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Short review of Donkeymails

The Good

+ Huge site

+ Multiple ways to earn (ptc ads, paid to read ads, gpt offers, paid to review, paid to promote, 5 level downline system, raffles, survey offers, built in traffic exchange with occasional cash rewards, and more).

+ Low minimum payment threshold (a mere $1 via paypal, $1.06 via payza, variable minimums for other payment processors).  You can also cashout via ok pay, liberty reserve, Ego pay, Perfect Pay and Solid Trust Pay if you have any of those payment processors).

+Very Stable for its size

+ Paid to promote feature, they give you special links to advertise and get paid for promoting it (pays on a per click basis).

+ Free referral system for paid members (they also offer advertising co-op features too).  Can be useful to have if you need help getting active referrals.

+ Almost unlimited paid to click ads to view (there seems to be a lot here in addition to the paid to read ads you get).

+ Built in Traffic Exchange feature, useful for advertising other paid to click sites and and other ads you have.  They also pay occasional cash rewards for surfing.  Great for advertising other ptp links (like the ones from No Minimum and Cashnhits).

+ Can be a fast earner site even if you don't have referrals

+ Can be easy to promote (I managed to get up to 239 referrals by advertising the splash page they give you on the clixgrid at Clixsense).

The Bad

- Server seems to go down periodically (has happened to me before on several occasions).

- Can't always view the same ads each day (which can get annoying , especially while viewing paid to read ads).

- Can be time consuming depending on what you are doing there.  Also, don't feel like you have to view every single paid to click ad if you are getting tired as the ads seem to be endless (they just keep coming in my experience).  

- Watch out for framebreakers when doing the traffic exchange.  They seem to be prevailent at donkeymails.

- Hard to recycle or delete inactive referrals.  Also, you can't contact referrals either.

- They are picky about how you advertise your ptp link.  They have approved sites lists that you have to go by when choosing sites to advertise your ptp link on.  Also, bear in mind that some sites don't allow you to advertise ptp links.  For example, Hit Safari members should probably heed the warnings that they can lose their hit safari account(s) if they try advertising the ptp link for Donkeymails.  In otherwords, be sure to check out the terms of use on sites you plan to advertise on before advertising the ptp link(s). 

- Downline systems can be over rated and most people will probably not upgrade.

Site Features and benefits

  1. Almost unlimited Paid to Click ads
  2. Paid to Read ads
  3. Ads are worth anywhere between $.001 and $.01 on average.  Also paid to read ads are generally worth $.0025 per click
  4. Paid to Promote links (advertise the ptp links on approved sites and get paid on a per click basis).  Earnings rate $.50 per 1000 valid hits.  Several other varieties too, including ptp links that pay on a per lead/sale basis (geared towards advanced affiliates).  You can also advertise points based ptp links, and use points towards advertising, traffic, and upgrades.
  5. Traffic Exchange.  Want some free advertising, you've got it.  They even pay occasional cash rewards for active surfers.  Great for promoting other ptc sites, downline builders, and even other ptp links you have (like the ones on Cashnhits or No Minimum).
  6. Paid to review page: you can join sites and post reviews about them and get paid for them.
  7. Survey offers: fill out surveys and get paid.  Surveys are generally worth anywhere between $.25 and $.55 each.  
  8. PTSU offers: choose sites to join and get paid for it.
  9. Low minimum payout: $1.00 for Paypal, Ego Pay, and Perfect Pay Members.  $.01 for Ok Pay and Liberty Reserve members.  $.50 for solid trust pay members, and $1.06 for Payza members.
  10. Raffles, Contest ptc ads, and lotteries.
  11. 5 level downline system, earn 10%-1% from referral clicks and activities (starting at 10% from 1st level members).
  12. Advertising Co-op.  Subscribe to this and get free referrals (can be useful to have if you are struggling to get sign ups).

Upgrade features.

  1. 5 different membership levels, each offering more benefits.  Costs start at $10 per year
  2. Earn more from clicks (up to $.50 per click on some ads)
  3. Random referrals - whenever unreferred members join Donkeymails, they might join under you (not available to free members unless if they join the advertising co-op instead).
  4. free ad credits (can be useful if you have links to advertise yourself).
  5. Significantly more ads to click on (as if you don't have enough ads to click on).

Advertising features:

- many available (ptc ads, ptr ads, paid to sign up ads, paid to review ads, etc).

