Official Reveiw of Bux Matrix - A paid to Click site that offers a 3x12 forced matrix system - Not recommended to US users (read more below)
My Rating: B

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Want to check out the Bux Matrix website?  Click here to visit (sign up is free by the way). 

Site Information at a Glance:

Earnings per click: $.005

Ref earnings per click: $.0025

Payment processor: Payza (this site is unique that Payza is their sole payment processor).  You will need a Payza account to get paid.  Same goes if you want to upgrade your membership or buy advertising.

Minimum Payment threshold: $4.00

Rental referrals: only when available.  They start at $2 for 5 referrals

Inactivity policy: You have to log in at least once within 30 days to keep your account active, otherwise it may get inactivated.

Benefits of upgrading:

- Entry in to the 3x12 forced matrix system they offer (see picture below for more info about the matrix system works (alternatively you can visit for info).  Huge commissions are possible if you max out your matrix (up to $999,999.90 in commissions) though naturally some will earn more than others.  Note: free members are not automatically entered in to the matrix system so you do have to try and offer incentives for referrals to upgrade.  Matrix memberships last a life time or as long as you are a Bux-Matrix member (even if you downgrade to free plus)

- Earn $2 when referrals upgrade (free members earn $.50 per upgraded referral)

- Earn $.01 per click and $.005 per referral click

- Earn $.05 for free member referrals provided they are active and have clicked on at least 30 ads.  Some referrals will likely be more active than others, so some referrals will be worth more than others this way. 

My stats:

- Earned $3.42 so far

- cashouts: none yet

- Membership level: Free Plus

- Entered in the matrix sytem: yes.

Picture of the page at Bux Matrix that talks about the forced matrix system

General review of Bux Matrix

I've been a member at Bux Matrix for a while myself (joined a few years ago via Earn Money Space) and Bux Matrix is definitely a one of a kind site.  It is not every day you see a paid to click site that also offers a forced matrix system (there used to be another site: Bux Levels that offered a 3x4 forced matrix system, but that site went out of business about a year ago).  On the surface, Bux Matrix functions much like a typical paid to click site where you essentially earn money clicking on advertisements (visiting websites and blogs advertisers post) as well as earning extra whenever you get the occasional solo ads from them in your email inbox (paid to read ads).  Now, for free members Bux Matrix is just another paid to click site with 1 level worth of referrals you can have.  However, Bux Matrix does offer huge incentives to upgrade: particularly the 3x12 forced matrix system they offer to all upgraded members.  Note once you upgrade at least once you are automatically entered in the matrix for a lifetime (so even if you downgrade at any time, you will become a "free plus" member and remain in the matrix).  Bux Matrix is also unique in that their sole payment processor is Payza (most ptc sites pay out both via Paypal and Payza) and so if you want to use Bux Matrix you will definitely want a Payza account (unless of course you don't care for the upgrade).


Things I like about Bux Matrix:

Bux matrix is pretty straight forward to use even as a free member as you are essentially getting paid to view ads that fellow members post.  They don't have any paid to sign up or survey offers like many ptc sites do.  The minimum payout threshold is relatively low (starting at $4), though it goes up each time you request payout and eventually levels off at $10.  There are usually 4 ads to view as a free member (10 for free plus members).  You will definitely want to upgrade eventually at least once this way you have more ads to view each time.  The forced matrix system can be useful to have, especially if you are good at getting referrals (especially upgraded ones) since then as your downline grows so would your earnings potiential.  Obviously like most downline systmes, some people will have it easier than others with bux matrix.  I also like the fact that you can remain a matrix member even if you downgrade at any time (as opposed to having to reupgrade in order to be a matrix member).  I also like the fact that Bux Matrix seems to be virus free so far (not all ptc sites do a good enough job at filtering out virus/malware sites obviously, but Bux Matrix seems to be doing a good job at filtering out those kinds of sites).

Things I don't like about Bux Matrix:

Obviously bux matrix is not going to be everyone.  Downline systems always look easy on the surface, but getting downline members can definitely be easier said than done, especially if you don't really have experience at promoting affiliate programs or downline systems (though Bux Matrix should be easier to promote than others since sign up is initially free, as opposed to many downline systems that require you to pay money just to sign up).  Don't network marketing companies always make it look easy to earn big (hey if it were that easy, we would all be rich and I probably would not need my day jobs)?  After all, you see testimonial of people striking it rich (probably heavy hitters and people who know what they are doing). 

Of course, building a downline will definitely take skill and marketing skills on your part.  By the way, just because it is a forced matrix system, it doesn't mean that you can be lazy and just wait for referrals to start trickling in from your upline (I am sure it happens for some people, but not everyone is going to have it easy and you will obviously want to market your referral link for best results).  Having experience with affiliate programs or network marketing companies can be useful here (too bad many companies don't offer free formal training on how to go about building a downline).  By the way, you do have to upgrade at least once in order to cashout (becoming at least a free plus member), so you will want to keep that in mind when you are ready to cash out.  One more thing to point out is that Payza is the sole payment processor that Bux Matrix uses and like I have posted earlier, they don't offer their services to US citizens anymore, so I don't recommend Bux Matrix to people living in the US.  Sadly I live in the US myself and have been using Bux Matrix way less since the change.  Luckily there are plenty of similar sites you can join instead, such as Clixsense, Donkeymails, Cashnhits and Jill's Clicks Corner.  It would be nice if Bux Matrix offered alternative payment processors (like Paypal or Liberty Reserve) of its users (especially Americans), but it is not clear if they will offer other payment processors anytimes soon.  You can join this site if you want be you will probably be wasting your time there (unless if you don't live in America).   

 For More information about Bux Matrix, click here to visit the site (remember, sign up is free by the way).

Tips for getting the most out of bux matrix:

- If you plan on doing the forced matrix side of the site, I recommend coming up with a marketing plan.  Also, having some training on building a downline can be useful too.  One ebook I recommend checking out is Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring.  It costs some money to get, but he teaches you how you can position yourself to attract more people into your business as well as how you can ultimately get more sign ups.  You can check out his site at (he even offers free "boot camp" style training for people who subscribe to his mailing list).  Alternatively, you might consider checking out Lana Robinson's My Team Builder system or even check out youtube videos on network marketing.  Building a downline is definitely not as easy as it looks in my opinion so having some training can be helpful.

- Be sure to do your rounds clicking on ads regularly (every day would be ideal for best results).  If you are not even viewng ads regularly, how are you going to make money with Bux Matrix?

- Consider upgrading sooner or later.  You probably don't have to upgrade right away, but as you get more referrals and your earnings get higher, you will want to upgrade eventually.  Remember you do have to upgrade at least once if you want to enroll in the forced matrix they have as well as request payout.

Happy earnings,

Ryan Jones

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