Ryan's Guide to Get Paid to Sites - Learn everything you need to know about these kinds of sites here. 

Inbox Dollars is a classic example of a get paid to site. Users and affiliates earn money by reading emails from advertisers (and clicking the links in the emails), filling out surveys, using their search engine, watching videos, and taking advantage of special offers advertisers are offering along with other.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction to get paid to sites
  • Do it yourself freebie sites
  • Incentivized Freebie Sites
  • Traditional GPT sites
  • Offer Walls
  • Positive aspects of GPT sites
  • Drawbacks
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Tips of getting the most (coming soon)
  • Share your thoughs

Introduction to Get Paid to Sites

Okay everyone, how would you like to earn money by...

Filling out surveys?

Taking advantage of special offers?

Reading email advertisements?

Watching youtube videos?

Doing special tasks (such as looking up search terms in Google and answering questions about what you find)?

Taking advantage of freebie offers?

Trying out special products?

Playing games for prizes?

(this list can go on).

Paid to click sites (and similar sites) come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  Same goes with affiliate marketing, where affiliate marketers earn money by promoting affiliate offers their clients are offering.  With Get paid to sites, affiliate marketers bring advertisers and users together by offering incentives to view affiliate offers, watch videos, and otherwise interact with what they have to offer.  Get Paid to Sites come in several unique forms, including do it yourself freebie sites, incentivized freebie sites, get paid to sites (like Inbox Dollars), and offer walls (such as Trialpay, Matomy, Clixoffers, etc).  In addition to paid to click ads, many of these sites also offer cash offers (earn money completing offers), rebate offers (shopping an advertiser's site and earning cashback on purchases), paid surveys (for example, at Clixsense you can earn $.75 or more for completing surveys), youtube ads (earn money watching youtube videos), crowdflower walls (completing special tasks for earning cash, such as looking up products on Amazon and answering questions about them), paid to sign up offers, playing games for cash (such as GSN games on Inbox Dollars), paid to search (like the search engine on Inbox Dollars), and many others.  They also generally pay you extra for the activities of people you refer to the sites too (such as commissions on purchases).    

Do it yourself freebie sites.  

These are probably the most basic of them all.  An example of this are those survey sites where you choose which product is better, such as coke or pepsi and earn cash or prizes (such as Amazon gift cards) by completing required offers.

Other examples of DIY freebie sites:

(coming soon)

2. Incentivized freebie sites.  Project Payday specializes in these (along with the trader forums they utilize).  These are sites where you and win "Free" prizes (such as game systems, ipods, ipads, etc).  Here is how they work:

- someone refers you to the site via their referral link (for example a  trading forum, such as Earn Money Space) and you sign up (sign up is generally free by the way).

- You choose a prize you want (such as merchandise or money).

- You choose special offers to complete.  These can be survey sites, free trial offers (for example, getting a free trial at Gamefly or Netflix).

- After completing the free trial requirements, you will need to refer X number of people to complete the same offers (usually 1 or 2 other people).  Note they do not have to refer new members for you to win prizes.

- After you complete the requirements, you should recieve your prize in the mail.

- On special trader forums (like earn money space), you can usually earn cash for completing the offer requirements (say $20 to do a freebie site).

Notes about incentivized freebie sites:

- These sites can only be completed once per person and ip address.  Which means, that once you have completed the requirements, you can't do them again, nor can you refer say family members.  By the way, proxy servers (such as library computers) can't be used for them.

- There is a special way to complete the offers to help insure that you get credit for completing the offers, where you have empty your cookie cache, set your browser to accept cookies and turn off pop up blockers (at least while completing the offers).  Otherwise, the offers, might not complete successfuly.

- If you don't care about earning money, you can also complete the requirements for the prize(s) and keep them too.  Some people opt to resell them on Ebay or Craigslist too.

Well known Incentivized Freebie sites and opportunities:

Earn Money Space - this forum offers sections where you can trade sign ups for sign ups, downline builder threads as well as sections where members can offer incentives (such as cash) for taking advantage of what they offer (such as joining paid to click sites they are affiliates at, joining a downline system or responding to affiliate ads).

Talkptc - very similar to Earn Money Space

Wii Zip Nada Zilch

Note: if you don't want a Nintendo Wii, they also offer cash prizes, starting with $40 paid via paypal or payza by completing the offer requirements as well as referring at least 1 member Project Payday system

Project Payday is pretty much an income opportunity system that teaches members how to get the most out of Incentivized Freebie Sites.

Traditional Get Paid to Sites and Paid to Read sites 

These are probably the most common form of gtp sites.  Inbox Dollars, Inbox Pays, Donkeymails, No Minimum, Cashnhits, Clixsense (hybrid paid to click and gpt site), and Unique Rewards are examples of these.  They are basically hybrids between paid to read sites (similar to paid to click in many ways), survey sites and gpt sites.   With these sites, there are several ways people can earn, and that varies by site.

