What is Probux?  It is a relatively new paid to click site that is quite similar to Neobux in many ways.  official Review.

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Note: this site is on the watchlist

I joined Probux about a month ago, trading sign up links with a fellow member at Downline refs (by the way, this is a classic example where Downline Refs can be pretty useful for generating referrals as  you never know when people like me will respond to your sign up offer).  This site has a  very similar look and feel to Neobux and is a relatively new paid to click site on the net.  

Overall rating: C-

Features and benefits of Probux (as a free member):

+ Earnings rate per click: most are at least $.01 per click, though some are worth $.005 and $.001 per click (depending on advertisement type).

+ Referral clicks: worth $.005 on average (some are worth $.0005 though).

+ Relatively Minimum payout threshold: $5 (pays out instantly).

+ Like at Neobux, you can rent referrals at fairly cheap rates ($.20 per referral and comes in packs of 3, 10, 20, 50, 70, and 100) and they do offer autorenew features (allows you to keep the referrals indefinitely as long as you have the funds for them).

+ Like Clixsense, you can also win money viewing ads on their "pro grid system" (similar to the Clixgrid where you view ads for a chance to win money).  Ad grid is somewhat over rated though in my opinion as most of the time you probably won't win anything most of the time.

-+Tasks: you can also do crowdflower tasks at Probux (can help you earn faster by the way).

Benefits for upgrading (see membership levels page for details):

- Higher referral limits.  Free members can have 100 direct referrals and 200 rental referrals.  "Gold" members can have up to 200 direct referrals and 2000 rental referrals.  "Ultimate" members can have unlimited direct referrals and up to 4000 rental referrals (can be useful if you have significantly more than 200 direct referrals).

- Slightly better earnings per clicks and 8-10 fixed ads (free members only have 4 fixed ads) per day.  You can earn up to $.01 or $.02 per referral click as opposed to the usual $.005 per click (which can be useful to have if you have a lot of referrals and most of them are active).  If you are averaging say 400 referral clicks, as a free member that equates to about $2 on average, whereas if you upgrade, you would be making at least $4 per day from their clicks.  By the way once you become "ultimate" and max out your rental referral base (4000 referrals), you can earn up to $160 per day or more from referral clicks alone (assumes that most of them are active of course).

- $2 bonus commissions whenever you refer members that upgrade (can be useful if you have referrals that upgrade).

Those are all of the features at Probux.  You can read more about the benefits and features of Probux here.

Postive aspects about Probux:

1. Pretty straight foward and easy to use (much like Neobux).  Basically, you view ads, do clix on the pro grid (assuming you are feeling lucky) as well as choose crowdflower tasks to complete.  Obviously you are the lazy type you can always just view ads too.

2. I like how you can get rental referrals for fairly cheap and do seem to be pretty responsive too on average.  Some sites (like Get Bux Today) sell rental referrals for significantly more.  By the way, I was pleasantly surprised to find that rental referrals tend to be more responsive than they are at many other sites that offer rental referrals.  Even the rental referrals at Neobux don't seem to be nearly as responsive as they are at Probux (I am sure some will be more active than others, but at least in my experience, they seem to be pretty active so far).  At neobux, for example, I currently have 169 rental referrals and 3 direct referrals and at Neobux I average about 146 clicks from rental referrals.  However at Probux, I currently have 182 rental referrals (almost at the 200 limit for free members) plus 3 direct referrals and I usually get up to 350-370 referral clicks per day on average (almost 400 clicks per day), which is more than double that at Neobux, so that is telling me that Probux rentals referrals seem to be significantly better than those at Neobux.  Talebux also offers rental referrals but they sell at about $.50 per referral and all of the ones I got were inactive from the get go.

3. Seems pretty stable so far being a relatively new paid to click site.  Also since it is a newer ptc site, it should be easier to get direct referrals as less people know about probux as they would at older sites like Neobux.

4. Can be a fast earner site if you do the crowdflower tasks) or have a lot of active referral.

5. Support forum.  It is good that they have a support forum.

6. They do seem to be more flexible than neobux about when you do your clicks to ensure that you get credit for referral clicks (the window of time to click seems to be longer than that at neobux, which is nice if you can't click at the same times every day).  I know I can't always click at the same times.

7. Up to $160 per day earnings potiential (that equates to about $4800 per every 30 days).

Downsides and Oddities to Probux:

1. New paid to click site (has only been around this year so far, 2013).  Some newer sites tend to turn scam (or have problems, such as going offline) after a while.  This is not to say that Probux is a scam paid to click site (only time will tell for sure) or that it will turn into a scam ptc site, but the fact that it is a new site means that you should be somewhat cautious.  Seems to be pretty stable for now though.  As your trusty sidekick, I will update this page if I notice anything unusual.

2. The $5 minimum payout threshold will take some time to hit, especially if you have little or no active referrals.  

3. Like some paid to click sites (such as Clixsense, Twickerz and even Neobux), the timer seems to pause whenever you open up new tabs or windows.  Consequently you will not be able to surf other ptc sites while viewing ads at Probux.  This can probably be a good thing for advertisers though as it forces you to look at the advertisements rather than just ignoring them like you can at many other ptc sites, such as Clicksia.

