Information and Review about Empower Network

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********Important update as of 4/17/18*****

Empower Network has gone out of business (one site that talks more about Empower Network's downfall can be found at

At one time it was a popular blogging platform for network marketers and affiliate marketers (free blogging resources like Blogger and aren't always friendly to network marketers and actually doesn't allow affiliate links on their blogs (found that out the hard way in my short time there), so premium platforms like Empower Network was a popular option.  Though I remember empower network did change blog hosts several times and even had issues with Facebook (for example, Facebook censoring posts from blogs from Empower Network members under the guise of "spam" even when not posting spammy posts on the blogs) which probably helped contribute to its demise, plus there are cheaper blog hosts people can use too (for example Global Domains International and Host Gator are cheaper alternatives).  

For now, I don't recommend Empower Network.  Some good alternatives include Site Build it (though they are better for building websites than blogs), Global Domains International (much cheaper to join and use and their affiliate program comes free with the membership there, whereas Empower Network charged $25/month to join plus an extra $19/month to use their affiliate program).  

Benefits of Empower Network (back when it was online)

- You get your own professional looking blog like the one I have

- Plenty of resources to take advantage of.  By the way, EN does offer advanced training courses for building your business, though it does cost money for the extra course.  Alternatively there are ebooks, youtube videos and other resources you can check out as well.

- If you enroll in their affiliate program (which costs an extra $19/month to activate and use), whenever you get sign ups, you earn $25 commissions (note that some of them are "passed" up to your upline too.  I recommend trying to generate at least 1 sale per day (preferably 3 per day) so you can start earning right away.

- Popular with active network marketers

- Can be useful if you like to write and blog.

- Can also be useful for branding yourself too.

Negative aspects about empower network:

- Does cost money to join empower network ($25/month for the blog, plus $19/month more if you want to activate your affiliate account).  Obviously, there are cheaper routes to go if you want to spend less (such as blogger, hub pages, global domains international, and instant blog subscribers).  Also, it does cost money to get storage for videos and pictures (an extra $50 per month).  There are also extra packages you can get (even a tutorial system, viral blogging academy) but they are not cheap to buy.  Don't spend too much.  My advice would be to just start with the initial blog and if you want to buy the extra stuff, use earnings you make to buy the upgrades.  By the way, you can use empower network to promote other affiliate ads you have (such as other network marketing companies).  I know that some uplines may try to pressure you into "going all in" (or buy everything), but don't feel like you have to "go all in" unless if you know what you are doing and have the extra money to invest.

- For some reason, Facebook doesn't allow you to share posts from Empower Network blogs, though ironically twitter does.  Will make it trickier to use social media to promote your blogs.  My guess: some inconsiderate marketers made a bad name for empower network (such as spammers).  You will probably want to set up your feed and encourage people to subscribe to your feed so that they can get updated when you post.

- Ads are not ad enabled.  The host puts up ads for empower network on your behalf, but there doesn't seem to be a way to host your own ads.  

- As with most income opportunities online, making money with EN does require skill, patience and hard work.  Don't join empower network expecting to make millions "overnight".  It might happen for some people, but those types are probably skilled or just lucky.  For most people, it will take time, money and effort.  Think of it as a commission sales job.  The more you sell, the more you make.

- Empower Network can get very expensive, especially if you buy into the extra services they offer (some costing over $1000 or more in investment).  Some sponsors also try to pressure affiliates to going "all in" (meaning to buy into all of the services they offer).  Sure the extra investments are probably affordable for high earners there, but for those who are inexperience or have little or no success in the affiliate /network marketing business, that could be a huge risk and I don't recommend investing more than you can afford in an online business.

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Similar systems and opportunities:

- Global Domains International: much cheaper to join than Empower Network (a mere $10/month and that comes with a domain name, web hosting, email boxes you can set up, DIY websites, and even hosted blogs).  Note that all new members get a 7 day free trial before having to pay anything.

- Instant Blog Subscribers (basically a free version of empower network, with upgrade options).

- if you want a free blog host, I recommend Google Blogger.  Probably the easiest way to start blogging and you can get quite a bit from blogger without having to spend a dime.  Note that Google does own the content and is not always friendly towards network marketers (blogs can be labeled as "spam" if you are not careful).

- Hub Pages.  Great for making mini sites.  Note that there are restrictions on affiliate links there.

- Host Gator