites (like Clixsense and Twickerz) have forced view ads where if you try to open up another tab or window, the timer will pause when viewing ads.  Ideally, you will want to do at least 1 round of clicks per day at the ptc sites you are using for maximum profit each day (especially as your referral base grows).  I know we can all get busy sometimes and getting round to viewing ads can be tricky some times, especially if you are busy, but you will definitely want to be logging into the paid to click sites and doing your rounds regularly in order to get paid (at least once or twice a week would be reasonable, though every day would be ideal).  Failure to at least view ads results in you not getting paid (and no, you can't expect your upline to do your rounds for you).  By the way, the more sites you join the more time you will need to put into paid to click sites (at 16 sites for example, you will probably average at least 2 hours a day doing rounds), so don't join more sites than you can handle.  I recommend starting with 1-3 sites initially, no more than 6 maximum, unless if you want to spend alot of time clicking on ads.  By the way, having a laptop can be useful here as you can watch tv or sit outside while viewing ads if things get boring.

5. For maximum earnings you will need a way to advertise the paid to click sites you join.  Each time you join a paid to click (or similar) site, you will be given a referral link that you can promote on other sites and build your referral base with.  Obviously for maximum earnings with paid to click sites, you will need an army of active referrals that also view ads, so having a way to promote your links will be useful.  Can be an ad enabled blog, a website you have, social media, traffic exchanges, or even other paid to click sites.  If you need a blog, I recommend either Empower Network or Instant Blog Subscribers.  You can use free hosts like Google Blogger,, Youtube or Squidoo, but remember that they own the content your post and their polcies tend to be fuzzy when it comes to posting about paid to click sites, downline systems, or affiliate marketing related blogs in general, so you will probably want a host that is more friendly to affiliate sites.  If you need a website, you can build good affiliate websites for pretty cheap with Global Domains International (a mere $10/month), host gator, or Solo Build It (it costs $29/month to use but offers more features than GDI and the site builder they offer is much better than GDI's in many ways and they even teach you how to find the right niches to build your site around).

Next steps:

1. Choose a paid to click site to join.  There are many different paid to click sites on the net, but the top 5 ptc sites I recommend starting with are: Clixsense (by the way, it is possible to earn $1 or more per day even without referrals simply by going through the daily bonus checklist they have and doing all of the tasks on the checklist), Clicksia (can be a slow earning site, but it was the first site I started with and is pretty newbie friendly), Donkeymails (huge site with multiple ways to earn, plus getting downline members is fairly easy), Cashnhits (multiple ways to earn, plus you even get paid to watch and share youtube videos, not all ptc sites have this), and Neobux (n fact, there is a strategy guide that you can follow if you don't know where to start with Neobux).  They have been around for a long time, are pretty straight forward to use and are generally newbie friendly too. Initially, I recommend starting with 1 or 2 for now (for a full list of sites I use, see the links in the side bar near the the top right of this page).  You can join more later of course.

Warnings about joining sites:

- watch out for scam ptc sites.  Not all ptc sites are legit and there are some things to watch for such as too good to be true claims (such as earning $1 or more per click), no forum, the site is less than a year old (not that it will turn scam, but newer sites do have a tendency to turn scam after a while in my experience), it appears on the scam list on forums like Earn Money Space, PTC Investigations or Talkptc (by the way, I will try to warn you of scam sites I come across in the wall of shame page), people posting lots of bad reviews about the site (more bad reviews than good reviews can be a warning sign), as well as sites that are not in english.

- Don't join more sites than you can handle.  It is possible to join too many paid to click sites and if you join too many of them, you can find yourself spending long hours doing your rounds and it can be tricky to stay active at al of them.  I recommend starting with no more than 5 or 6 at the most.  Even 2 or 3 sites can be a good start (you can always join more later anyways).

