Tips on getting Referrals at Paid to Click Sites.

image caption: partial list of referrals I have at Clicksia.  Ideally, it would be nice if they were all active, but alas some of them turned inactive and got their accounts suspended.  Whenever you refer members there, you get paid extra whenever they view ads, complete sign up offers, buy advertising or upgrade their account.  In addition, if they use the Traffic Exchange feature, you do get extra advertising credits for TE advertising.

General overview.

While technically you don't need referrals to earn with paid to click sites (as you would with most affiliate programs and downline systems) and there are sites where you can earn quite a bit even without referrals each month (such as at Inbox Dollars and Clixsense, where it is possible to earn at least $1-2, or more per day from your own activities, even without referrals), building your referral base is a must when it comes to earning with ptc sites. The most straight forward way to refer new members is to advertise the referral link(s) you are given when joining a paid to click site.  Referring new members does have its' benefits, including:

- Earning extra money when they view ads (you get a percentage of what they earn from viewing ads).  Same goes for completing offers, filling out surveys, watching videos, etc.

- Traffic exchange feature: for sites with traffic exchange features, you also get extra traffic credits whenever your referrals surfs sites for credits.

- Extra commissions on advertising purchases or upgrades.  In my experience,  most referrals will probably not buy anything, but whenever you get the few that do, this can be a good bonus to have.

- Downline systems: some sites like Clixsense and Bux Matrix have matrix systems that you can take advantage of.  Downline systems are pretty straight forward.  Basically, people can join under you using your sign up link, and then they can too advertise their sign up links for their networks and whenever they too refer new members both of you get credit.  At Clixsense, they pay extra commissions whenever you or your downline members get sign ups that upgrade their memberships or buy advertising.  Some sites pay extra on referral clicks on all levels.  Some of these sites even offer huge income potiential depending on how big your downline is.  A maxed out matrix (3x12 forced matrix) at Bux Matrix, for example, can net you more than $700,000 in commissions (in addition to what you would earn from referral clicks).  Clixsense actually has a unilevel downline system plan for all upgraded members (which means that there is no limit on how big your downline can grow, so potientially earnings can grow exponentially there depending on how both you and your downline members are at getting sign ups).  

- Ultimately, the more active referrals you have, the faster you will earn with paid to click sites.

To illustrate, lets's look at Get Bux Today for example. 

Each day you do your rounds on the ads (besides the Ad Grid).  If you clicked on at least 15 ads per day (maximum you can click on as a free member).  At $.005 per click on average, you would make  $.075 per day from your own clicks.  Now, let's say you have at least 100 active members in your network that click almost every day (100 is the referral limit for free members at Get Bux Today).  Assuming they all click on ads each day (at $.0025 per referral click for free members), you would earn up to  $3.75 per day (up to $112 per month assume they click every day for 30 days) from their clicks (or $.25 per ads they all click on).  Note: this figure assumes everyone is active and are viewing all of the ads available.  Obviously, some referrals will likely be more active than others, so this figure will vary.  If you had 1000 active referrals that viewed 15 ads a day, then you would be making up to $37.50 per day (or up to $1125 every 30 days. assuming everyone is active).  Of course, gettng lots of active referrals will be a stretch for many and does require adequate marketing skills and so naturally some people can wind up with lots of referrals, while others might get very little if any.  By the way, for the record I will be honest: I am still a learner at getting referrals myself, so I don't know everything about getting referrals.  I wish I could give you a clear cut strategy on how to built up your referral base that works every time, but I can't.  Ha, if I knew that, I would get stinkin rich in no time, might not even need paid to click sites given all of the other affiliate networks and downline systems I use (like traffic wave, which pays up to a whopping $86,000 per month in commmissions if you manage to max out your 3x10 matrix there for example, or at Global Domains International where a 10x5 matrix can net you more than $100,000+ per month in commissions).  However, there do seem to be some common methods for promoting paid to click sites.  Below are some popular strategies and along with that, I will share with you the pros and cons of each. 

Method 1: advertising on Classified ads sites like Craigslist, Ad Land Pro, and Back Page

Basically with this method, you post a catchy ad on a classified ad board and with any luck, you will get people interested in your offer.


- Free advertising

- Can be useful if you know how to use it properly

- Blast out your offer to people looking for income opportunities.

- Relatively low risk (at least money wise).

- Free traffic


- Some sites like craigslist are restrictive when it comes to advertising referral/affiliate links (which can be a challenge when it comes to advertising ptc sites).

- Craigslist has a flagging problem.  I've encountered this on various occasions myself (and no I am not normally the spammer type) , where you  can post an ad, and everything will seem to work fine at first.  However, sometimes the next day, you might get a message from craigslist saying that your ad was flagged for spam and removed (or maybe you log in to the site and learn that your ads were flagged).  The best place to advertise with minimal risk of getting flagged is in the small biz ads section, but even there, you never know when an overzealous flagger (spam hater) might lurk.  Backpage and Ad Land Pro are actually better for posting classified ads due to this reason as your ads are not nearly likely to be marked as spam at those sites like they are at Craigslist.

- Low response rate.  Personally I find that when posting ads on Craigslist or Backpage, I get a low response rate, even when posting in multiple cities.  Not sure why the response rate is so low, but it is worth mentioning.  By the way, there are some systems on the net that can teach you how to use classified ads sites properly (like Copy Paste Cash), so if you are new to classified ad sites, you migtht consider trying out that system (they pay $25 per sign up too) as they can teach you how to post ads that gets the click (maybe even convert a few traffic into customers).  Also, they do have an overgrowing database of classified ads sites that you are welcome to try out and expand your presense (which can be useful for finding which sites work best for you).  

