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Overall grade: B

Clixsense at a glance:

The good:

+ Plenty of ads to click on usually (especially if you upgrade)

+ Can be a fast earner site depending on how you use it (I find that it is possible to earn at least $1 or more per day even without referrals).

+ 5 level downline system.  Not all ptc sites have a multilevel downline system 

+ One of the most popular ptc sites on the net

+ Relatively low minimum payout threshold: $8 ($6 as a paid member).  You can actually earn that money fairly quickly if you follow the daily checkist system each day.

+ Variable earning on ads with many of them worth $.005, $.01 or even $.02 on occasion.  Many ptc sites have most of their ads worth at $.001 less per click.

+ Huge earnings is possible depending on your skill level when it comes to Network Marketing / MLM systems.  If you happen to be the type that is good at sponsoring new members and building huge downlines, Clixsense is for you.

 The bad:

Forced view advertisements.  Whenever you try to open up new tabs or windows while viewing ads, the timer will pause. 

_ Only paid members have access to the 8 level downline system (for free members, it is more like any other ptc). 

- Downline systems are over rated in my opinion, especially if you have little or no experience in the Network Marketing/MLM industry. 

- Very low odds of wining at the Clixsgrid game.  Most of the time you probably won't win anything.

- Clixsense can get time consuming, especially when going through the daily bonus checklist system..

- Crowd Flower tasks are definitely not for everyone and can be confusing and/or unfair at times - for example, sometimes you can think you do a task right and still get it wrong.

 - Surveys while a good addition to the site, are not always the most reliable ways to earn.  The surveys are nice to do and ideally one or 2 surveys a day minimum can really help your earnings grow fast (with most surveys paying $.75 or more for completion), but surveys can be tricky to qualify for and are time consuming too/

Site Features and benefits

- Variable number of ads. Some days you can get a lot and other days you can get very little.  Note the ads page tends to refresh periodically too and so more ads do tend to pop up over time.

-  Premium members usually get more ads than free members.  In fact, once you upgrade at least once, you get 1000 "welcome" ads that you can click on that appear at least once.  When I clicked them, most (if not all) welcome ads were worth at least $.01 or $.02 per click on average, which means that at 1000 ads, you can essentially earn a $10 rebate by clicking on all of the welcome ads.  Note: the welcome ads disappear indefinitely after you have clicked them all.

- Ads are generally worth anywhere between $.001 and $.01 on average (sometimes as much as $.02 per click, though those kinds of ads are rare especially as a free member).  The rate per click also varies by timer length too (with 3 second ads worth $.001, 15 second ads worth $.005, 30 second ads worth $.01 and 60 second ads worth $.02). 

- Minimum cashout: $8 for free members ($6 for free members).  They usually payout within a week requesting payout (usually Mondays and Fridays).  Note: you can also cashout via check, but the mimimum payout is $10 if you are in the US ($100 elsewhere in the world) and payout via check usually occurs within a month.  For fastest response I recommend using either paypal or payza.

- Daily bonus checklist system.  By the way, if you follow the checklist system, it is possible to earn $1-2 or more per day even without referrals. That is an incentive to take advantage of it.

- Paid surveys - they are generally worth anywhere between $.70 and $2 on average (depending on survey you complete).  So, if you did 5 surveys per day (which is usually the daily cap), you can earn at least $3.50 per day from surveys alone.  Though it is unlikely you will earn that much since you have to qualify for the surveys you want to complete and they can take time to do as well, so you can't rely on them too much for income.

- Crowdflower tasks system.  Like many of the bigger paid to click sites, Clixsense does offer the crowdflower tasks, where you do random jobs and earn extra money (for example, offering feedback on websites, looking up search terms in Google/Bing and answering questions about your results, looking up contact info of business people, etc).  Crowdflower is generally geared more towards advanced users and some tasks are easier to do than others.

- GPT offers.  Besides surveys and tasks, you can also earn by completing cash offers, such as signing up for free trial memberhships, getting insurance quotes, watching videos, or even shopping at Clixsense' partners and earning rebates.

- 8 level downline system, plus extra commissions on upgrades, purchases, etc.  Free members have a 1 tier downline system, while paid members qualify for the full 8 level downline system.  You probably don't have to upgrade right away, but as your referral base grows and some of them start referring new members (especially ones that upgrade or buy advertising), upgrading your account will likely be tempting.  Note: upgrades cost $17 and are good for the whole year.

 - Big support forum too.  Good place to check out the site news, get questions answered, as well as connect with other ptc members.

