What is Probux?  It is a relatively new paid to click site that is quite similar to Neobux in many ways.  official Review.

Picture of Probux.

Update -

It appears probux "went out of business" yesterday.  Added this site to the Hall of Same page.  I was sorry to see this site go.  At one time this site was a thriving paid to click site that rivals neobux, but over the last few months it seems like Probux had diminished and become less stable.  Some issues I saw there includes:

- Issues with paypal (even if you wanted to buy something)

- You had to wait till certain times before you can request payout (usually around midnight server time).  

- Frequent Error 522 messages (especially around the time the server resets)

- Poor quality rental referrals

- Lots of complaints about the site on both Earn Money Space and Talkptc (this is definitely a good reason to take part in those forums as they keep you informed on what is going on in the PTC industry).

- and now the site is down.  

I suggest avoiding Probux till further notice.

In the mean time, similar paid to click sites you might like includes:

- Neobux

- Twickerz

- Scarlet Clicks

- CTP Gem

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