- Spam: you can get people who try to sell you stuff (such as other systems) when posting ads on classified sites.

Method 2: Building a website (alternatively if you have a website or ad enabled blog with a good amount of traffic each month, you could post a banner ad or text ad for the ptc sites you use whenever people view your website, they might click on the ad and ultimately join under you and some sites even pay you just for promoting the link, especially at Cashnhits and Clicksia with the ptp programs they have).  

This task can seem daunting, but having your own website or ad enabled blog can really give you an advantage when it comes to building your ptc business (same goes for other affiliate programs and downline systems).  Benefits of having a website includes:

- Great way to brand yourself

- You control the content on your site

- Enables you to promote multiple sites at once (such as hosting the banner ads or text ads for the paid to click sites you use).

- You can also set up custom email boxses that you can use for email marketing purposes (at Global Domains International, for example), all members can have up to 10 email boxes at a time.

- If you can master the art of Search engine optimization, you can get tons of free traffic to your site.

- Great for places where referral links are not welcome (like on social networks) as you can refer people to your website/blog instead of pushing your referral links directly.  Same goes for Craigslist (which normally doesn't allow you to advertise affiliate links, at least not directly), forums that don't allow referral links, as well as offline promotion.

- Great for posting reviews, videos, links, etc.

By the way, getting a website or domain name can be either cheap or expenseive.  If you are on a budget, I reommend checking out Global Domains International.  At GDI, did you know that you know that for a mere $10/month, you can get your own domain name  (and it doesn't have to be a ".ws" domain name), a custom wordpress blog plug in, a wysiwyg html editor (site builder), custom forums you can set up, advanced hosting (for example, you want to use Microsoft Expressions tobuild your site), up to 10 email boxses that you can set up and use for email marketing, along with many other features and benefits?  GDI can be very useful for building good affiliate websites (without having to invest very much money) that you can advertise and potientially make money from (2 examples of sites I have through Global Domains are an Xbox 360 fan site I have at and a video blog on huskies/malamutes at, which is actually a blog I have through Instant Blog Subscribers).  In addition, GDI even pays you to promote their services under the unilevel downline system they have, paying $1/month per sign up that buys into their services, $1/month per sign up from downline members (up to 5 levels deep), as well as $100+ weekly bonuses for every 5 sales per week.  2 downsides to GDI: 1) site builder tends to be glitchy, so you might want to consider using a different html editor, such as dreamweaver, Microsoft Expressions or one of the many editors that you can download from various freeshare sites.  2) If you use Site Builder, you can't easily verify your site on google or bing (there is a way to do it using site builder, but it can be easier said than done unless if you are savvy with using site builder), and plsu they don't have sitemaps that you can upload to Google either, which can make seo a bit tricky.

Another service you might like is Solo Build It.  By the way, in case if you don't know, this very site was built using Ken Evoy's Solo Build It system (see the banner ad towards the top of this page for more information about Solo Build It)..  It is a bit pricier to join and use than Global Domains (selling at $29/month), but they do offer much more features, including training tutorials, resources for researching good key words to use for your site (GDI doesn't have this), built in newsletter system (saves you from having to use a seperate email marketing service for email marketing purposes like you would with other hosts).  Also, personally I like the WYSIWYG editor more than GDI as it is definitely fanciere, easier to use, and is not glitchy like the Site Builder systems are at Global Domains (makes it much easier to build pages and modify them as needed).  Also, it is much easier to post your site on the major search engines, have your site(s) verified, as well as posting site maps.  If you need a good affiliate site, I definitely recommend Solo Build It as it can be well worth the money .

Downsides to having a website:

- Does take some knowledge and skillls.  By the way, technoligy like Solo Build It and Global Domains does make it much easier to build sites, unlike how it used to be where people build websites from scratch using notepad and using straight up html to build the site (when I was in high school, most sites were built from scratch and it definitely takes more knowledge and skills to do it that way).  Also, if your site is poorly written or not catchy enough, your traffic levels will likely be low and your conversion rate will be extremely low too.

- Traffic generation is a challenge, especially if your site is new.  Also, ranking high on google and bing will take time too, especially when it comes to oversaturated niches (even in the ptc industry, there are many review sites on ptc sites in addition to mine).  By the way, even my site is relatively new and is slowly getting more and more traffic.  Ideally, you will probably want to be getting at least 1000 hits per day minimum or more for best results with this method.

- Does cost money each month to maintain.  Global Domains can be useful here by the way gven the mere $10/month price tag, which is not very much money each month, plus if you get 10 or more active sign ups at GDI, you pretty much get their services for free.  At Solo Build It, I am paying $29/month to keep this site active by the way.

- Warning: if you use Google Adsense, I strongly advise you to not post ptc related content on your website if you have Google Adsense ads (alternatively, you can take off the adsense ads), since Google doesn't seem to like ptc sites for some reason (they probably view them as competitors), and if you are caught hosting ptc related content on an adsense site, your account could get disabled sooner or later, which would be bad, especially if you have made lots of money with Adsense (btw, once they suspend your account, it is extremely difficult if not impossible to get your account reinstated).

(more methods will be added over time)