Ryan's Official Review of CTP Gem  - A relatively new Paid to Click site  that rivals Clixsense (Added to the Shame of Shame Page)

****Scam alert*****

This site is gone.  Has been in "maintanence mode" indefinitely since November 2014.  Best to move on to a different ptc site


Updated review:

CTP Gem has been in "maintenance mode" since towards the end of November in 2014.  I thought it would come back online sometime in December, but it never did.  Seems unlikely it will be coming back online anytime soon, if ever.  I have do admit that I am sorry to see the site go (and sorry for your loss if you spent money there or was earning alot).  I know I was probably averaging about $4 per day in earnings there (which is pretty good for a paid to click site) and my referral base was definitely growning (both direct and rental).  I guess it is time to move on for now.  If you are looking for good alternatives to CTP Gem, I recommend checking out Twickerz and Scarlet Clicks.  Both are similar to CTP Gem but are much more stable (at least as of 1/1/2015).

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