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Buxvertise has been around for several years now (I joined it back in 2014) and is a pretty reputable and stable site.  Definitely a sister site to Twickerz, Lexiads and Scarlet clicks and uses the Evolution Script. 

(work in progress)

General Site Features and Benefits:

- PTC Click Rate: PTC Ads are generally worth anywhere between  $0.0001 (some of the fixed ads) and up to $.015 (varies by advertisement type). 

- Referral click rate: 50% of the ad value (so if an ad was worth $.01, you would earn $.005).  Some ads are worth more than others, so earnings will vary per click by referrals.

- Referral purchase commission: 2% (no commissions on upgrades for free members)

- Points system conversion rate: 2000 pts = $1 (credited to your purchase balance)

- Max direct referrals (free member): 200

- Max rental referrals (free member): 200

- Rental referral rates: starts at $.15 per referral and per month (goes up one cent every 250 referrals, leveling off at .25 at the 1750 mark).

- Minimum cashout: $7 (payable via paypal, neteller, and payza)

- Withdraw time frame: 4 days (as a free member)

Other features and benefits:

- Buxvertise grid game (similar to the Clixgrid at Clixsense).  Lucky surfers can win up to $3

- Offer walls (Matomy, PeanutLabs, Super Rewards, CPALead, Adworkmedia).  Offer walls give users extra ways to earn (such as completing offers, watching videos, filling out surveys, etc).

- Icon Cash (you get a link like the one I have at http://www.buxvertise.com/icon.php?i=83217.  You can advertise it on other paid to click sites, your website or blog and whenever visitors see your link, they can click the icon cash icon and you do earn money that goes into your purchase balance when you hit certain milestones, starting at $.10 for 25 hits.  The more hits you get, the more you can earn this way.  Every valid 100,000 hits on your icon cash link is worth $50.  Visitors must click the icon for them to count.  Restrictions on promoting Icon Cash: affiliates can't advertise on click groups, click exchanges or any automated clicks (such as autosurf).  Also, you can' advertise it on Buxvertise

- Daily raffle: basically you can enter the drawing (have to view most if not all of the ads except for the bot trap link to be able to enter into the raffle) and there is a chance you can win extra points which you can convert to your purchase balance (every 2000 points).

- Wheel of Bux - once a day, members can spin a wheel and can win prizes, such as 10% deposit bonus (for example, depositing $5 into the purchase balance can net you an extra $.50 back), free points, and sometimes cash prizes (like $5 purchase balance prices).  Sometimes you might not win anything (aka "Try again another day") too.  Games are only available once a day

- They also do periodic referral and points contests

- They also have downline builders (useful for getting referrals at other paid to click sites that are on their list) since referrals to Buxvertise might fill out the downline builder page and join sites under you.  Note: the downline builder page doesn't seem to be working properly.

My stats so far: (as of 4/3/2016)

Direct Referrals: 121

Rented Referrals: 43

Referral Clicks: 93988

Referral Earnings: $78.6920

Cash outs: 0

Extra notes:

- Some ads are forced view ads.  The fixed ads generally let you have other tabs open while clicking them.  However, for Standard Ads, Buxvertise ads, and Micorads, the timer will pause if you change tabs or open up new windows.

- You do have to at least one round of clicks (at least 5 or 6 clicks minimum) every day in order to earn from referral clicks.  Failure to click on a particular day will result in you not earning from your referrals' activities 

Benefits of upgrading

Buxvertise offers 2 upgraded membership levels

Buxer level (selling at $5 per month, or $55 per year)

- Earn 150% of ad values (so if an ad was worth $.01, it would be worth $.015)

- Referral click rates: 100% of click value (pretty much doubles what you would earn from referrals as a paid member, both direct and rental).  Makes referrals worth more, especially if they are active (some referrals will be more active than others in my experience)

- Max direct referrals: 500

- Max Rental referrals: 1000 (can be useful if you have hit the 200 referral limit and want more, especially if you are satisfied with the initial referrals).

- Earn $.50 for each upgraded members (not available to free members) and 5% commissions on purchases (so if a user spent $10, you would get $.50 back

- You can rent referrals every 4 days (instead of 7)

- When cashing out, you should get paid within 1 day.

Eternity level- selling at $35 per month (monthly) or at $380 per year (yearly).

- Earnings per click goes up to 200% 

- Referral earnings per click goes up to 200%

- point conversion rate goes down to 1000=$1

- You can rent referrals about every 2 days

- Like Buxer level, you should get paid within 1 day after requesting cashout

Advertiser benefits  (see http://buxvertise.com/index.php?view=advertise for more info):

- Fixed ads (starting at $7 per day, with multiple packages available)

- PTC ads: starts at 500 hits for $1.25

- Bux Grid ads: whenever visitors click on the bux grid, they might land on your ad(s).  You can advertise your link up to 90 days for a mere $39 (cheaper than that at Clixsense).  Can be useful for advertising other ptc sites for example.

- Log in ads (pop up ad that appears when users first log in).  You get unlimited advertising this way for $2 per day

- Banner ads.  Packages start at about 1,000,000 impressions for $8 (obviously, the higher your impressions, the more clicks you should get).