At Inbox Dollars, for example, members can earn money by:

- Viewing paid ads from advertisers (pays at $.02 per click)

- Joining Inbox Dollars ($5 is automatically credited to the accounts of new members who join Inbox Dollars)

- Doing profile surveys (the first time they do so)

- Downloading the Inbox Dollars toolbar

- Taking advantage of offers (including free trial offers, rebate offers, survey site offers, etc).

- Watching videos

- Doing Crowdflower tasks

- Competing for cash on GSN games

- Using their search engine

- Shopping offers on Groupon (yes they do have a partnership with them)

- Downloading coupons and using them at participating stores

- Completing surveys (which ranges anywhere between $.25 and $1 on average, with the median earnings being about $.50).  

- Winning cash on the Billy's Spin and Win game (which does happen occasionally).  I even won $5 once doing that game.

- Listening to their radios.

Besides Inbox Dollars, at every other site ways one can earn varies.  At Clixsense, users earn money viewing ads, winning on the Clixgrid game, doing crowdflower tasks, watching virool videos, successfully completing surveys (only works with surveys people qualify for and complete), taking advantage of the offer walls they offer, as well as filling out the daily bonus checklist, in addition to taking advantage of the 8 level dowline system they offer.  At Cashnhits, one can earn from ptc ads, autosurfing ads, watching videos, "liking" Facebook pages, etc.  This list can go on, but these sites can definitely either be slow earners or fast earners depending on how people use them.  

Well known Traditional GPT Sites (besides Inbox Dollars):

DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout Unique Rewards
UniqueRewards - online rewards program Clixsense
No Minimum
no-minimum.com Cashnhits
Inbox Pays

Paid to Click Sites Offer Walls

A growing number of paid click sites have added offer walls that members can take advantage of in addition to the usual ads people can click on.  For example, Neobux offers points offer walls (points can be used towards buying upgrades (as opposed to paying for them out of pocket or people paying for them using their account balance) as well as extending rental referrals, coin offers (where people can complete offers an earn coins which accumulate and convert into cash at $2 for every 2500 coins offered) from an array of advertiser sites (served by various companies), and crowdflower (aka mini) tasks.  Every site is different.  Some credit completed offers right away (such as Twickerz), while others may not credit right away or require you to accumulate a certain ammount of points before they can be converted into earnings.

Common types of offer walls you might encounter:

- Trial pay (Inbox Dollars these sometimes)

- Matomy Offer walls

- Virool offer walls (mostly video ads)

- Offer Toro

- Minutestaff

- Survey offer walls

- Persona

- Super Rewards

- Ptc walls (extra paid to click ads and ptsu offers)

- Paid to sign up offers (where you can complete offers fellow members offer such as joining paid to click sites they use). 

- Crowdflower offer walls

(this list can go on)

Well known sites with offer walls:

Bear Bux

Note: they also have a "wheel of bux game" where people can win cash or points daily. Buxp

Positive aspects about Get Paid to Sites

- Offers more ways to earn than just viewing ads

- Rewards activities online that you might do almost every day, including watching youtube videos (I know I like to watch videos on Youtube), reading emails, liking pages on Facebook, following people on twitter, sharing your opinion on things, responding to ads and offers companies advertise online (for example, Neflix which many households now use), as well as shopping online (hey, Amazon and Ebay do not offer rebates on puchases last time I checked).  

- Can be relatively fast earners if used properly.  For example, surveys can really add up if you are filling them out, even at say $.50 per survey.  Completing 2 surveys a day at say $.50 per survey means $1/day for you.  You can also take advantage of other ways to earn too, such as watching videos, competing for cash in online games, as well as completing offers that might interest you (btw, some offers are worth more than others).  Even charity offers can pay back well.  For example, you could donate $20 to a certain charity and get up to $20 back (varies by charity).  Free trial offers can often pay pretty well too, such as signing up for Gamefly and getting say $5 back.  

- Multiple streams of income are possible. Like any paid to click site, it is possible to join multiple get paid to sites and double or even triple your earnings potiential.  For example, Inbox Dollars, Inbox Pays and Unique Rewards can make good pairings, with the minimum pay out at Unique Rewards at $20, minimum pay out at $50 at inbox pays) and the minimum payout at Inbox Dollars at $30 (which means one can potientially earn up to $100 or more per month between the 3) if used properly and almost every day.

- Like paid to click sites, gpt sites also utilize referrals as well, so you can advertise the referral links you get and refer new members to them and earn money from their activities (such as completing offers, filling out surveys, etc).  Note that some sites have special requirements for referral earnings (for example, Inbox Dollars doesn't credit referral clicks, searches, toolbar downloads, or doing profile surveys).

