Need a good system for promoting your paid to click sites?  Consider using Stiforp - a Fast growing 2x14 forced matrix system that offers a wide array of services that can give you an unfair advantage when it comes to promoting your ptc business. 

If you are looking for a powerful resource for building your paid to click business (as well as other businesses you have online), you should probably look no further than Stiforp.  On the surface, this system will look like just another forced matrix system.  However, Stiforp can be an extremely valuable resource for building just about any kind of system online and building up your referral base on the paid to click sites you use.  It costs $49 to join and then a mere $9.95 a month to use but can be well worth the investment.   

Features and Benefits of Stiforp

- Create personalized or generic lead capture pages.  This can actually be pretty useful to have when it comes to advertising on paid to click sites, traffic exchanges, safelists, etc as you can easily create fast loading lead capture pages to generate more leads that you can follow up with.  The lead capture pages are pretty easy to set up too as you can easily add pictures and videos to your page, headlines that you can use to get readers' attention, short or long messages you can add, as well as a built-in optin form where people can enter their name, phone number, and email address that you can use to send follow up messages to (either by phone or email).

- Built in autoresponder system - can save you from having to use 3rd party resources (like Traffic Wave).  They give you generic messages you can use, though you can also set up your own messages that you can send to your prospects.  Also, if you prefer to use the phone, you can also send automated phone messages to people who join your list too.

- Built in rotator system - useful for advertising multiple links on traffic exchanges and other systems

- Webinar services and web conferencing services: great resource to have if you are looking to connect with people "face to face" or want to give a presentation online.

- Generic banner ads, email messages and other resources you can use to help advertise your business

- Can be very useful for advertising your business on paid to click sites, traffic exchanges, safelists, as well as doing paid to click campaigns.

- No limit on the number of contacts you can have.

- Can be useful for email marketing as well as doing newsletters.


Income opportunity information.  Stiforp even pays you to promote their services and has a huge downline system that you can take advantage of, following a 2x14 forced matrix plan.  Here is how it works:

1. Each time you sponsor new members, you get $25 (so if you sponsored say 10 new members a month, you earn $250 per month) which not only pays for your membership, but gives you a quick profit too.

2. Earn $.25/month residual commissions as long as people remain in your network (if you had 10 active members in your network a month, you would make $2.50/month).  If you had 100 active members, you would make $25/month in residual commissions. 

3. 2x14 forced matrix system - once you get more than 2 sign ups, additional sign ups will automatically "spill over" into your downlines' networks and fills up until you have 2x14 matrix.  Techinally you can also have a 2x12 matrix if you don't sponsor anyone, but will take longer to earn (unless if you have a "heavy hitter" for a sponsor).  A maxed out 2x14 matrix can net you more than $8,000/month in commissions (which is quite a bit).

4. $4 rebate system.  Just for joining Stiforp, you will earn a $4 rebate via the powerline system they have, where you get credit from 4 unreferred members.

5. Plenty of tools and resources to promote.  They also offer training videos that teach you how you can get the most out of the systems, as well as tips on how to promote Stiforp.

6. Can make a good first time network marketing system. 


Pros and Cons about Stiforp

The Good + powerful system + not too expensive to join and use + Plenty of resource to use for promoting a system + $25 commissions per sign up, plus $.25/month residual commissions too. Can be a fast earner site as your downline grows + Lead Capture page system with a built in autoresponder system. By the way, unlike Traffic Wave, you can add a personal touch to the lead capture pages you can set u. - Less experienced marketers will like the generic resources (like generic lead capture pages, generic videos, and generic follow up messages). - Can be a good first time network marketing system to join. - 2x14 forced matrix system: encourages team work. Also heavy hitters can build your team pretty fast if you are lucky enough to get some. (more will be added later) The Bad - You can only have 2 personalized lead capture pages and 3 generic lead capture pages at a time. Limits how many businesses you can promote at a time. - Despite the claims that you can earn money without ever sponsoring people, expect your upline to do all of the work for you. In fact, you will earn much faster by promoting Stiforp yourself. - The leads are not double optin - This system does take some getting used to. - As with just about any network marketing opportunity, it does help to have some marketing skills and some people will likely earn more than others with this system. (more will be added later)
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 General review and information about Stiforp

"Stiforp will become a household name.." Quote from veteran sponsor, Erika W 

I was skeptical when I first joined Stiforp.  However, this system is definitely not to be underestimated.  This system is geared towards 2 types of people: people looking to join a network marketing business, and people needing resources for building their business online.  Stiforp offers several resources you can use to build your paid to clicl business: lead capture pages, autoresponders, webinar/web conferencing services, and other resources.  Considering that many of use paid to click users have multiple paid to click sites to promote, this system can be pretty useful to have, especially when it comes to advertising paid to click sites on other ptc sites.  One challenge of promoting sites on paid to click sites (same goes for traffic exchanges and safelists) is that naturally the conversion rates will likely be low, after all most people will probably view your ads for the money.  With Stiforp, you can create a lead capture page, bribe people to join your list (such as offering a free video, ebook or similar resource), such as 2 ebooks I have on my home page (the Clixsense Report and the PTC Income Today course that I am offering whenever people subscribe to my mailing list) and send follow up messages to your leads.  Obviously when doing rounds at paid to click sites, most people are probably not interested in buying or signing up right at the moment (they are viewing your ad more for the money).  If you are advertising on traffic exchanges (like Downline Refs), people will probably view your ad(s) for the credits and will not necessarilily be interested in what you have to offer.  A nice thing about stiforp is that you use the lead capture pages that you can set up to generate leads (or prospects) that you can market your sites or whatever you are promoting to usually either via email or phone. 

