Ryan's Official Review of Hits 4 Pay - a small and no thrills paid to read site.

Short review of Hits 4 Pay

The good

+ $5 sign on bonus.  Gives you a quick boost just for joining.  Most sites don't have this.

+ Easy to use

+ Not as time consuming as similar sites (espeically bigger sites like Inbox Dollars, Donkeymails, and No Minimum).

+ 2 level downline system.

+ Comes with an autopilot feature that you can subscribe to if you need help advertising your link.

+ Interest based ads, before viewing ads, you take a shore survey that determines your interests and you view ads based on interests.

+ Can be a fast earning site if you are good at getting referrals

+ Ads do accumulate each day (which means that you can wait a few days between clicks before viewing ads again)

+ It is possible to contact referralls (such as encouraging referrals that are lagging in clicks).

The bad

-  Relatively high payout threshold ($25 minimum)

- Can be a slow earner paid to read site, especially if you have little or no referrals in your downline.

- Don't rely exclusively on the affiliate builder program for referrals.  

- No upgrade options for more features (besides the affiliate builder system).

- You do have to apply to join hits4pay, which means that the site admins can approve or reject people wanting to join hits4pay.  I got in easily myself, but the application system is worth mentioning..

- Low number of ads to view each day

Site features:

- 2 level downline system.  By the way, you do get email alerts whenever you get referrals.  

- Ads are worth $.02 per click.  Referral clicks (both level 1 and 2 in your downline) are worth $.01 each.

- Minimum payout: $25 (usually pays out automatically within 45 days of hitting the minimum payout threshold).

- Interest based ads

- $5 sign up bonus

- Internal mailbox (all of the email ads you read come in a special email box you set up at hits4pay).

Upgrade features:

- Autopilot system (also known as the affiliate builder program).  Costs $5.95 per month to use and whenever unreferred members join hits4pay, there is a chance they will be placed in your downline (via a rotator system).  You do have to subscribe to the affiliate builder program to take advantage of this feature.  Otherwise, you are on your own on advertising your referral link.

General review of Hits4pay:

If you are looking for a good "no thrills" paid to read site, Hits 4 Pay can fit that bill.  It is a relatively small ptr site unlike bigger sites like Inbox Dollars, No Minimum, and Donkeymails, and you mainly earn by viewing ads that advertisers post via the inbox they give you to set up.  I like the fact that you get a $5 sign up bonus, which is nice, especially considering that the minimum payout threshold is a whopping $25.  Some days you will likely have more ads to click on than others (usually up to 3 ads or so a day, each worth $.02 per click) and like with Donkeymails and Inbox Dollars, you can wait a few days between clicks and the ads available do accumulate (saves you from having to click every single day like you would at a traditional paid to click site like Neobux where you are pretty much expected to view ads almost every day).  Also unlike most paid to click / paid to read sites, they don't really offer "paid memberships".  Instead, they offer an affiliate builder program, which is where you can subscribe to their rotator system and whenever unreferred member join hits4pay, there is a chance that the referrals will be placed under your downline (though I find that the conversion rate tends to be low with the affiliate builder program, so you will definitely need to advertise your link to get referrals faster). 

Also, depending on how many active referrals you have in your downline, Hits4Pay can either be a slow earner site or a fast earner one (by the way referral clicks are worth $.01 each on both levels in your downline, so theoretically if you had 100 active referrals clicking every day, you would be making up to $3 per day (assuming they each view at least 3 ads per day).  By the way, the minimum payout threshold is at $25, which is a bit high and so it will likely take a while to hit that number (unless if you are viewing ads regularly and you have plenty of active referrals in your network viewing ads regularly too).  One nice thing though is that hits4pay does offer advertisng resources that you can use for advertising your link (like traffic exchanges, safelists, etc, so you will probably want to start with those resources).  By the way, if you want to advertise, I think they use a third party to host ads (multiple stream media, where you can use the rent a list feature to advertise on hits4pay).  

Well that is all for hits4pay.  For more information about hits4pay or if you want to join hits4pay, you can visit the site at: http://hits4pay.com/members/index.cgi?ryansjones

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