- Sites like Clixsense, Donkeymails, and No Minimum also utilize multilevel downline systems for increase earnings potiential.  Donkeymails, for example, offers a 5 level downline system, even for free members, same with No Minimum, which is nice to have if you are good at getting referrals and you have members in your network that have referrals too.  

- Can be good way to suppliment your income from say your day jobs.  You probably won't get rich from get paid to sites, but they can be used to suppliment your income depending on how you use them.  

Drawbacks to GPT sites

- Sometimes offers do not credit properly.  I have encountered this on more than one occasion.  You think you did an offer correctly and for whatever reason, you do not get credit for the offer.  The best way to minimize the risk of that happening is to set your browser so that it accepts cookies, empty your cookie cache and to temporarily disable pop up blockers while completing the offers.  Should ensure that the referral link works properly.  Otherwise, if an offer doesn't credit, first make sure you have completed the requirements of the offer and if you have met the requirements and the offer doesn't credit within say 24 hours, you should probably do a support ticket to try and get credit.

- Spammers and telemarketers.  Whenever you complete offers at Get Paid to Sites, you may open yourself up to spammers and even telemarketers.  An example of this are offers where you have to sign up for an email newsletter or request more information about something (such as information about colleges).  When completing offers, always read the terms and know what you are getting yourself into.  If you post your email address on "survey sites", you will likely open yourself up to getting emails from them and their partners (and some sites can sell your contact info, so you will want to check the privacy policies when filling out surveys or completing offers as every site will have their own policies).  Give out your phone number, and you might recieve phone calls from telemarketers.  After all, when you sign an opt in form or request more information about an offer or opportunity, naturally marketers will assume you are a fresh lead for their business and will try to follow up with you.  A classic example of this is insurance quote offers.  I did one of these where I wanted to compare car insurance rates (at the time, I was with USAA) and before long, I got telemarketers from State Farm, Allstate, Progressive, and even Farmers Insurance calling me about their coverages.  Eventually I ended up switching to Farmers.  Best practice: only complete offers you are interested.  If you are not shopping for insurance, for example, resist the temptation to compare quotes.  Also, feel free to opt out of emails you are not interested in.

- Can be time consuming.  This is especially the case when filling out surveys or watching videos.  Expect to devote at least 30 minutes to 1 hour (more or less) if you want to get the most out of the sites.

- Some offers can get confusing and tricky.  A classic example of this are the crowdflower tasks.  These are special tasks you can complete and earn extra money.  Some of them can get tricky and confusing.  Also, some of them are graded and if you get too many wrong, you get booted from the tasks and sometimes I am not sure if they are always fair on their grading.  I have seen times where I think I have entered the information correctly and they still mark me wrong.  A classic example of this was one where I had to look up contact information from company websites and I would enter the info correctly, at least based on what is posted at the site and they will still mark me wrong.  Some offers and tasks do require some patience, skill and knowlege to complete.

- "Free" can be subjective at get paid to sites.  I am sure you have heard the phrase, "if it is too good to be true, it probably is".  The word free should not be taken literally on get paid to sites.  At Incentive Freebie Sites like the one for the Nintendo Wii, you get a Free Nintendo Wii.  The catch: you have to complete 2 or 3 offers from partner websites (some of which may require you to spend money) and you have to refer 1 or more people who do the same.  Free trial offers usually convert to paid accounts after the free trial ends, unless if you cancel.  Sometimes you may have to pay for shipping if you want "free samples".  

- The minimimum payout threshold is generally higher than regular paid to click sites and so it can take a while before you can request your first pay check.  If you really want cash out every month, you will have to work them every month.

- Note about incentivized freebie sites: they are only good once per ip address.  So once you earn the prize, you can't complete the site again.  It is usually against the terms to refer others from your household too (unless if they have seperate computers and ip addresses).  Proxies are usually forbidden too, when doing those sites.

- Surveys can get redundant and time consuming too.  Also, usually you do have to qualify for surveys you want to complete, which can be easier said than done.  The best site in my opinon for surveys is Inbox Dollars since you can earn money even if you don't qualify because eac suvey you do (completed or not) gives you access to the spin and win game, and sometimes you can win $.25 or more (even $5 occasionally) by doing those.  Clixsense can be iffy (especially ones worth $1 or more) since you never really know which ones you will qualify for or not.

- There is some risk involved with get paid to sites depending on how you use them.  See "pitfalls to avoid" below for details.

