Ryan Jones' Review of Clicksia (dead website, not recommended)

Above is a relatively short video I posted demonstrating how Clicksia works and how easy it is to make some extra income using Clicksia. Note: this video is no longer being hosted at Youtube since they don't really seem to like videos on paid to click sites for some reason, so I will be hosting most of these videos at Screenr for the time being. official banner for Clicksia, note it shows how much you earned too, which increases with your activity there

***Site is Gone***

Site "went out of business" a few years ago (along with Incentria).  At one time this was a very popular and stable paid to click site, but it appears that the owners decided to pull the plug on it.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may have had for you.  Better off going to other paid to click sites

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Comments and testimonials: do you have questions or comments you want to post in regards to Clicksia?  Feel free to post them here. 

Disclaimer: everything I posted in this review is based on what I know about Clicksia and based on my experience.  Obviously, I can't make any guarantees or promises, and naturally some people will earn more with Clicksia than others.  You are free to agree or disagree with me.  

My earnings so far: $10.10 (you can also find this number in the banner ad for Clicksia towards the top of the page).  This page was created by Ryan Jones on 1/5/13.  Have questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact me at ryansjones@rjincomeopportunities.ws (this is my temporary emaill address until I set up one specifically for this site).