2. Complete the sign up process and confirm your email address if they send you a confirmation email (most if not all ptc sites are free to join).  By the way, while ptc sites are free to join, they do offer paid memberships too for extra benefits and features, but initially I recommend sticking with the free memberships for now at least till your earnings and referral base goes up significantly and you have the extra money to pay for the upgrades.

3. Once the sign up is complete, you should be ready to begin and start earning money simply by viewing advertisements people post.  You won't make alot with paid to click sites (usually anywhere between $.001 and $.01 per click depending on the sites you are using), but there are usually a good number of ads to click on so they should add up.  By the way, with most sites I make a habit of viewing all of the available ads to click on.  It will take some time to view all of them, but it maximizes your earnings for the day.  A few exceptions to this though:

1) Known bad sites (such as sites known to have frame breakers, malware or viruses).  Obviously if a site looks suspicious or if it is known to have framebreakers, malware, etc don't feel like you have to click on the links.

2) bot trap links - some sites have anti-cheat links with the aim of detecting people trying to cheat the system (such as using automated bots for viewing ads) and it is possible for people to *accidently* click on those links if they are not paying attention.  There are at least 2 sites I am aware of that have bot trap links: Get Bux Today (they have a link mixed in with the advertisements that says "bot trap link" and if you accidently click on it you can get your account suspended for a whole week).  Also Bux p has an anti-bot/anti cheat link at the bottom of the ads (usually below the "adult advertisements") and if you accidently click on that link it will reset your balance to 0 (which would especially be bad if you had a high balance when you clicked on it) and you can get suspended if you click on the anti cheat link too often.  I've never accidently clicked on those links, but I am sure that it does happen and I wanted to warn about those.  So pay attention to the links you are clicking on and don't feel like you have to click those links.   

3) adult websites (for example, Buxp has a few adult website links towards the bottom of the ads section you can click on, but you are not obligated to do so if you don't want to), as well as

4) sites with seemingly endless advertisements (such as Donkeymails and No Minimum).  You can find yourself clicking for a very long time at some sites, so feel free to stop yourself when you get tired.

4.  Some sites offer additional ways to earn even without referrals.  For example, at Clixsense, besides viewing ads, you can also win money by trying your luck on the Clixgrid (most of the time you probably won't win anything, but there is always a chance you might), doing crowdflower tasks, filling out surveys, completing paid to sign up offers, shopping online (get rebates), watching videos, as well as completing the daily bonus checklist.  At Neobux, besides viewing ads, you also earn money doing mini jobs, as well as Neocoins by taking advantage of the offfer wall they have (such as watching videos, downloading toolbars, signing up for free trial offers, etc).  Inbox Dollars is an example of this since while you can earn money vieiwing ads, t he meet of the earnings will likely come from completing offers, watching videos, playing games for cash, filling out surveys, searching the search engine they have, as well as doing mini jobs.

5. For extra earnings, you will need to advertise your referral links and get active referrals.  Think of it this way, at neobux for example, if you are viewing ads, you could probably make $.04 or $.05 per day from your own clicks, but bear in mind that you can also earn up to $.005 per referral click ($.01 as a "gold" member) too, and having lots of active referrals can mean more earnings for both you and them.  For example, if you had at least 100 active referrals and they each view at least 4 ads per day, you would earn up to $2 a day (assuming they are all active) in addition to what you make from your own activities.  If you had 1000 active referrals (and they each view at least 4 ads per day), then you would be making up to $20/day and that is just from referral clicks at Neobux alone (let alone other sites you might be using).  If you made $20 day with 5 sites, for example, you would be making up to $100/day from all 5 paid to click sites you use (which is alot if you ask me). One good place to start advertise is by advertising on other paid to click sites or even traffic exchanges that allow ptc sites.  By  the way, some paid to click sites do have built in traffic exchanges you can take advantage of too, where basically you get free advertising in exchange for viewing other peoples sites.  Donkeymails, Cashnhits, Clicksia, Incentria, Scarlet Clicks, Cash Harvest, Buxp, and No Minimum all have built in traffic exchanges that you can take advantage of.  Alternatively, you could also promote your sites by word of mouth (sharing them with friends that might be interested), posting your referral link on websites or blogs you have, using social media, etc.  