Warning: Pitfalls to Avoid

1. Be wary of offers that require you to download something.  I've been there and done that before myself.  Sometimes you earn money downloading apps and games.  While some downloadable programs can be useful and beneficial for your computer (like the toolbars from the main gpt sites, like the Clixsense toolbar), some can be harmful and can contain malware, adware and/or viruses.  While there are legitimate advertisers on get paid to sites, sadly there are some shady ones that like to cause trouble and sometimes they might try to pay you to download adware, rootkits, viruses and/or malware on computer.  I remember on my last laptop, I completed an offer (can't remember which site) where I downloaded a game (probably mario or something) and it started behaving funky and I couldn't find away to fix it.  More recently, I downloaded what I thought would be a useful app for Pinterest (considering that I have a pinterest account) on one of the offer walls (might have been Adscend Media), but it turned out to be adware in disguize with annoying pop up ads, slower computer performance and other issues.  Luckily I was able to fix the situation that time, I know I might not always be so lucky.  You might want to do your homework or avoid download offers all together if you care about your computer.  Also, if you are sharing a computer (such as parents, spouse, etc), you may want to get their permission before download anything.  By the way, watch out for software that tries to download themselves (like Flash Player pro) as they can be suspicious.

2. When doing free trial offers, remember that there is usually a catch.  Usually the catch should be found in the terms of use or "how it works" page (varies by site).  Questions you should ask yourself includes: "is this what I want?" "How long is the free trial good for?", "does the account get billed automatically once the free trial ends?  If so, how much",  "Is there a penalty for canceling early?" (some free trial offers can revoke creditss if the free early", "do I have to use a credit card or can I use say, Paypal?" (a nice thing about paypal is that it is usually easier to cancel recurring payments than it is with a credit card).  Also, "how do I cancel the account?" (sometimes you have to call support to get an account cancelled.  If you don't know what you are getting yourself into or what the terms are, you could find yourself spending more money than you are making.  I made that mistake once on a freebie site I did several years ago with Video Professor.  They had an offer where you can get "free" video lessons on various topics (like internet security) that the company sends you in the mail (though you have to pay shipping and handling).  Of course, the catch is: once the free trial ends, they charged about $100 for the lessons and send you more lessons (at least 1 per month) for the same price until you call them and cancel the subscription (at least that is how it was when I did the offer).  If I known that I was going to be paying $100 per month, I would probably not have completed that offer.  Completing offers is definitely one of the riskier parts when it comes to get paid to sites and if you are not careful, you can find yourself running up your credit card debt or spending more money than you have.  Be mindful on how you spend your money.  If you can't afford offers that require money, I recommend starting with cheap ones or free ones (like joining a survey site), either that of focus more on sites that only charge a one time fee as opposed to recurring fees.

3. I always try to avoid offers where you have to spend alot of money.  I think the idea with gpt sites is that you earn more than you are spending, so if an offer costs significantly more than it is worth, then I don't do them.  For example, spending $100 on merchandise and only getting say $20 back).  Never feel like you need spend more than you need to at gpt sites.

4. Choose offers that interest you.  Companies assume that you have a genuine interest in their products and services when you opt into their offers, so if you are not really interested in what is offered, then you are wasting both yoru time and the advertiser's time.  From a marketer's perspective, I would rather do business with people who are truly interested in what I had to offer as opposed to people who are faking it (never really interested in the first place).

5. Be honest when filling out surveys.  Sometimes it might be tempting to lie to earn from surveys, but they do seem to have ways to detect dishonesty and if you are caught, not only can you not qualify for a survey, but it can jeopardise your accounts at the sites you are using.  It is better to be honest and not qualify for a survey than to make things up and risk losing your account in my opinion.

6. Avoid completing the same offer more than once.  Usually against policies to complete the same offers twice.

7. Be sure to read the terms of gpt sites and follow of them.  Some common sense things includes: 

- limit one account per ip address unless if permitted (be sure to read the terms if you want to create more than one account)

- avoid using proxy servers (such as public space computers)

- Use valid info when doing offers

- Be sure to follow instructions when doing offers and tasks.

Other tips on getting the most out of Get Paid to Sites

  • Familiarize yourself with the sites
  • Be active
  • Choose offers that interest you at the same time, know what the offers entail
  • Consider joining more than one gpt site for extra earnings, but don't join too many
  • Be sure to take advantage of the extra ways to earn for good sized earnings
  • Consider advertising the referral link you have
  • (more tips will be added later)

Earnings disclosure:

This post is based on my opinion and experiences with get paid to sites and may or may reflect everyone else.  I do happen to be an affiliate at the sites above, so I might earn commissions should people join the sites above.  I can't make any guarantees or promises on earnings too and they do depend on various factors, including activity levels, referral base and other factors.  It is also possible to lose money too depending on how you use get paid to sites (for example, taking advantage of overpriced offers, attracting telemarketers who will try to sell you stuff over the phone, etc).

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