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RJ's PTC Reviews Official Ezine, Issue #001 -- teaser here
February 01, 2013

Hello ,

Today is officially February 1, 2013 and I thought that I would post my first newsletter today.

Today's topics:

1) This site is now 2 months old

2) Joined a few new ptc sites recently

3) Opening up this site to you 4) Bonus: Insider Guide to Inbox Dollars - how to make $30 or more an 30 days at Inbox Dollars

This is site is officially 2 years old

Time flies. It seems like it was only yesterday when I started this site, and this site is already starting to take shape with several reviews posted already, some user submitted reviews, as well as the fact that this site is already starting to get a decent amount of traffic. Many more updates are planned for this month. As time allows, I plan to add several new pages to this site, including:

1. Finishing my review of Neobux 2. Writing my own review of Cash n Hits 3. Start a advertising resources page (highlights some useful ways to promote your ptc sites as well as some tricks I use to advertise on ptc sites). 4. Reviews of Donkeymails and Bux p 5. Will add some legal pages including my FTC Disclosure page, disclaimers page and a page highlighting some of the known issues in the ptc business.

Joined 2 new ptc sites recently .

In case if you have not noticed, I joined 2 new ptc sites recently, namely My Browser Cash and Cash n hits. I did post a review about My Browser Cash and will do areview about Cash n hits later this month as time allows. My Browser Cash is a unique ptc sites as they do offer an app that you can download for your primary browser and as you surf the net, ads will appear periodically and you get paid each time you view them. Cashnhits is a pretty big ptc site and is similar to buxp, though they also offer ptp links as well as an autosurf feature (basically watching youtube videos while earning cash). You are welcome to check them out and share your thoughts on them.

Opening this site up to you While I like to add my own content to this site, I thought that I would share an opportunity for you to contribute to this site. There are many ways you can help:

1) sharing reviews of the ptc sites you use (I like to hear your perspective).

2) Sharing links, videos, articles, blogs, etc.

3) Commenting on the posts

or whatever. By the way, I am thinking about setting up a revenue sharing system for my site, though it hasn't been set up yet to help encourage people to contribute.

Well, that is all for now and be sure to stay tuned for more updates.

To your success, Ryan Jones P.s. your support is appreciated. Feel fre/e to help spread the word about this site. Also, if you see ads on this site that you like, be sure to check them out as ad revenue goes along way to help cover the costs of running this site.

Special insider guide to Inbox Dollars - Make at least $30 in 30 days or less, even without referrals

I have to share this with you. I've been a member at Inbox Dollars for several years now and have finally earned my first $30 there and found how easy it is to make $1 or more per day there. Here is how I go about making $30 or more at Inbox Dollars:

1. Join Inbox Dollars (if you have not done so already). By joining (sign up is fre/e by the way), you will earn an easy $5 just for signing up (not all ptc/ptr sites have this by the way).

2. Confirm your sign up when they send you a confirmation email.

3. Do your profile surveys (sets up the types of emails and offers they send you)

4. Download and set up the Inbox Dollars toolbar (you will learn an easy $1 by doing so).

5. Each time you get paid emails from inbox dollars, be sure to click on the email and visit the site (btw, you can also use an internal email inbox that you can set up at inbox dollars for your convenience as well). Each email is worth $.02 and they usually send out at least 2 or 3 emails a day on average (earning you $.04-.06 per day from reading emails alone).

6. Do survey offers. Each survey is worth $.50 on average (at least ones you qualify for). You can do at least 3 inbox dollars surveys and variable peanut labs surveys as well). Whenever you do not qualify for surveys, you will get survey tokens that you can use for the spin and win game (where you can earn extra bonuses, such as $.25 bonuses). If you successfully complete at least 1 or 2 surveys a day, that should net you $.50-$1 per day from surveys alone.

7. Watch video ads as they come in. Videos are usually worth $.02 or $.04 just for watching them.

8. Paid to search. Do you like browsing or searching things online? Inbox Dollars offers a bing/google style search widget that you can use for searching things online, paying up to $.15 per day for searching, plus $.05 loyalty bonuses if you use the search widget almost every day each week.

9. Crowdflower tasks - choose tasks to complete each day. These could earn you a good ammount of money depeneding on how often you do these. Tasks vary, but you get paid for doing things like looking up search terms on google and answering questions about them, writing your opinions about articles, etc.

10. Offers - there are tons of cash offers you can take advantage of at Inbox Dollars. Some are fre/e (like survey sites), while others will cost some money, but you get cash back in the process. Can be useful if you like shopping online. I recommend choosing at least 1 or 2 a day to complete.

11. Cash games - if you like playing games online, you can choose games to compete in and earn cash prizes as well.

12. Coupons - Inbox Dollars also functions as a coupon site as well. You can download coupons that you can redeem at participating grocery stores and other retailers and you get $.10 each time you redeem them. Can be useful if you are the type that shops often.

That is all. By doing these almost every day, your earnings should add up over time, and you will be able to earn $30 or more before you know it. Note: I will also post this guide to the website for reference. Happy earnings you all.

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