Paid to Click Sites 101 - Get a brief newbies guideto know about ptc sites here - a reference for everyone else.  

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In case if you have never heard of paid to click sites before or need a quick reference, you are in luck.  On this page I will go over a brief overview of paid to click sites.   

PTC Sites at a glance

Do you like browsing websites on the internet?  Are you a sucker for watching viral videos?  Do you shop online and ever wish you got rewarded for your purchases and activities?  How about filling out surveys?  Some sites literally pay you for filling out surveys (such as Clixsense, Inbox Dollars and Donkeymails).  

General benefits of ptc sites:

1. FREE Sign up - Unlike many work at home and income opportunities on the web, most if not all paid to click sites are free to join (I can't think of any off the top of my head that actually requires you to pay for your membership). Now, with that said, they also offer "upgraded memberships" (which are optional) that offer extra features not available to free members (such as having extra ads to click on, random referrals, free advertising credits and other perks), but whether or not you upgrade is completely up to you (eventually you will probably want to consider upgrading at some of them for maximum benefits, but for now you can join as a free member). For each site I review, I will share with you the differences between free memberships and paid memberships for each site.

2. Earn money simply by viewing ads and completing other simple tasks (much like what you would normally do online). After joining the ptc site you want to join, you have instant access to the "view advertisements page", where you can click on the ads people post (usually websites, blogs, affiliate link, other paid to click sites, etc), view them for 5-30 seconds (depending on the timer length of an ad), and get paid for doing so (regardless of what you do on the advertiser's website). The earnings rate is usually low (for example, at Clicksia, earnings per click usually range between $.001 and $.005 per click depending on timer length of the ads you view). And there are usually several ads you can click on (naturally, some sites have more ads than others). By the way, Clicksia, Clixsense, Donkeymails, No Minimum Cashout, and Buxp usuallly have tons of ads that you can click on.  Note: every paid to click site is different.  Some are bigger than others, some have more ads to view than others.  Many bigger sites offer multiple ways to earn in addition to viewing ads too.  For example, at Clixsense, not only can you earn by viewing advertisments, but you can also earn by doing the Clixgrid game (sometimes you can win up to $5), doing Crowdflower tasks (odd jobs), taking surveys, watching videos, building your downline, as well as taking advantage of the daily bonus checklist system.

3. Multiple streams of income possible - Personally I use at least 16 paid to click sites myself, which means 16 streams of income.  By the way, if you have a tabbed browser (like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome), you can actually do your rounds at multiple sites at ones (except for sites that pauses the timer when you change tabs as is the case at Clixsense and Twickerz, for example).  Now, I don't recommend joining more than you can handle, but you will definitely want to use more than one paid to click site for maximum profit potiential.

4.  Cheap advertising for advertisers + affiliate/network marketer friendly too - can be a good alternative to traditional paid advertising services (such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads).  Ads probably won't convert as well as other services, but obviously you get significantly more people viewing your site(s) for less money.  For example, at Clicksia, you can get at least 1000 unique visitors to your site for a mere $2.50 (10,000 visitors for $22.50). Obviously the more visitors you get the more likely you should get responses to your ads.  By the way, if you are an affiliate marketer or network marketer paid to click sites are generally more friendly towards affiliate marketers than Adwords (too many ways to get banned if you are promoting an affiliate site at Google Adwords) or Facebook are (they too can be picky about what you can advertise about, such as trying to advertise your Empower Network blog).

5.  Can be useful for supplementing your income.  

Other ways to earn with paid to click sites:

- Referrals: whenever you join a ptc site, they give you a special referral link that you can use to advertise your ptc site (at Donkey Mails for example, my referral link looks like: Obviously, there are many ways you can advertise your referral link and each time you generate referrals, you earn extra money from their activities (such as viewing ads, completing special tasks, doing paid to sign up offers, as well as commissions whenever you refer members that buy advertising or become paid members). Note: every referral is different and some will likely be more active than others. It is also worth mentioning that you do earn commissions if your referrals buy advertsing or upgrade their memberships (in my experience, most people will probably not buy advertsing or upgrade their membership, but some might).

- Paid to sign up offers (not all sites have this) - At Clicksia, for example, advertisiers can post paid to sign up offers where you are pretty much paid to repond to someone's offer (such as signing up for a free trial membership at Real Arcade, becoming someone's downline member, joining another ptc site, subscribing to a newsletter, etc). At Clicksia, ptsu offers usually range from $.10 and $.50 for successfully completing an offer. By the way, you are usually bound by the terms of an offer and have to submit valid information for verification of your sign up (for example, if you join a traffic exchange or forum, you might have to submit your user name that you signed up as for verification). Some offers may also have you do extra thing (for example, if you join a traffic exchange, you might be required to surf say 100 pages for credit). A variation to this some sites offer (such as Inbox Dollars) are cashback offers where you may have to sign up for a free trial membership, call a phone number or buy something for credit. An example of this is earning $8 for signing up for the 1 month free trial membership at block buser video.  Sites like Inbox Dollars and Clixsense have lots of offers you can take advantage of (some are free, while others will cost money but offer rebates).

- Surveys (not all sites have this): Donkeymails and Clixsense are notorious for this: they partner up with various survey companies and if you have extra time on your hands, you can fill out surveys you qualify for and earn say $.75 for completing the survey. They are generally free to do, though usually you do have to qualify for a survey before completing it.  2 downsides to surveys though: 1) some can be difficult to qualify for and 2) some can be time consuming too.

