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RJ's PTC Reviews Official Ezine, Issue #002
February 19, 2013

RJ PTC Reviews Official Newsletter Volume 2 - February 19, 2013

Hello subscribers. I think it is time to send out my second newsletter for this site. In case if you haven't been paying attention, this site has definitely seen some major milestones with more pages being added, new reviews being posted (with the most recent being the one on Cashnhits (you can see the article at, which I posted last night by the way. I also added my FTC disclosure page a partial listing of the top 10 ptc sites I recommend (at, along with configuring some of the ads running on the site (if you see ads that interest you, feel fre/e to check them out as your support will be most appreciated and ad revenue will go towards covering the costs of keeping this site running indefinitely.

Today's topics:

* Anticipating upcoming changes and additions * Reviews and similar contributions are wanted * Site of the Month: Cashnhits * Help spread the word about this site

Section 1: Upcoming Changes and additions

As you have seen lately, this site is already taking shape with new content being added regularly (as time allows). I am going to be revising the home page (trying to make it more attractive for visitors). Also, in case if you have not noticed, I am now offering 2 fre/e reports instead of 1 for people who subscribe to my newsletter. By the way, the reports are not mine, but I was given rebranding rights to them by Lana Robinson (who is an expert in the field and is much more experience than I am). By the way, you can get rebrand rights too (there should be a link in the report for it). Also, you can add your own referral links as well this way. There is a fee to rebrand the report (set by Lana), so you will need to be aware of that. Other changes and additions I anticipate includes: reviews of Donkeymails, No Minimum, and Jills Clicks Corner, adding resource pages for advertising resources (such as traffic exchanges, safelists, autoresponders, etc). I am also kicking around the idea of setting up a revenue sharing system as well (such as hosting my own ptsu offers or something like that). Currently, I don't have that system in place, but I let you know when I have something in place (btw, you can also check in with the latest updates by visiting my blog too at and it does update automatically each time I add new content).

Section 2: Reviews and similar contributions wanted

Do you have sites you want to share about? Have videos you want to share? Links? I want to open my site up to you. I don't mind sharing my own expertise on paid to click sites, but contributions are always wanted. By the way, realistically I will probably not post reviews about every single ptc, ptr, or gpt site on the net. If I had all of the time in the world, I might, but I probably won't get to them all due to time restraints and other factors, but you are always welcome to add your own reviews and information. If you have reviews you want to share, you can submit them at and I will process them and share them as soon as I get around to it. Also, if you have links, blogs, articles, videos or other content you want to share, be sure to submit them at my link directory page at A little bit of self promotion is welcome on my site of course, especially as long as it is relevant to my site. By the way, I am making an effort to post comment boxes on most of the pages on my site, so if you have your own take on what I write about (maybe you have a different view on the sites I post reviews about), you can add your own comments too.

Section 3: Site of the Month, Cashnhits

For now on on my newsletters, I will come up with a site of the month that is worth sharing about. I've been using Cashnhits for a few months myself and definitely recommend it as a site to check out. Seems to be a relatively fast earning site too given all of the ads to view, youtube videos to watch, facebook pages to check out and "like", etc. They also offer a ptp link you can advertise and earn money whenever people click on the link (regardless if they join Cashnhits or not), which is somewhat similar to the ptp system at Donkeymails, though Cashnhits does not seem to be nearly as picky about how you promote the links as Donkeymails is, which is nice of course. All you need is as good advertising source (like a website or blog), post your cashnhits link, and the more traffic you drive to the link, the more you get paid. Cash n hits can be somewhat entertaining to use too given all of the youtube videos you can watch (you get paid for it too). I know I like watching videos people post on youtube myself. Anyways, you can get the full review on Cashnhits at Alternatively, if you are already convinced and want to try out Cashnhits (sign up is fre/e by the way, like most ptc sites are), you can join the site at Can be a good addition to other ptc sites you use.

Tips on getting the most out of Cashnhits:
- View ads daily (I recommend going through all of them too). Failure to view ads results in you not getting paid of course.
- Watch youtube videos
- Be sure to take advantage of the Click Exchange feature they have. Can be a good way to advertise other ptc sites you use, or even a downline builder like PTC Business builder (see for more information about this incredible fre/e to join marketing system / downline builder geared almost exclusively towards the ptc industry.
- Don't be afraid to advertise the ptp link they give you. One good place to start would be to advertise on other ptc sites (especially ones with traffic exchange features like Donkeymails, Clicksia, and Buxp).
- I recommend starting with a fre/e membership with this site, at least untilyour income grows and your referral base grows, then upgrading can become more appealing.
- It is also worth mentioning that minimum pay out starts at $.60 for paypal users and $1.50 for Payza users (goes up each time until it levels out at $2.50) and they usually payout within 7 business days of the request.

Section 4: Help spread the word about this site

If you like what this site has to offer, I would like to encourage you to help spread the word about it. Obviously, this site is still new and has yet to rank high on google and other search engines, so I could use your help at spreading the word about this site. Do you know others that might benefit from this site (especially people in the ptc industry)? Your support will be most appreciated and will help keep this site alive indefinitely (I can't do this without your support of course).

Well, that is all for now, and till next month.

To your success,

Ryan Jones

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