4. Like Neobux, you only earn from referral clicks on days you also do your rounds.  If you take a day off but your referral(s) do their rounds that day, they get paid but you don't.  By the way, if you do opt to rent referrals, the pressure is on to view ads every single day for that reason (moreso if you have autopay/renew activated) because you will need the extra cash to maintain the referrals and ultimately profit from their activities.  Though there is definitely more incentive to click every day, especially as your referral base grows (after all you want to earn from your referral clicks, don't you?)

5.  Membership upgrades are a bit pricey (especially ultimate) compared to other ptc sites (at Clicksia and Clixsense, you can upgrade for much cheaper prices).  You will probably want to start off as a free member and then upgrade when you feel comfortable (such as when you have hit your maximum referrals and have more than enough to upgrade).  One good strategy to use here is to focus more on maxing out your referral base as a free member (100 direct referrals and 200 rental referrals), and then as your earnings accumulate, you can save up to $80 and then use the earnings to pay for the upgrade.  Of course by then, you should be earning significantly more by then.

6. Rental referrals are not always reliable and don't always click regularly (see warnings below)

warnings about Probux:

1. Accounts getting suspended when "cashing out" (debunked for now): There is a rumor going around (such as at Earn Money Space) that for at least some people, when request payout when they earn at least $5, at least some of them get their accounts suspended for some funky reason or have similar issues.  However, I just tested this theory as of September 19, 2013.  I cashed out at $5.13 via Paypal and not only did I get paid right away, but my account is still intact so far, and that myth is debunked for now in my opinion.

2. Rental referral clicks seem to drop suddenly after you upgrade to golden (especially if you cashout).  I currently have 248 rental referrals in my network and while I was a free member, I was averaging at least 300 clicks per day from referral clicks and I should be averaging at least 400-500 clicks by now (which should equate to about $5 per day as a Golden member with referral clicks being worth $.01), but ever since I upgraded, I have been getting way less (usually 100-200 referral clicks per day, sometimes way less).  By the way, it seems that many people have that problem after upgrading (especially if they request cashout).  If the Probux owners were smart and want to their members to remain Gold indefinitely, they should make sure that the rental referrals are best quality or at least shorten the waiting time for the rental referrals to be recycled for free.

Final thoughts about Probux

Probux seems to be a stable site so far, but it might not be for everyone.  Obviously it is still a relatively new paid to click site so you will want to be cautious with this site since newer sites can turn scam or go offline overtime, but it does seem to be pretty legitimate so far as I can tell.  Serious earners will probably want to work on building up referrals as soon as possible for maxiumum profits (since rental referrals are cheap to rent you might want to consider renting at least until you have a good ammount of direct referrals for a fast start).  You can also earn extra by doing tasks people posts (such as looking up search terms on Google and answering questions about them).  I also like how the site pays out instantly once you request payout (not all ptc sites payout right away, as is the case, for example at Inbox Dollars, where you usually have to wait a few weeks before your check comes in once you hit the $30 minimum threshold there).  People who liked neobux will probably like what Probux has to offer as the two sites are very similar to each other in many ways.  There are also usually a good number of ads to click on too each day (even as free members) which means more ptc earnings from your own rounds in addition to your referral clicks.  Since Probux is relatively new, we will see how the site turns out in the next few years.  There are a few warnings I should let you know about probux.  First off, apparently the site might be owned by the same person that owned Onbux (which was another site that went out of business after a while).  I can't verify that rumor, but I have seen that rumor on Earn Money Space and similar forums.  Also, while it might be tempting to upgrade to golden after you have it the 200 rental referral limit (especially if the rental referrals are clicking a lot) you will probably want to focus on getting direct referrals too and don't be quick to upgrading out of pocket since I have been able to confirm that rental referral click rates seems to drop significantly after upgrading.  I don't know why they click way less (which leads to speculation that rental referrals are actually bots), but I have encountered this problem myself and it will definitely make people think twice before they upgrade or stay upgraded for that matter. 

Want more information about Probux?  You can join Probux today FREE here. 

Tips for getting the most out of Probux:

1. Make sure you are viewing ads daily.  If you can't view ads regularly for some reason, then probux is probably not for you.  By the way, once your referral base grows, the pressure will be on for you to be clicking regularly because you only earn from referral clicks on the days you are active.  Note: if you are following the probux strategy guide (see link below), you will want to view ads almost every day for best results.  Otherwise the strategy won't work.  By they way, the ads do refresh periodically and so if you check back often you can get more ads to view sometimes.

2. Consider renting referrals to earn faster with probux (as referrals come cheap here).  By the way, I find that the rental referrals at probux to be pretty responsive on average and so you will want to rent referrals for faster earnings (at least till you start getting direct referrals).  See the Probux Strategy guide for more info on rental referrals.

3. You might also want to consider doing tasks as well as the pro grid to earn faster with Probux as well.  This can be useful to earn quickly even without referrals.

4.  One good place to advertise Probux is on Downline refs (remember I joined Probux via Downline refs myself).

5. If you are renting referrals, don't be afraid to recycle referrals that turn inactive.  Not every rental referral is going to be active (or some might be active at first, but they turn inactive).  I usually give my referrals a week to click before recycling them. 

6. If you don't want to pay the $80 to upgrade, you can actually save your earnings and use them to upgrade.

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