Other resources Stiforp offers includes:

- Voicemail services (great for telemarketing)

- Webinar/web conferencing: I often see more experienced network marketers using these as you can host presentation or even meet with people in your industry almost face to face.

-Email marketing service, which is pretty similar to that at Traffic Wave where you can set up messages that you can send to your prospects.  By the way, if you don't know what to say, some marketing systems (like TE Profits, which you saw above) gives you prebuilt messages that you can import into your own campaign).   You can also use it to send updates whenever you join new sites or have access to resources that might benefit your prosepcts.

In addition, to the services Stiforp has to offer, you can also earn money by promoting what they have to offer.  Each time you sponsor new members, you earn $25, plus $.25/month residual commissions.  Also this system takes an interesting approach offering a 2x14 forced matrix system, and so as your network grows, after you get 2 sign ups, anyone else who joins under you will automatically "spill over" into your downlines' networks (giving them easy sign ups).  This system can really encourage team work and can be useful to have if you happen to have any "heavy hitters" (or people who know what they are doing) in your network as they can easily build your network rather quickly.  On the downside, don't expect quick sign ups if you are waiting for spill overs from your upline.  By the way, every downline is different.  If you join under a more experienced network marketer (such as big names like Lana Robinson, Mike Dillard or other known heavy hitters in the industry), you will probably get spill overs rather quickly.  However if you join under someone who new, it you may or may not get timely spill overs (which means that you are better off promoting the system yourself).  On the positive note, they do give you plenty of tools and resources you can use to help build your organization at Stiforp as well as promoting up to 5 other systems you are promoting and is almost a must have system when it comes to advertising your business on paid to click sites, traffic exchanges, safelists, and even on ppc networks like Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising. 

 For more information about Stiforp, please click here to visit the website.  Click here to watch a free video and presentation about this system. 

Tips on getting the most out of Stiforp:

1. Be sure to view the training section if you need help getting started.

2. Know people that might like what Stiforp has to offer?  Be sure to share this opportunity with them.  The sooner you get sign ups, the better. 

3. Ideally, you should try to get at least 1 or 2 sign ups per day minimum (should be a reasonable quota to start with).  By sponsoring at least 1 sign up per day, you will be guaranteed to make at least $25 per day, which equates to about $175 a week assuming you get sign ups every day 7 days a week and up to $750 every 30 days).  2 sign ups per day would net you $50 a day minimum.  Also, don't wait for your upline to give you sign ups either (unless if you happen to have a "heavy hitter" for a sponsor).

4.  Need some tips on where to start, I recommend getting yourself a copy of TE Profits (the same principles could probably be applied to advertising on paid to click sites too) and/or the PTC Income Course (free download).  They teach you how you can set up good lead captur pages that you can send to your prospect.  Other resources I recommend checking out are Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring, Building on a Budget, and Black Belt Recruiting course, as he offers some pretty useful insights on how to establish your presence online and attracting more prospects and ultimately sign ups for your business (such as learning how to brand yourself as well as creating a funded proposal system to help promote your business).  See the ads tab to the right for the links to the courses he is offering.

5. Be persistent in your advertising.  Some days you might get lots of prospects and other days you might get very little if any.

6.  Don't give up.  I wish I can promise you that you will be making $8,000 or more per month right away, but I can't.  Also, naturally some people will likely have it easier with this system than others.  Ultimately it comes down to marketing skills, response rate, advertising, and other factors.

Similar Systems and Resources:

My Lead Company - this system is almost like Stiforp on Steriods.  It costs about $100 to set up your lead capture page and autoresponder system, but unlike Stiforp, you can also buy leads for reasonable prices and import them into your autoresponder (without having to worry about spamming) that you can market your business to.  Unlike Stiforp, My Lead Company pays out daily (once you have hit the minimum payout threshold) and follows a straight line downline system (where downline members will be placed directly under each other).  Note: getting leads can get pricey after a while, so you will want to try and get paid sign ups as soon as possible to turn a profit with this system.  Note: sign up is free, but you will need to buy leads and activate your lead capture system to get the most out of My Lead Company.

Questions or Comments?  Do you have a different take to Stiforp or My Lead Company?  Feel free to leave a comment below.  I would love to hear your take on this system.

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