Now you have it.  Happy earnings.

Tips on getting the most out of ptc sites:

1. If nothing else, at least view ads almost every day for best results (especially as you get more active referrals).  While the earnings might not seem like much, the more often you do your rounds, the more they add up after a while.  I like Neobux and Probux this way as they offer incentives to view ads every day (such as requiring 100 clicks on advertisements before you can refer people as well as requiring you to do your rounds in order to get paid from referrals' clicks).  If you are not even viewing ads, then your earnings will be minimal if any.

2. Consider taking advantage of the extra ways to earn (especially sites like Donkeymails, Clixsense, Cashnhits and Inbox Dollars).  You can easily go from earning pennies to earning at least $1-2 per day even without referrals this way.  At Clixsense, consider doing the daily bonus check list if you have the time for it.  At Inbox Dollars, feel free to fill out a survey or two, complete an offer every once in a while or even shop at their partner sites if you are shopping online and want rebates for your purchases.  Some sites have mini jobs you can take advantage of too and earn extra.

3. Try to build your referral base.  By the way, some sites let you rent referrals and can be a good way to start.

4. Make sure you check the terms of service on sites if needed.

5. Check out forums on paid to click sites (such as Earn Money Space and Talkptc).  You can interact with other people who use paid to click sites, get the latest news in the industry, learn about sites to stay away from, trade referral links, along with other things.  By they way, they do allow links (even referral links) in your signature file, so I recommend using them. Even facebook has groups that you can join on paid to click sites.

Warnings and disclaimers about ptc sites:

1. Be sure to follow the rules at the sites.  Failure to follow them can cause your account(s) to get suspended, deleted or even banned.  Some common rules includes: 1) limit 1 account per person and ip address, 2) no proxy servers, 3) no bots or cheat devices, 4) some sites don't allow ptsu offers for advertising your referral links, 5) don't be inactive for too long.  For example at Neobux, accounts inactive for more than 30 days can be suspended and suspended after 60 days of no activity.  Consult the terms of service or faqs if you have questions about the rules.

2. Watch out for virus and malware sites.  Having a good antivirus and antimalware software will be your best friends at these sites.

3. Bear in mind that you iwll probably not get rich with paid to click sites, especially if you have little or no referrals.  It will definitely take time for your earnings to build significantly, even with referrals.

4. Don't feel like you are obligated to respond to ads you are not interested in.  Obviously people will try to sell you stuff on paid to click sites and you can find yourself spending lots of money if you have a habit of giving in.  Also, when doing paid to sign up offers or paid to shop offers, make sure you read the terms of an offer before completing them.  Also, be careful about downloading stuff, as you can inadvertantly download spyware, adware or even trojans sometimes.

5. Bear in mind, not every site on the net will let you advertise your referral links for ptc sites.  For example, google adwords frowns on those kinds of sites (as well as affiliate websites in general).  Also, sites like youtube and blogger tend to be fuzzy on their policies about promoting paid to click sites. I can attest to youtube myself, as I posted a video not too long ago demonstratin how to use Clixsense and about a year later, my video got deleted and I got a strike against my account (I guess Youtube doesn't like paid to click sites).  So be careful.  Also, if you have Google Adsense on your site, use caution when advertising ptc links or advertise your site onptc sites as they can disable your adsense account if you do so (happened to me by the way).  Even Facebook can be fuzzy about what you post about sometimes (for example, they don't seem to like Empower Network blog links for some reason).

5. Referrals that turn inactive.  In the ideal world, every referral you get would be good quality and they click almost every single day, but realistically some people will likely be more active than others and some people can turn inactive after a while.  Obviously the more referrals you have the better, but bear in mind that not everyone is going to be active, so watch out and me mindful about how you are promoting your referral links.

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