- Clixgrid game.  There is a game that you can play where you click ads for a chance to win anywhere between $.10 and $5.00.  In my experience, most of the time you probably won't win anything, but I am sure some people are luckier than others with the clixgrid.  Note: the clixgrid does count towards the daily bonus, so there is some extra incentive to do the clixgrid game.

Picture of the daily bonus checklist at Clixsense


General review of Clixsense

Boy, Clixsense is one huge paid to click site and is perhaps one of the most popular and oldest ones on the net.  Clixsense does offer multiple ways to earn.  Not only do you earn money by viewing ads (with the average ad worth anywhere between $.001 and $.01 per click on average), but you can also win money with the clixgrid game (sometimes up to $5), completing crowdflower tasks (mini jobs that you can complete and earn), filling out surveys (usually worth anywhere between $.75 and $2.00 on average), shopping at partner sites, as well as taking advantage of the daily bonus checklist system.  In addition, Clixsense does offer an 8 level downline system (though you do have to upgrade your account in order to take advantage of it) and so not only can you earn from referrals earnings and activities, but whenever they upgrade or buy advertising, you earn extra commissions. Clixsense can also be a relatively fast earner site depening on how you use it as I have confirmed that it is possible to earn at least $1 or more per day (even without referrals), especially if you do more than just viewing ads each time. 

Things I liked about Clixsense:

- Lots of ads to view on average.

- Being able to earn $1 or more per day, which is very nice.  Not all ptc sites have this benefit (especially if you have little or no referrals).  So being active can be very beneficial at Clixsense and can also be useful for supplementing your income online as well as funding for other business activities you do online (such as advertising Clixsense or other paid to click sites).

- The downline system can be a good addition to have, especially if you are good with downlines.  The bigger your downline, the more you can earn.  Obviously it does take some skill and luck to build a downline, but if you are good with downlines, Clixsense can be a good way to really build up your income.  Note: it is a unilevel system too, and so you can get unlimited sign ups.

- Relatively low minimum cashout threshold.  $8 should not take very long to reach depending on how you use Clixsense.  By the way, if you upgrade your account and click on all 1000 welcome ads (most were worth at least $.01 when I did them), you earn $10 almost right away, allowing you to cashout rather early.

- I like the support forum they have.  Good place to connect with other members, get help on probablems you might encounter, as well as getting tips and strategies from other members.


Things I did not like about Clixsense -

- Bear in mind that downline systems are not going to be for everyone.  MLM programs can look easy on the surface, but obviously getting downline members is not as easy as it looks and will likely be a struggle for some people.  Though Clixsense should be a bit easier to promote than other downline systems. 

- Low odds of winning on the Clixgrid game.  While the clixgrid game is interesting and worth checking out, bear in mind that most of the time you probably won't win anything.  You only get so many chances to win each day and it is impossible to really know where the winning spaces are.  I've only won $.10 there myself at least once, though most of the time I don't win anything.

- Crowdflower tasks can be confusing at times and are not always fair when it comes to evaluating performance.  I've done tasks there where you think you have the answers right, but they still mark you wrong for some reason.  Their ought to be a little bit more room for error and different takes on a question. 

- Surveys are not always reliable for earning money.  Usually you are prescreened for the surveys you want to take and I find that more often than not, you don't qualify for the surveys you want to take.  Even when you make it to the survey, sometimes depending on how your answer you can still get disqualified for the survey.  By the way, I am sure some people try to cheat on the survey by lying.  I can't blame them sometimes though because sometimes you are made to feel like you have to tell the survey writers what they want to hear instead of what the truth might be.  Clixsense should make it easier to find surveys to qualify for.  Also bear in mind that surveys can take some time to complete too. 


Final thoughts:

Clixsense is a promising paid to click site and can be either a slow or fast earner site depending on how you use it.  Some people will likely earn lots of money with this site, while others will probably not earn as much, especially depending on how good you are with downline systems.  The extra ways to earn can be nice to have but can also be frustrating at times and might not always be worth the effort for some people (especially if you use other ptc sites as well like I do).  However, I definitely recommend Clixsense for most people looking for good paid to click sites to join and take advantage of what it has to offer.  By the way, if you need help building downlines, bear in mind that there are some training videos and ebooks that you can check out (such as at youtube, magnetic sponsoring, or even groups on Facebook).   