- Crowdflower tasks (not all sites have this): Some ptc sites offer odd jobs that you can complete for extra money. At Clixsense, for example, they have tasks you can complete (such as looking up search terms on google and answering questions about your findings, watching youtube videos, subscribing to a channel on youtube, commenting on an article, etc). Jobego is kind of like this too as not only can you earn money by viewing ads, but you can also earn by completing tasks for people. 

General requirements for paid to click sites

Obviously, paid to click sites are not going to be for everyone.  Here are some general requirements and things to be aware of when choosing paid to click sites to join:

1. Obviously you will need a computer with access to high speed internet.  Note: most if not all paid to click sites do not allow proxy servers (such as library computers), so you will need to have your own computer with high speed internet access.  

2. Must be self motivated.  You are essentially your own boss when it comes to paid to click sites.  If its up to you to choose which sites to join as well as set aside time to do your rounds.  Ideally you will want to do at least one round of clicks per day to get the most out of paid to click sites.  What you do with your accounts is up to you.  It also helps to have availability too.  If you choose not to click or do your rounds you won't get paid (and no you can't expect your referrers to do your rounds for you). 

3. Antivirus and Antimalware protection - while most sites people submit at ptc sites are legitimate and are virus/malware free, sometimes you do get shady advertisers that manage sneak virus/malware sites.  Antivirus protection can be your best friend when it comes to avoiding viruses.  By the way, I recommend using Google Chrome (with Safebrowsing active) over Explorer as it tends to offer much better protection against virus and malware (usually warns you if you are about to visit an infected site). 

4. Some marketing skills will be needed - especially if you want to get referrals.  You will need a way to promote your referral links and get sign ups.

5. Must have a Paypal and/or a payza account - You will need either Paypal or Payza (or both depending on the sites you are using).  This will be needed for when requesting payout (same goes if you want to upgrade your account or buy advertising).

6. Patience - earning will take a while with paid to click sites, especially if you have little or no referrals.  By the way, some sites let you earn faster than others, even without referrals.  For example, if you use Clixsense, if you want to earn faster,  not only will you want to view ads, but you will also want to take advantage of the other ways to earn as well such as filling out surveys, taking advantage of special offers, doing crowdflower tasks, as well as building your downline. 

To upgrade or not to upgrade:

Obviously, paid to click sites are generally free to join, though they also offer paid memberships for more features, including having more ads to click on than normal, better earnings rates per click, accessing features not available to free members (for example, at Clixsense paid members have access to a 7 level downline system instead of a 1 tier downline system that free members are stuck with), some offer free advertising credits (such as Clickisia) so if you have your own ads to post, that can be useful to have, as well as other benefits. Every site is different, so I will point out what each site offers for both free members and paid members. Now, you are not required to upgrade your membership, but as your earnings increase and you get more comfortable with paid to click sites, you might want consider upgrading at some of them to get the most out of them.

Well, that is all for this page, stay tuned for more

Other tips and warnings about paid to click sites:

Watch out for scam sites.  Not all paid to click sites are legit.  A classic example of this are sites that make outrageous claims (such as earning $1 or more per click).  Also be aware when joining  non-English sites, new paid to click sites (ones that have been around for less than a year as they can turn unstable after a while), sites without a forum (or if they have a forum, lots of people are complaining), as well as signs of abandonment.  By the way, forums like Talkptc and Earn Money Space can be very useful for sniffing out potential bad sites that you will want to avoid.  If I come across a potiential scam site, I will try to let you know (alternatively, feel free to let me know if you see sites you want my readers to avoid).  Also, you can also check out the scam list at Talkptc (they have an exhaustive  list of known scam ptc sites you will want to avoid, which you can check out

- Don't join more sites than you can handle.  You might be tempted to join every paid to click site you see on the net, but I do recommend setting a reasonable limit on how many you join.  I recommend starting with no more than 5 at the most (you can always join more later if you want).  While joining many sites might seem lucrative, there are some drawbacks too, such as having to spend more time surfing ads (I have 16 sites I use myself and average at least 4 hours a day doing my rounds at all of them), plus it is easy to get inactive at some as it can get tricky to stay active at all of them.  Try not to get burned out by joining too many sites.

- Referrals that turn inactive (or bad quality referrals).  This is an annoying problem that many people face when doing ptc sites.  They refer new members but the referrals are either inactive or they are active at first but then turn inactive after a while.  I don't really know a remedy to this problem but it is worth mentioning about. By the way, if you rent or buy referrals, this is a risk to take as some of them will likely turn inactive after a while (if not right away).  Also, this is a risk to take when using ptsu offers to get people to join your site as they might look active for the money, but after you give them their cut, they can stop clicking after a while, which means less money for you.

- Be careful about what you spend your money on - obviously people are going to try to sell you on stuff at paid to click sites and you may feel compelled to complete an offer but be careful not to spend more than you are willing and able to spend and make sure you check the terms and conditions before accepting an offer.

- Be careful about tasks that require you to download something - I've done a few of these myself and while they can seem lucrative (such as earning $1 for downloading a toolbar), sometimes they can contain malware and spyware.  I 've been there and don that, such as downloading an application for a task I did at one of the sites I use (forgot which one it was) and my computer started acting all funky (even got adware on it by accident).  Be mindful about downloading stuff or visiting funky sites).  Paid to promote sites can be risky this way sometimes as sometimes people can be sneaky about what they advertise on ptp sites. 

Happy earnings

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