Noteworthy TOS policies and notes about the site (see http://buxvertise.com/index.php?view=terms for details):

- Inactivity policy: Ideally you will need to log in at least once within every 60 days to keep your account in good standing (and may result in your account getting deactivated).  After 90 days, inactive accounts are automatically deleted and that is irreversable to the TOS (basically you would have set up a new account under a new user name at that point).

- This site does have captchas you have to fill out (one when logging in and one when first viewing the advertisements tab).  Too many failed captchas (especially when clicking on the advertisements page) can lead to account suspension.

- Bot Trap link.  There is a link mixed in with the advertisements (usually near the top, though it can move from time to time) that says BOT TRAP with red letters saying BOT CHECK, DO NOT CLICK...).  Clicking the link once will automatically log you out.  If you click it too often (about 100 or more clicks), your account may get suspended.  Pay attention to the ads you are clicking on and avoid it at like a plague.  Disclaimer: I warned you about the link, not responsible for referrals who click the link anyways and get their accounts suspended (I can't help you there).

- Unverifiable traffic sources is not allowed (blogs, websites, and other paid to click sites are the best ways to promote your affiliate link).  Also, for some reason, they do not allow Wix hosted websites to promote Buxvertise.  Any other web or ad enabled blog host will do.

- Ref back or paid to sign up referrals are not allowed at Buxvertise (refback is where sponsors can offer a percentage of the earnings they make from referral activity to their referrals).  This is not allowed at buxvertise.

- Traffic exchanges allowed, but no auto surf traffic exchanges are allowed (there are manual and autosurf traffic exchanges).  Best bet is to stick to the traditional manual surf traffic exchanges (such as easy hits 4 u, traffic taxis, etc).

- Smart phones are not allowed for clicking ads

- For more TOS rules, visit http://buxvertise.com/index.php?view=terms

Buxvertise Icon Cash pagePicture of my icon cash link on Buxvertise

Feeling generous?  Feel free to visit my Icon Cash page and click the Icon.  Your support will be most appreciated.  You can get your own Icon Cash page by joining Buxvertise (free sign up of course)

Pros and Cons about Buxvertise

The good

  • Multiple ways to earn
  • Some of the advertising costs are cheaper when compared to other paid to click sites (especially Clixsense)
  • Can be a fast earner site if you have lots of good quality referrals and you take advantage of the extra ways to earn.
  • This site is best used as a "Buxer Member" as ads are worth more and referrals are worth more too.  Eternity is ideal, but might be too expensive for some investors.
  • Lively support forum and tutorials
  • Buxvertise is most profitable when used daily.  Like Neobux and Twickerz, you only earn from referral clicks and activities if are doing your rounds each day. 
  • Referral and point contests can offer extra incentives to refer new members and gain extra points.

To upgrade or not to upgrade

Initially, I recommend joining as a free member.  However, as your referral base grows and your earnings grow, I might recommend upgrading at least to the Buxer level.  Buxer level is also a must if you plan to rent referrals since they are generally worth more as a buxer member.  I don't recommend "eternity" membership to new members unless if they know what they are doing and feel confident about investing $35 per month or $380 per year.  You will probably want to max out your referral base both on the free and buxer levels before upgrading to eternity. 

The bad

  • Rented referrals are a mixed bag.  Some can be good quality referrals and active.  However, there are some bad quality referrals too (referrals that either never click or are active at first, but stop clicking).  Rental referrals can be recycled though.
  • The bot trap link can be a snare for some members, especially if they are not paying attention to the links they are clicking on
  • Not allowing ptsu referrals or refback referrals can make it harder for some people to refer new members
  • Wix hosted websites are not allowed.  Can can be problematic for Wix members.  I use Site Build it myself so that is not a problem for me, but it might be a problem for some people.
  • Icon cash and points earnings automatically go into the purchase balance.  Not sure if there is a way to convert them to the main balance.
  • Will likely be a slow earner site if your referral base is low and only clicking ads.
  • Relatively new site.  Has only been around for a few years.  Newer sites have a tendency to become unstable or scam after a while.  This is not to say that Buxvertise will turn scam, but I advise caution when investing in newer paid sites.
  •  Unnanounced maintenence mode.  I see this happen every now and then: when doing my rounds on Buxvertise, every so often the site will go "into maintenance mode" for a short time.  You never really know when the site will do that so that can be a nuance for some users.  Can make it trickier to advertise the referral links too since the site could go into maintenance mode while being advertised.
  • You do not earn from referral clicks on days you are not active.  This site is definitely not for the type of person that clicks say once a week and neglects it at other times.  You definitely have to be active to get the most out of this site.

Overall Review Summary

Despite being a relatively new paid to click site, Buxvertise seems to be quite stable and can be a good site to earn money at.  It might not be for everyone and definitely has some extra rules to follow in comparison to other sites and you do have to be clicking every day to benefit from referral clicks.  While there are benefits of upgrading, I might recommend starting off as a free member and move up the "ladder" as your earnings and referral base grows.  To get the most out of this site, I recommend taking advantage of the offer walls, buxvertise grid game and other extra ways to earn to speed up your earnings with this site.  Be careful not to click the bot trap link when clicking ads.  This site also pairs well with Neobux, Twickerz, Scarlet Clicks, and Lexi Ads.

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