Picture of Bux p

Image above: picture of the Bux p website (at least till it went out of business).

Buxp used to be a great ptc site and well managed but it went offline earlier this year.  Best to avoid Buxp for now

Bux P Image Gallery, here are some pictures of Bux P below

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Picture of the page displaying youtube videos you can watch.  Most videos are worth $.001 per view (at least for Free members).  You can also earn money watching vimeo videos too.

Task page at bux p

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Partial list of tasks you can do at Bux P

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My Stats so far.  At Bux p, I have earned at least $5.84 so far

ads at buxp

Image caption: Partial list of ads you can view at Bux p

General review

Things I liked about Buxp

1. Huge site with multiple ways to earn.  Obviously you can only earn so much just by viewing advertisements.  For extra earnings, you will probably want to also watch youtube / vimeo videos, complete tasks, comment on videos, like facebook pages you like, choose people to follow on twitter, as well as promote your referral links. 

2. Can be a relatively fast earner site depending on how you use it (especially if you are watching videos, doing tasks, etc).

3. Ads do seem to refresh periodically so you have lots of ads to click on.  You will probably want to stop clicking on ads eventually though, especially if you use other paid to click sites like I do.

4. Ad timers do not pause when you open new tabs (like they do at Clixsense for example).  Can be useful to know if you want to multi-task while doing your rounds at Buxp (such as surfing other paid to click sites).

5. If you like adult websites or want to advertise adult websites, Bux p is for you.  By the way, they also offer "g" rated ads too if you don't like adult websites.

6. The traffic exchange system can be good to have too, especially if you don't want to pay for advertising or want to test a campaign.  Can also be useful for getting referrals at other paid to click sites you use.

(more pros will be added over time)


Image above:

Picture of anti cheat link at Bux p (it is usually posted towards the bottom of the advertisements section, just below the adult advertisments section).  Whatever you do, do not click on that link unless if you don't care about losing money at Bux P

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