If you are looking for a massive paid to click site to join, then Donkeymails is for you (perhaps the same could be said of No Minimum as well).  Compared to most other ptc/ptr sites, Donkeymails is HUGE and they do offer multiple ways to earn too: paid to read ads (you usually get quite a bit and they do accumulate each day, sometimes with up to 70 or so ads to click on at a time), paid to click ads (which seem to be endless at donkeymails as far as I can tell), paid to sign up offers, paid to review offers (trying out someone's site or services and posting a review about them), paid to promote link, and even a 6 level downline system too (paying out on referral activities and purchases on every level).  In addition, the minimum cashout threshold is pretty low too ($1 for paypal members and $1.06 for payza members, and they do use other payment processors to for variable payment thresholds too).  Given all of the ways to earn, Donkeymails can definitely be a fast earner depending on how you use it.  It is also relatively easy to promote compared to many other paid to click sites.  In fact, I did an Clixgrid campaign on Clixsense promoting Donkeymails on several occasions and managed to get 239 referrals that way (I used one of the splash pages they give you to promote on the Clixgrid campaign).  Of course, given all of the ways to earn,  Donkeymails can definitely be extra time consuming, so patience is needed here (though unlike Clixsense, they don't pause the timer whenever you open up new tabs to view ads on other ptc sites, which is nice as you can view more than one site at a time this way). 

The 5 level downline system can be pretty useful to have and they do pay on referral activities and purchases on all levels and is available to just about anyone, even if you are a free member (some sites require you to upgrade to take advantage of the multilevel downline systems, as is the case with Bux Matrix and Clixsense, for example).  Also, the ptp does offer extra incentive to promote Donkeymails on other sites. 2 downsides to this: 1) Donkeymails is somewhat picky about where you can advertise the ptp links as they have a list of "approved" sites where you can advertise your links on, so you would have to stick to the sites on the list in order to take advantage of the ptp feature.  Also 2) if you use traffic exchanges, you wiill find that at least some of them don't allow ptp links (for example, Hit Safari members can put their accounts in jeopardy if they are caught promoting ptp links on Hit Safari).  

Donkeymails is not without its flaws of course.  Here are some things I didn't like about Donkeymails:

1. Server crashes - if you have used DM for a while, you probably know what I am talking about.  Most of the time, the site is online, but every once in a while, the site seems to go offline, which can be annoying, especially if it happens while you are viewing ads.

2. Watch out for frame breakers if you use the traffic exchange feature.  I have seen sites with frame breakers there.

3. Can be time consuming.  If you have smaller sites to do your rounds first, you will proably want to save donkeymails for later (though on the postitive note, you can have multiple tabs open while viewing ads, which can be useful if you want to surf other ptc sites while doing Donkeymails as well).

4. They are picky about how you promote the ptp link and go by an "approved sites system", where you can only advertise the link on certain sites, so you won't be able to advertise the link just anywhere.  Also, not all traffic exchanges like ptp links either (such as Hit Safari), so if you use traffic exchanges to promote, then you will need to check the terms of service on each traffic exchange to make sure it is okay to advertise the link there.

5. I have noticed that some people have had issues about getting paid.  I cashed out a few months back and got paid myself but it does appear that they don't always pay right away).  I can't confirm this flaw, but I will get back to you on this one as I get the facts straight.

Despite the flaws, there are lots of benefits to Donkeymails, including:

1. Multiple ways to earn - this makes Donkeymails a fast earner site depending on how you use it.

2. Downline system - great for building a team and working together to promote the system.  Not all ptc sites have a downline system, especially for free members (Clixsense for example, has a downline system, but you have to upgrade to premium to take advantage of it, whereas at Donkeymails, even free members can use the downlien system

3. Traffic exchange feature - useful for getting free advertising to your sites and could also be a useful way to promote other ptc sites.  Also, the fact that they do offer incentives like occasional cash rewards does give you all the more reason to use it.  By the way, if you have other ptp links to advertise (like No minimum or Cashnhits), Donkeymails is popular for advertising ptp links using their traffic exchange feature.

4. Paid to read ads: expect lots of ads each week (I usually average at least 4 ads or so per day and they do accumulate).  

5. Paid to Click ads: these seem endless, paying anywhere between $.001 and $.01 per click on adverage.  You can be clicking on these ads for a while.  Can be useful for earning rather quickly.

6. Surveys: like many big paid to click sites, you can fill out surveys and get paid for them.  By way, they do have a huge list of surveys you can take along with what the surveys are about and which countries they are targeting (which is useful as you can pick which surveys relate to you).  This can be nice too since in some sites (like Inbox Dollars), you usually don't know what the surveys are about until after you have done the prequalification questionaire.

Well there you have got it.  While Donkeymails might not be for everyone, it is definitely a top earner ptc site and is definitely a must have for almost anyone who wants to get the most out of ptc sites.

Tips for earning with Donkey mails:

1. Be sure to view ads regularly.

2. I always let the ptr ads accumulate for a few days and then click on them, this way you can get a bunch of them in one shot.

3. Be sure to check out the other ads too.

4. I recommend doing at least 1 or 2 surveys a day.  Also, feel free to check out the ptsu offers and paid to review offers too.

5. Promote!  I recommend using one of the splash pages they give you and advertise on other ptc sites (like Clixsense) and you should start getting downline members before long.

6. The traffic exchange can be very useful for promoting other ptp links you might have.

(more tips will be added)

Overall Grade for Donkeymails: B

Feel like Donkeymails is a good fit for you?  Click here to visit the site (sign up is free by the way).

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