Tips on getting the most out of Clixsense:

Tip 1: Be sure to  take advantage of the Daily bonus checklist system.  Not every ptc site has this you know

I am not sure if you have noticed yet, but Clixsense does offer a daily bonus system (see checklist I posted earlier), where you get requirements to meet and whenever you meet most of the requirements, you get paid extra.  Here is how it usually works:

- View 2 or more ads per day (I usually do more than 2 myself)

- Do at least 20 clicks on the clixgrid game

- Do at least 10 crowd flower tasks and/or 2 offers (can be a survey, offer, video, or whatever)

-  Visit the forum at least once.

I usually earn at least $1 per day by doing all of the requirements on the checklist.  You might not always earn $1 or more (depending on what you are doing), but I usually average at least $1 or more when I use it.  Just think if you earn $1 per day, you earn an extra $30 every 30 days assumning you are doing your rounds almost every day (and that is from Clixsense alone).   I talk more about this feature in detail in my blog post at http://www.empowernetwork.com/ryansjones/blog/clixsense-101-learn-how-you-can-earn-at-least-1-or-2-per-day-even-without-referrals/?id=ryansjones.

Tip 2: Be sure to advertise your referral link if you want referrals. 

Clixsense has been around for a while, but you can still get referrals.  I recommends starting by adveritising your link on other ptc sites. If you have a website or blog (like I do), you can at least host banner ads from Clixsense.  Whenever people view your site, they can click on the referral link and join under you if they want.  Also, Clixsense does come with a "invite a friend" widget, so if you know people personally (besides people in your immediate household) that might be interested in joining, you can send them invites and they can join under you that way. 

Tip 3: Surveys can be useful for earning extra

While surveys can be tricky to qualify for, remember the average survey is worth at least $.75 or more, so whenever you successfully complete a survey, it can really help boost your earnings.  Even if you don't qualify for a survey, I recommend making multiple attempts to find surveys to qualify for (sooner or later you should find a survey that you can complete).   

Tip 4: Be sure to be active at Clixsense for maximum earnings. 

I know that viewing ads, watching videos, filling out surveys, etc can get redundant after a while, but like any paid to click site, the more active you are at at Clixsense, the more you can earn (especially early on while you have little or no referrals).  Too often I see people join Clixsense and are active at first, but for some reason they stop clicking ads and turn inactive after a while .  If you choose to join and don't even view ads, how are you going to earn at Clixsense?  And no, you cannot expect your upline to view ads for you (remember they only allow one account per person anyways).  I also recommend doing at least one or 2 surveys a day when possible as they are worth at least $.75 or more (just think if you did at least 2 surveys per day, you can be making at least $1.50 per day just for filling out surveys and that is in addition to viewing ads and doing other tasks).  Ideally, here is what I do:

1) Check the latest ads.  By the way, if ads do not appear right away, you can start with the clixgrid or do a survey.  Ads do refresh and usually appear sooner or later.  By the way, if you download the Clixsense tool bar, you can be alerted each time new ads appear.  Also, I recommend viewing all of the available ads for maximum earnings from ads.  Note: as with any paid to click site, if you are not even viewing ads at Clixsense, you will not make any money.  Ideally you should be viewing ads every day for best results.

2) Do the Clixgrid game (you can do at least 20 clicks, which counts towards the daily bonus).

3) Try doing some of the crowdflower tasks.  I would start with ones that you feel comfortable doing and see earnings add up.

4) Do at least 1 or 2 surveys per day if possible.  If you find yourself turned down for one survey, you can try for another survey, usually persistence does pay off when trying to qualify for surveys.  The more surveys you complete, the higher your earnings will be.

5) You can also take advantage of other offers too (such as watching videos).  Also if you are shopping online or looking for free trials, you can take advantage of the cashback offers too.

6) Visit the forum at least once per day (counts towards the daily bonus).


Your thoughts.  That is all for this post.  Do you have comments or a different take on Clixsense, feel free to leave a comment below.

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 (coming soon):  I am going to create a special report that goes over Clixsense in more detail (particularly the bonus check list), so stay tuned for updates.

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That is all for this page.  Disclaimer: this review is based on what I know about Clixsense and may or may not reflect the opinions of other people about Clixsense.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns about Clixsense, feel free to either contact me at ryansjones@rjincomeopportunities.ws or leave a comment above and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.  Earnings disclaimer: I can't make any guarantees about how much you can earn with Clixsense but, generally, the more active you are, the more you can expect to make at Clixsense (by the way, to get hte most out of Clixsense, I recommend taking advantage of all of the features they offer and go through the daily checklist almost daily for best results)  By the way, given the exclusive nature of Clixsense, if you are using other ptc sites, I recommend you either do Clixsense first or save it for after you have done the other sites..

My earnings so far: about $36.05